How to Use MyBlogLog to Succesfully Build Massive Blog or Website Traffic

Update 2/24/11: Yahoo has announced that it will discontinue the MyBlogLog service on May 24, 2011.

I wrote about using MyBlogLog a few weeks ago (networking with social media sites) for networking purposes. I now want to tell you exactly how to build massive traffic using the MyBlogLog community.

MyBlogLog is an extremely important tool for getting a blog off the ground and for building exposure to your site. Many people don’t realize how powerful it really is! This post will help you get a jump start in building traffic to your blog / website, and will also help you find new, interesting sites you never knew about before.

How to Set Up MyBlogLog on Your Blog or Website

  1. Create an account with MyBlogLog. This hould take less than a minute. All you’ll need is to pick out your username, email, password, and the URL of your blog. Once you’ve created an account, be sure to upload an image of yourself as your avatar. Photos are just more personal and make things a bit more inviting.

    mybloglog avatar

  2. To bring more interest to your profile, or simply to help users get to know a bit about you, be sure to fill out some personal information in your profile. Again, it really just helps people to connect with you.
  3. You will then want to claim your blog or website. To do this, you’ll need to place a snippet of code that MBL provides you within your blog’s template. Now, when you look at your profile page, you’ll see your website.

    mybloglog claimed websites

    Both you and your website now have “communities.” Personally, you have the ability to add friends and chat with them. People must join your website’s community, but they can also chat with you through the site’s community.

  4. recent readersThe last major technical step in getting going is installing the MyBlogLog Widget on your blog or website. If you look in your personal profile, you’ll see a link underneath your website’s community “Get Widgets.” The one you are concerned with is the “Recent Readers” widget. This allows you and your other readers to see who has been on your site recently. Layout the widget to your liking and add it to your blog’s sidebar.

Congratulations! You’re Ready.
Here’s where the traffic building begins!

8 Steps To Successfully Building Blog Traffic Using MyBlogLog

  1. Make sure you are logged into MyBlogLog. This seems obvious, but if you’re not signed in, then people on the site can’t see you when you’re surfing around.
  2. Surf your favorite blogs! Start visiting the sites you’d normally visit and see if they have MyBlogLog widget installed. If they do, click on the View Reader Community link at the bottom. This will bring you to their website’s community.
  3. Join the communty and also add the user as a friend/contact. This shows the user in both their personal profile and their website’s community profile that you are interested. It also gives you more exposure so others can find you more easily.
    add contact

    (Note: When you add a user as a friend, you are sent back to your profile, not that user’s. I think this is a glaring problem with the site, as I then have to go back to the blog – to the community – to the user to find their profile again. I hope Eric and others at MBL consider changing this. It will just make things that much easier for users)

  4. This is one of the most important steps: Leave a comment on either their personal profile or their website’s community profile. Make sure it is not simply “Nice site” or “Great Blog.” Be sure to leave a relevant comment so the user can tell that you’ve actually visited their site.

    As a result of your comment, the odds are that the user will go and visit your profile (by clicking on your avatar). They will then see your blog / websites and if they have any curiousity in the topic, will check them out. You’ve just exposed your site to another new person!

  5. Wash, Rinse, Repeat! After a while, you’ll have targeted all the sites that you are a fan of. Don’t fret, you have much more work ahead!
  6. Now that you’ve gone and let your favorite sites know about your interest, it is time to start finding new sites. There are a many ways to do this:

    How to find New Websites of Interest

    a) Visit your favorite site’s community pages and look at who else is commenting. Visit their site / blog and return to step 2.
    b) Visit your favorite site’s community pages and look at who else is a member. Visit their site / blog and return to step 2.
    c) Return to your personal profile page and see who “Viewed this Page Recently.” Visit their site / blog and return to step 2.
    d) Go to the “My Admirers” section of your profile. Visit their site / blog and return to step 2.
    e) See who is leaving you comments on your personal community profile or your site’s community. Visit their site / blog and return to step 2.
    f) Visit the profiles of other users you’ve found and see what communities they are a part of. Odds are they will likely be related to their interests. You now have a slew of other communities and sites to visit.

