September Google AdSense Payments Delayed: Finally, An Answer . . .

I just got the following email from Google regarding the delay of payment that I and many others have been experiencing as it pertains to our September 2011 earnings. I’m glad to hear that there is a resolution to the matter and I’m sure that I’m not alone in looking forward to the one-time mid-month payment.

Thank you Google!


We’re writing to follow up with some important updates about your AdSense account. A recent bug affected the earnings and payments of some publishers who have Affiliate Network and/or YouTube listed as an “Active product” under the “Account Settings” page in their account.

While your aggregate September and October earnings are correct, you’ve probably noticed that they aren’t displaying properly on your Payments page. Most accounts affected by this issue will display September and October earnings as a single “September earnings” line-item on the Payments page. For example, if you received $50.00 of earnings in September and $60.00 of earnings in October, you’ll see a single line item that reads: “Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30) – $110.00.” As a result, while it might appear that your October earnings are missing, they’re actually displayed as part of your September earnings. Unfortunately, your September and October 2011 earnings will permanently display in this way. This is a one-time discrepancy, and moving forward, all future monthly earnings should be displayed correctly.

You can verify the total amount of your unpaid balance and estimate your monthly earnings totals by customizing a report on the Performance Reports page of your account. Please keep in mind that as usual, estimated earnings may include earnings that were subsequently removed due to invalid activity. Therefore, your estimated earnings may not exactly match the sum that appears on your Payments page.

For all active accounts that experienced a payment delay and whose September and October earnings exceeded the payment threshold, we will send a special mid-November payment. This payment will include all of your unpaid earnings from September and October, replacing the November payment that would have typically gone out in late November. To ensure that you’re eligible to receive this payment, please log into your AdSense account as soon as possible and remove any holds.

Going forward, your earnings should be paid out according to our normal payment schedule. If your November 30th unpaid balance exceeds the payment threshold, your next payment will be issued in late December.

We take all issues affecting your earnings and payments very seriously and apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused. Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding throughout this process.

The Google AdSense Team

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