Is Social Media Replacing Blogging? Will Micro-Blogging Destroy Blogs?

It is always great to have the opportunity to share your knowledge with others, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to do so at BlogWorld. As a panelist on the topic of Promoting Your Blog in the Age of Social Media, I dealt with many questions on promoting a corporate blog and using social media to do so. Overall, the attendees of our session saw the benefits of blogging, and of using social media to promote their blogs.

Before we spoke, the good folks at WebProNews (Abby Johnson) did an interview with me that I wanted to share with you on whether social media was going to somehow replace blogs. There are some good tidbits in there, so pay attention.

Is Social Media Replacing Blogging?

As you can tell from the interview, I don’t believe that social media will replace blogging. I think that there is a place for both and each serves a different purpose. In particular, social media and micro-blogging will continue to grow and be used as a means for sharing information on a small scale, while blogs will serve as destinations for in depth looks at various topics. Ultimately, these different tools will continue to work hand in hand, as one is used to promote and share the other.

What do you think?

Will the rapid growth of social media platforms lead to the death of the blog? Leave your thoughts below!

10 thoughts on “Is Social Media Replacing Blogging? Will Micro-Blogging Destroy Blogs?”

  1. Hey Josh great interview!

    At least you were not sick for that one…………………. LOL

    I see bigger pockets is close to approaching 80,000 members.I am so happy for your success.

    1. Thanks Joel. The folks at BlogWorld are going to be putting out some other interviews I did with them that I think you’ll get a kick out of. When they are live, I’ll be sure to post them here.

    1. Hey Michele – Nice to see you around these parts! I look forward to connecting with you again at the next event . . . meanwhile, we can certainly keep in touch online (social, skype, etc.). Drop me a line some time!

  2. I think it’s the other way around. I started blogging in Friendster, let’s say it was my training ground.

    Now I am getting lots of visitors through Facebook as I manually update my friends every time I have a new post. Also Google and other search engines has tied up with the social networking giants to make the updates available on search results which is favorable for bloggers.

    Or maybe I am just too blind to see.

  3. Yes possibly, blogging could end as we now know it so long as the trend continues and influential bloggers irresponsibly push social networking sites like Facebook. They’re acting more like opportunists exploiting the latest trend instead of being an example and warning of its limitations and dangers thereof.

  4. I personally link back my blog from the social networking zovue and when i add a new blog, all my followers get an update. Also if i store photos on, and video of my blogs. My followers get an update too! because how else will they know whats new,,,unless they keep checking your blog everyday. and some people just dont have the time, or they forget to check back. when they get the update, their like…oh yeah…i should read that blog, or see that photo or video.

  5. I think blogging will always be enhanced with social media but I do think less people will blog. People’s attention spans are decreasing by the week, it seems. They are addicted to social media, texting and video games. Plus, so many people don’t even know how to spell haha

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