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I’m Joshua Dorkin and I’m the author of TimeforBlogging and founder of the website BiggerPockets.com. I have been creating websites for over 16 years and I created the site to help others learn how to create and operate a successful online business like I have. The purpose of this blog is to share some things I’ve learned about the internet, business and life. It is also my place in the world to rant, rave, complain, share, promote, and to do other cool stuff!

I started building websites back in 1994 when the internet was in its infancy – graphical browsers just came out and no one really had any idea of the full potential of the net. I remember building a directory of websites I liked and seeing others do the same. I remember the birth of Yahoo, Lycos, and many others. Through the years I’ve build many websites, both for myself and for other people; most were forgettable., but there were a few successes.

Fast forward 10 years to 2004

I had been investing in real estate for a while and realized that I was unhappy with the offerings of the real estate sites out there. I decided to establish my first real attempt at not only creating a real web business, but at making something that is really good. The result is the web portal BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Network.

The site has successfully integrated many different social technologies, and has grown to become the largest real estate investing community in the world; we’re more than just a community for investors, though – homeowners, renters, and professionals also have a place on BP!

I’ve been blogging on both the BiggerPockets Blog and here at TimeforBlogging.com for years now, and I hope you’ll share any thought you’ve got about either site with me.

joshua dorkin

TimeforBlogging will document the knowledge I gain through exploring the net, and will present my views on the state of things online. It will serve as a virtual entrepreneur’s notebook.

Gotta run, though . . . it is once again TimeforBlogging

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