  7. Watch the traffic begin! You’ll start to notice traffic slowly start to come from MyBlogLog. Keep people interested by continung to write quality posts.
  8. Set aside some time every day to expand your MyBlogLog contacts, visit new sites, comment, and get yourself out there. Remember, every time you visit another site with the MBL Recent Readers widget, you have another opportunity for exposure for yourself. The more you’re seen around, the more likely people will want to connect with you.

Don’t forget that in addition to using MyBlogLog for traffic that there are other important methods. Commenting on other, related blogs with thoughtful messages is hugely important. This should also become a part of your daily routine.

In case you’d like to start somewhere, you can do so with me!
My Personal Profile: BigP (my username)
This Blog’s Profile: TimeForBlogging

Join up and get involved in MyBlogLog today to build your blog’s traffic!

94 thoughts on “How to Use MyBlogLog to Succesfully Build Massive Blog or Website Traffic”

  1. This is a very thorough review and instructional post. I’m going to go back over your suggestion (re: where your add contact request takes you) and discuss it with the team. But I just had to let you know this is great. And thanks for linking to my blog. I’m flattered :)

  2. Thanks guys. Shall I begin the level 2 course?

    I appreciate your comments, especially yours Robyn (sorry Rex), as you work for the company. It is great that you have reached out asked for my input.

    All my best to you both (and anyone else who comes by to read this!)

  3. I have to second its a very good review :) ive seen a few mybloglog clones out there liuke bumpzee but i definately prefer mybloglog. ive found some poor blogs on it though with hundreds of members because the owner has sent messages to every blog owner he can find haha :)

  4. Kevin, you are right about finding poor blogs with a ton of members. I get the spam messages on MBL from users with a link to their site asking me to join . . . goes in the waste basket normally. If they want my attention, I want someone who at least put in the effort to find something out about me or my sites.

    Guess there is a tradeoff. . . . I could have more members, but many would be low-quality spammer-types. Not the type of crowd I want around.

  5. The little problem you noted is quite annoying.
    The other annoying thing is the spam. It isn’t as bad as it used to be, but there is still a fair amount of spam comments from the five thousand random users who start blogs daily thinking they can link to that link guy and earn millions of dollars.

    I originally joined and didn’t go for some time but when I did and started looking it over I was pleasantly surprised at some of the gems I found out there.

  6. Hey Cooper, I’ve been in discussions with the MyBlogLog team in an effort to help them make some changes for the better when it comes to the “annoying problem” Lets see if they actually come through (I hope so!).

  7. Hi,
    can you suggest some good way to find bloggers which could be prepared to publish a post (written by me) about let’s say a “webmaster forum with a contest”. I mean, is it Mybloglog appropriate for this or maybe some other community site? I looked around a little and was frustrated about a large number of bad blogs/sites. Those who have good sites may be hard to convince to accept a post.

  8. Jan, are you asking for recommendations for sites who will accept your articels to publish on their sites? I’m sure there are plenty of people, me included, who are happy to have quality guest bloggers help out. Tell me a bite more about what you’re asking here.

  9. Great ideas I actually look at mybloglog visitors websites and invite them for a link exchange and in turn some people become regular readers of my blog which increases my daily trafic.

  10. Josh, explain #3 in more detail for claiming your blog. I’ve never been able to get an image of my blog to show up on my MyBlogLog profile page. I would really, really appreciate your help on this.

  11. Martin –
    Once you create an account, click on the “Add Site/Blog I Author” button and follow the directions. You’ll need to put a snippet of code in your blog’s source files. The site should automatically generate an image file for your site.

    I’d actually ask Robyn at MyBlogLog for help. She’d be better at answering your question if that doesn’t do it. I hope that helps!

    Benedict – MBL alone won’t bring you traffic. It is certainly a great tool, though!

  12. Great tutorial! I’ve been using MyBlogLog for the last several weeks to increase traffic and meet other bloggers. I think it’s great. Thanks for the informative post.

  13. Thanks for this article. I’d signed up on MyBlogLog way back in January and had never really used it. I followed the setup instructions you provided today and, with luck, will find time to follow the remaining instructions regularly in the upcoming weeks.

    It’s a huge challenge to direct traffic to a blog. My hit counts and feed subscriber list has been growing steadily, but not very quickly. Perhaps this will accelerate things. Thanks for the advice!

