The Server Backup from Hell

Talk about scary situations . . . .

I was looking around at my [tag]server[/tag]’s file structures today and noticed something funny – my [tag]hard drive[/tag] usage had run up to 81% somehow. Not thinking too much about it, I reminded myself to check back again later to see if something was going on. An hour later, my drive was 84% full. 2 Hours later – 88% full. 3 hours later 93% full.


Turns out a temporary backup somehow went awry, and kept growing in size. When all was said and done, this file had approached almost 25GB!

Good thing we caught it and fixed the situation. That could have caused some MAJOR problems…..

Anyone else ever have something like this happen?

Launching a New Social Networking Site for Real Estate – 2.0 Baby!

Two days ago, I launched the latest update for my site, BiggerPockets . . .

The BiggerPockets Real Estate Social Network

After months of preparation, programming, problem-solving, we’re finally live! I’ve got to tell you . . . it is very exciting!

If you haven’t been to the site, stop by. Not only is it the premiere real estate investing community out there, but we’re transformed it into the premiere real estate social networking community!

When I get some time, I’ll try to share with everyone all of the details behind the building of the site, launch, glitches, etc. All I know is that I’ve got to double our server RAM to 8GB, and fast, because we’re pounding the hell out of our 4GB box right now.

See everyone over at the site!