Timing is Everything for a Startup: Managing Multiple News Releases in a Short Period of Time

In the next few weeks, I’ll be faced with managing the following important newsworthy events:

  • BiggerPockets crossing the 100,000 member milestone.
  • Launching a MAJOR upgrade to BiggerPockets including new homepage and some great new features (TBA shortly).
  • Announcing the outcome of a MAJOR, top secret project that BiggerPockets has been working on with a soon-to-be-named partner.

While these are all amazing developments, they bring with them challenges . . . particularly in managing timing.

Perfect Just Doesn’t Exist in the Real World

If the world were perfect, we’d be able to launch the upgrade mentioned above at the exact same time that we hit the 100,000 member mark, and could include the upgrade as part of our news release on the event. We’d follow that exciting announcement with the news release about the “top secret project” shortly thereafter. If we could time it perfectly, we’d be able to gain maximum impact for these three important events.

Unfortunately, as anyone in business knows, product launches don’t always stick to timelines. After working on this upgrade for months, it looks like we’ll probably not be able to release at the same time we hit 100k. This is certainly a disappointment, but we’ll find a way to manage the PR side and will use the inability to get the timing perfect to our benefit, regardless. Instead of two releases, we may just have to put out three, but that’s a discussion that I need to have (yesterday) with my PR advisors.

It looks like we’ll be working overtime over the coming 2-3 weeks, and I hope that these events help us to get out word that over the past few years we’ve built a site that over 10 million people have visited, but few in the tech community may actually know about. If all goes well, that will change soon…

Wish us luck!

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