Are You Blacklisted? How to check the SPAM Blacklists

Taking Care of a SPAMMER . . .

I was notified earlier today that someone had been SPAMMING members of one of my forums. Of course, I was upset, but instead of getting annoyed, I took action to ensure this person was stopped. I looked up WhoIs record using my favorite site for the occasion, From there I was able to determine who his host was, and contacted their abuse system (Hosts do not like SPAMMERS! It is illegal to SPAM and if they find out that you are using their server to SPAM, they will boot you immediately).

I’ve been notified that they are handling the situation . . .

Sometimes, the people you’re fighting host their own servers, and reporting them is not so easy. In that case, you’ll likely need to report them directly to the various Blacklists. Follow the directions below to find out how to contact the various blacklist providers.

How Can You Check to See if You or Another Website Have Been Blacklisted?
There is an easy way to check the blacklists!

  • Go to MX Toolbox
  • Enter the domain of the site you are interested in, in the lookup box and select the button [MX Lookup]
  • You’ll now see results including: Preference, Host Name, IP Address, TTL, and you’ll see two buttons (Diagnostics & Blacklists)
  • Click on the Blacklists button and you’ll see a screen with the site’s IP address in a box.
  • Click the [Blacklist Check] button

What you’ll see is the IP address checked against 122 known blacklists. If the status is OK, then there are no problems. If it is not OK, there should be an explanation.

There will be links to all of the Blacklists, and if for some reason your site has mistakenly been added, there are usually explanations on their sites of how to remove yourself.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Useful info and links, everyone with a domain gets these kinds of problems sooner or later, especially the people who are stuck in shared host environments.

  2. Nobody likes spam, but are you sure it is actually illegal? I thought all the laws on the books were at the state level, making this legal in many area of the USA… but then again, I might have old information.

  3. mental note..don’t get on Josh’s bad side cause he’s a beast ;) ; dude that was hardcore that you tracked him down and his provider…good stuff though. Pretty messed up when they private message everyone on a forum. I bookmarked this page for the tool to check for blacklists, thx.

  4. This happened to me on my forum! Someone spammed every single member. I had a few people get really upset. I also figured it out initially because I have a few member accounts and I got emails from that fool. LOL…. wish I would’ve known about how to take care of it then!

  5. Getting your ip removed from certain blacklists can be extremely tedious, and spam has been growing like a wild-fire.

    So, this is an critical issue which must be understood by new site owners.

    I chased down a hacker/spammer to turkey, notified his isp, webhost and our FBI.

    But, with certain countries it seems nothing will work, besides blocking the country’s ip, which is not fool-proof either.


    Recently Bush refused to formally declare Turkey responsible for the Armenian genocide which happened between “1915 and 1923, resulting in the deaths of 1.5 million.” Source

    Why? Cause 70% of our air traffic to Iraq goes through Turkey. Which is not a valid reason for not recognizing the Armenian genocide.

    sorry for getting carried away…

  6. great info, thanks! i recently had some spammers on my site, they just kept posting the same thing over and over with a bunch of garbage links. If i had read this article sooner, i would have reported them.

  7. So how bad is it? I mean if you get blacklisted, do you still get a chance to clear things out? What if you were blacklisted accidentally? I mean for no good reason?,,

  8. Thanks for the advice. I was worried that I had somehow gotten onto one of the spam blacklists because some emails I’m sending lately have been disappearing. But, that’s not the case. Now I just have to figure out what has been happening…

  9. Strange, because I never have spammed anyone’s blog (I own my own blog too, and I know how annoyign spam actually is), and I’m blacklisted by askimet, and no doubt even this comment will not get through :(

    Cheers for the post though.

  10. Thank you for this articles, I was wonder that why my website is not listed in search result and I come to know about domain black listed and I try it out from the information you have given in this articles that My domain in ok good it's might be some other issue. Thank a lot

  11. All of a sudden my website is not being indexed i'm not sure if this is because I changed templates. But now it's not being indexed at all. Not really sure why nice post. I wasnt even aware there was any service like this.

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