Is Healthcare a BFD — Big Fucking Deal? Ask President Obama

I love politics. I love talking about politics. I love debating about politics. But rarely do I write about it. That might start to change.

We’re all human and a casual slip of the tongue happens all the time by world leaders. That said, one of the things that we ask of our leaders is that they be role models for the rest of us. With that in mind, I saw something today that really turned me off . . .

Coming off of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on Obama’s Health Care Act (aka Obamacare), apparently our President — leader of the free world — decided that it was time to not only gloat, but also to do so crassly via Twitter with the following Tweet:

And needed to toot his own horn again with this fine example for the youth of America:

Is the Court’s decision a BFD (Big Fucking Deal)? Absolutely.
Does everyone in America know that? Absolutely.
Was the President’s BFD tweet appropriate? No!
Was the “I did it and you couldn’t” tweet to our former leaders necessary? No.

This public gloating degrades not only President Obama, but also the White House itself. Presidents always pat themselves on the back a little, but the manner in which this was done, I believe, is below the office. It stinks of the kind of trash talk that you might expect in the WWE, not from our most important representative.

I don’t care what your political beliefs are . . . this is simply not the kind of thing that we expect demand of our President.

You got your win Mr. Obama. Now it is time to show the country a little class and apologize for your “in your face” message.

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