Where are All the Free OSCommerce Templates?

Non-Existent Free Templates

As many of you now know, I’ve been working on getting an ecommerce website up and running. I decided to use OScommerce for my shopping cart, but now I’m beginning to have second thoughts. I’ve been looking for a few days now and have not been able to find any even half-decent free templates.

I’ve worked with many different web-based programs (wordpress, phpbb, etc.) and have never had a difficult time finding great free templates. I’m just amazed that no one out there is offering them for OSCommerce. My guess is that if someone did, they’d do quite well financially from ads served on their site.

Poor Search Engine Results for “Free OSCommerce Templates

The worst part of it all is that when doing a Google or Yahoo search for “Free OSCommerce Templates” all you get are results from companies offering limited trials to their templates, which expire; you then have to pay to get anything. These guys have worked the SERPs to get themselves high priority rankings. I’d have to say that I haven’t seen a worse set of results from the search engines then this.

Does Anyone Know Where to Find Any Free OSCommerce Templates?
If you do, please help me out here! I’d love to create a large master list of these resources, but so far I’ve struck out.

The Master List – As Begun 5/7/07 – Know of Any Others?


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  1. Aren’t OsCommerce templates harder to build? There are literally thousands of free WordPress themes out there but I struggle to find one decent decent OsCommerce template.

  2. Do you know what the OS stands for? OPEN SOURCE. How about I send YOU a 5k bill for violating the terms of the GNU which clearly state that any edits should be released OPEN SOURCE, FREE OF CHARGE. I hate people like you who cash in on open source designs. You are destroying the open source community. Go and work for M$.

  3. I have been working with zen cart. I was all about it till i saw how much room to took up. There are plenty of templates for zen cart. I just switched to OScommerce, but now i am playing the template game. Nice.

  4. I have been seeing the same thing! Most of the results you get for “free oscommerce templates” are just selling templates and if you’re lucky they might have 1 or 2 free versions. In fact I found this blog post via that same search.

  5. I am have a very difficult time finding templates for os 3.0 version. does anyone have any suggestions? If anyone is working with smooth populate or easy populate for zen cart or os commerce, check out this website: apsona.com. The software easily integrates with both carts and has a great back office.

  6. On the hunt for a some nice OSC templates now. I have read a pile of horror stories about buying from template monster.. So, not gonna go there.

  7. Oh, it gets better. I’ve been fighting the oscommerce template fight for years now and finally decided to bite the bullet and pay for what is advertized as truly turnkey. Before I go on, let me say that I have NO problem paying someone for their work, despite the very valid point about the grayness of the whole GNU licensing, partly because I consider a template/skin/wrapper/whatever you want to call it, a separate beast altogether. More importantly, I worked in professional application and web development in a ‘past life’ so I know what is involved.

    My particular gripe is that while oscommerce development marches on, template development doesn’t. You may find a perfectly suited template, only to find out that it is not compatible with your version of OsC, and that can be significant, given how clumsy and bloated OsC has become for code developers.

    Here is my particular story to explain exactly what I’m talking about.

    I’m running the latest and greatest version of OsC because it’s a new install and that is the version currently available, duh. I found the perfect template at the web’s largest paid template provider – you know the one, so I’m not about to give them free advertizing here. Their stock might well be huge, but not all templates are compatible with the currently available version of OsC. So unless you are using, or can find, an outdated version of OsC, this provider’s option to you is that if you pay them an additional fee, they will upgrade their obsolete template to work with the current version.

    Part of me says, ok, fine, let’s just get this over with, but then I make the mistake of thinking logically and asking them a very important question: Once I pay this fee to upgrade your template to something currently useful, does this become the new version available to other customers? Or will you charge the next person an ‘upgrade fee’ as well?

    The answer I got was more sales talk about how it would then definately work with the latest version, but my very pointed question was cleverly and blatantly avoided, no matter how many times I asked it.

    So…. at the very best, I am paying their development fees for a product they will now be able to sell over and over again. At worst, I will have paid their development fee, but then so will everybody else who wants or needs the upgrade, despite the fact that the work has already been done and paid for. For all I know, someone may have already gone down this same road and paid to have it upgraded once already.

    Incidentally, this is one of those vendors that leads you in with ‘free templates’ because they have two or three ‘samples’ available for download to try their product. Those may be free to download, but can’t be used because they are so heavily watermarked.

    The bottom line to my story is that I have decided to leave the perfect template on the shelf, and have found a less perfect, though graphically modifiable substitute elsewhere from someone who doesn’t play these bait and switch games.

    I just can’t believe that in this current economic climate, someone was willing to lose a ready, willing, and able buyer’s few hundred dollars because they were holding out for a few dollars more to provide the product they claim to provide to begin with.

    So not only is it impossible to find a decent free template, but you cant even buy one at the advertised price once you’ve been lured in by the bait-and-switch shops.

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