Falling Back Into Old Bad Habits: Blogging vs. Social Networking

Blogging vs. Social Media Habits
Image: Steve Jurvetson
The eternal debate over moving your social identity from blogging platforms to other social media like social networks will never die (for the foreseeable future, at least), but I for one believe that you should never cede complete control of your personal brand to the innumerable social networks. A personal or business blog, hosted on your own domain, is truly the only way to completely control your own message, without fear of being moderated – “accidentally” or on purpose – or even closed.

As someone who oversees a large growing community for real estate investors of almost 75,000 members, I understand the need to moderate your community, and that’s exactly why I think people have to have some kind of home base outside the rules and regulations of other sites.

Falling Back Into Old Bad Habits . . .

I’m guilty of losing focus and posting exclusively on other social networks at the expense of this blog. That said, while I have certainly ignored this blog from time to time over the years, I do manage over a dozen posts per week on the BiggerPockets Blog and our new weekly Investor’s Corner column on Realtor.com.

I should be focusing my efforts here once again and will be doing my best to share content and ideas via this platform . . . if I have a lapse, just scream at me (or remind me on any of those other platforms: G+, Facebook, Twitter); I’ve got to thank Dave Taylor, who inspired me about a week ago to get off my backside and revive this place.

What about you? Are you still blogging or have you given it up to the great black hole of the social networks?

10 thoughts on “Falling Back Into Old Bad Habits: Blogging vs. Social Networking”

  1. Nice to be reminded that you blog here Josh! I remember you having this blog a long time ago and forgot it even existed until I saw the FB wall post(via tweetdeck I think). I certainly look forward to more from you.

    1. Thanks, Nick! Sometimes I just get so busy with everything else that this place falls through the cracks . . .
      Speaking of things like that, are you going to get the Motiv8td site back up and running sometime soon?

  2. Yep, Social Media addiction is sort of addictive and with new social networking sites flooding in it is really hard to stop yourself. Being a Blogger, I open my Blog dashboard in one tab and my social account in one tab. As lots of social media website have new QNA trend, so i use that for for my time and post my links whenever i it is relevant.

    That’s solve my problem for social addiction and blogging.

  3. With so many social media sites out there right now, it’s difficult to remain focused. I’m finding I’m spending more time blogging, less tweeting and even less on Facebook / Google+ … and I’m enjoying things much more.

    Even though I realize there will be a hit in rankings because of my lack of social interaction, I’m still trying to find my “way” I guess.

    Thanks for sharing your insights!

  4. I agree with you that, “A personal or business blog, hosted on your own domain, is truly the only way to completely control your own message.” I sometimes feel as if Facebook or Linkedin can be a little too parasitic, thriving off the efforts of others.

  5. I have struggled with the same question. Like you, I too am not willing to put all my eggs in the social networks basket. Blogs are better, more personal and more permanent. Those other services will come and go.

  6. Hi Josh. Just found your blog. I agree that your blog HAS to be your base and you need to keep it ticking over, however, as long as what you do elsewhere benefits the reader and enhances your reputation online what the hell. I write occassional short WordPress articles but most of my stuff is elsewhere too.

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