Yahoo Finally Discontinues MyBlogLog

It looks like Yahoo has made it official . . . on May 24, 2011 the MyBlogLog service will be “discontinued.” While I haven’t used the service in some time – about 2 years ago I saw this coming when their business development team all but completely blew off several attempts I made to connect – I am still saddened, as I did find the service to be the first truly valuable social tool for building traffic to my blogs.

For more information about the official announcement, please read the following email sent by the Yahoo! MyBlogLog team:

I’m a fan of several Yahoo products which simply don’t get the support that they deserve . . . I hope the Yahoo team can get their act together going forward; it is hard to see the grand-daddy of the internet looking so feeble these days

3 thoughts on “Yahoo Finally Discontinues MyBlogLog”

  1. Thanks for sharing the information. Yahoo made lots of useful tools and Yahoo! MyBlogLog is really good. Hope there are having some modifications only or developing good alternate tool soon.

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