Don’t Disrespect the Help! You Never Know Who You’re Talking To

A short while ago, a call came into my office from someone asking for me. My secretary answered the call and asked the caller how he could help them. The caller responded with his name and asked to talk to me (Josh Dorkin).

My secretary then asked the caller what this was regarding and he insisted on talking to me without providing any details. Again, he was asked what it was regarding and after a moment and a huff, responded, “real estate.” Finally, in hopes of finding out what the call was about, my secretary asked the caller if he could be a little more specific, and the caller hung up on him.

My secretary did as he was told, and screened the caller to find out who was calling for me and what they were calling about. This person refused to give any details, and my secretary was correct in not passing me the phone.

If You Can’t Respect the Help, You’re Not Going to Get Very Far!

One of the greatest things about my secretary is that I am my secretary. I was screening my own calls, and the person calling was not going to get to talk to me (the real me) if he wasn’t going to give my secretary (the fake me) any respect, or acknowledge what he wanted with me.

So, next time you’re calling for someone, treat them with respect and let them know the reason for your call, as you never know who you’re talking to.

BTW – I’m looking forward to seeing if he calls back/emails again . . . should be fun!

9 thoughts on “Don’t Disrespect the Help! You Never Know Who You’re Talking To”

  1. I appreciate your attitude. My jobs, for various reasons, have always been toward the bottom of the food chain, so to speak.

    If everyone had your attitude, work would not be such a chore.

    Now I’ve never been a receptionist, but I have learned that, in a small company, the receptionist is the best go-to person you can get. A good receptionist will know a great deal about the company, and in your case, everything there is to know!

  2. One of my first jobs was pushing equipment around at my university. The first day on the job, my boss told me that he wanted to me to learn the name of every janitor on the campus. Ive never forgotten that lesson – the guy at the bottom of the totem pole is really the person who has the keys to doors. If you know the gatekeeper, locked doors can mysteriously be opened.

    A friend of mine who is a (now retired) career salesman told me that he used to keep a stack of boxes of expensive chocolates in his van. Whenever he went into a new prospect, he used to give the box to the secretary with a smile. From then on he was always a welcome visitor.

  3. Did he call you back?
    I have a friend who really winds up the sales callers when they are rude to him. Like:
    Friend: “You want to talk to our MD? Have you spoken to her before?”
    Sales Caller: “Yes many times, can you put me through?”
    Friend: “So you spoke to our MD pre-op?”
    Sales Caller: “What do you mean?”
    Friend: “Well our MD is a man fool! If you’d spoken to HIM before you’d have known that!”

  4. I appreciate attitude and way of thinking. If everyone had your attitude, work would not be such a chore. I think you are right in your case. It is really very important and necessary for the company to know about the callers or about the intention. Anyway, it is a very good post. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. God bless you!

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