How Your Virtual Assistant Can Ruin Your Online Reputation

What a damaged reputation can do to a career...
What a damaged reputation can do to a career...
One of the troubling trends that I’ve seen more and more of recently, is that people are outsourcing aspects of their social profile to Virtual Assistants (VAs) who are clearly unqualified for the task.

I see the average Joe, large speakers and other personalities who participate online and use a VA to do so on their behalf. While in a perfect world, it would be great if we could outsource our personalities, in my opinion this is a dangerous thing to do.

I can almost always tell when someone is using a VA, and my instincts are almost always correct. The comments and posts are typically very generic and often-times make the person that the VA is participating on behalf of, look like they have FAR less knowledge then they actually do.

Just today, a VA posted several comments on behalf of a very experienced real estate expert on our site, BiggerPockets:

Everything has started to increase nowadays and it’s even getting higher. If you are an investor you should always look for a long term investment and be wise about your investment to stay long and be successful in the industry.

It’s just a matter of bravery in investing and a full knowledge in Real Estate business in order to be successful in this industry. Let’s just have a positive attitude towards it.

Oh wow those numbers are so overwhelming. but we are still hoping for the fast recovery of the US economy.

Do they jump out at you? Do they sell “experienced?” Do they exude confidence that the poster knows what they are talking about?

They definitely don’t to me.

If you were looking for someone to work with, would you turn to this person, or would you rather connect with the person who knows what they are talking about?

If you’re just looking to get your name posted next to some fluff, it’s one thing, but you can’t outsource years of experience and knowledge to someone charging $2, $5, or $10 an hour to act on your behalf anonymously online.

Your reputation should be worth far more than that!

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7 thoughts on “How Your Virtual Assistant Can Ruin Your Online Reputation”

  1. The objective of social media is to be in touch with your family, friends, fans, followers, customers and other stake holders (considering self as a brand)..and a VA can never do justice in this regards…every single social media post on your behalf should be from self…I agree with your media is not something to outsource.

  2. As a Real Estate VA, I have to admit that the title of your post completely freaked me out, but you’re so right. I am an intelligent, English speaking entrepreneur but I refuse any client who asks me to respond to blogs on their behalf.
    I also will not act as an agent when posting on social networks, and while I will post real estate or local news, events and information, I make sure the agent knows that THEIR voice needs to be heard as well.

    So many people just don’t get it, or will do just about anything to save a few bucks. I say if you don’t want to pay to have it done right, (and you don’t want to do it yourself) then don’t do it at all. Find another way to reach people.

    1. The purpose is irrelevant, Jenni. If a VA is link building by posting spam, garbage comments, or the kind of post I outlined in the article, you’re doing a disservice to your client.

  3. The reality of controlling your reputation online basically boils down to one thing – doing ethical business on the internet and tracking what others are saying about you.

    Check your website hourly and filter all feeds into one RSS Reader for time and efficiency in monitoring. Also track your message boards and forums consistently. All of this may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not an option if you truly want to protect your online reputation.

    Finally, accept the inevitable bad review but be proactive about directly addressing the concern. Leaving it unmanaged could damage your stellar reputation. Therefore, do what you have to do as a business to keep your reputation spotless and professional at all time.

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