  14. Great article Joshua! I only wished I’d found it “before” I signed up for MBL a couple of weeks ago. When I first signed up, I was like….ok….what do I do now? But it didn’t take long to figure things out. Your post helped me to validate that I was doing the right things to start building traffic.
    Much thanks and best of luck to you!

  15. I found decent success with MyBlogLog as well. One thing that I wasn’t doing that this article states is leaving comments – I will have to start doing this.

    That being said, I found Josh’s blog through MyBlogLog and can certainly glad that I did!

  16. I read your tips on how to build traffic and I found it very interesting. You have really nice guide which I followed. I curious to see if this really works.

  17. MBL is a big community, the good thing is that the members are very educated and well-mannered that makes it different from MySpace. It also brings traffic, but not really too many. People mainly visit your profile just to put a note that they were there. Only few out of them visit your website. I think its like this.

  18. That is a comprehensive post. I have been taking a slightly different route to building a community at MBL, via MyBlogLog Sunday.

    I guess I am very skeptical of bloggers with thousands of “online friends and relations”. I prefer to stick with the real world way of doing things (plus I am a glutton for punishment) so every week I try and contribute content and meaningful links by writing mini reviews for 10 MBL bloggers. I link to their MBL community, as well as link to a post on their site, and stumble some posts too.

    I certainly dont have the biggest community, but I do have a connection with my members that goes a little bit beyond a random click and those inane “great site, check mine out” messages. (I have done it too, but it doesnt feel great!)

    Your tactics are spot on for maximising MBL community size, each to their own, but really, in my opinion, accumulating numbers isn’t that productive, apart from bragging rights I guess.

  19. Hi Josh Dorkin,
    Your contents is great, I’m very new mybloglog do not know where to start. After reading your article I explore more idea how it work. Thank you

    How do I set one more website url at “Site & Blog I Author” . What I did was click edit setting , but this only allow one blog/website to upload ?

    Thank you

  20. I am going to apply each of these points one by one where I can and wll come back to you to say if it worked, or rather I’ll blog about this post. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Liz

  21. Wow, It is one of the complete posts about mybloglog.
    I am using this service before but i found many new tips
    and ideas.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  22. This is really very useful. Thanks and I never thought of using mybloglog in such a way. However, I realize there’s a low response rate from the comment or message I send to the members. I don’t know is it that they are more active with other social networking site such as myspace and facebook or they are simply not active in MyBlogLog.

    Do you have any ideas?

  23. Very great info! I’ve been a fan of mybloglog for quite some time but never truly understand its importance!

    Most posts like this use the same crap over and over. But you have actually given out some great information here. Thanks.

  24. Yahoo is going to rename MyBlogLog to YahooBlogLog or MyYahooLog. Maybe, this renaming will bring new functionalities..

  25. its a good post
    but the method is very tedious
    i suggest that please check the spelling in your line “This hould take less than a minute. All you’ll need is to pick out your username….”
    replace hould with should!

  26. hei josh, thx for the article
    it explained a lot to me
    i want to try some thing new to increase my traffic
    you got me the idea to start using mybloglog, many of my friend use others but it seem that mybloglog is better than others
    thx again and keep up the good job maybe u need a bigger pocket hehehe

  27. Joshua, good stuff. I have just setup a MyBlogLog account, joined your community, and added you as a contact.

    If anybody wants to add me, my Personal Profile is: liveyourway

    …at least I think it is…I’m still new at this!

  28. I joined MyBlogLog thanks to this post and so far I am very impressed and can see the potential it holds.

    I joined your community and I will keep checking your blog for more interesting posts like this one.

  29. It’s because of this article that I’m active in MyBlogLog.

    Well, I was part of it but now I’m active in it.


    I’ve given it a thumbs up on my Stumble bar.

  30. I’m a member of MyBlogLog since last year, but I never really took advantage of the potential of the website until i read this post. I have a question though, I hope you can answer, cause I also use BlogCatalog. How do you compare both? thanks

  31. Awesome idea. It seems so simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. Thanks for allowing us to be SEO whores and encouraging us to start with your own MBL profile

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  33. Hey, great post! I have my bloglog but have never known how to actually use it properly, I do use Blog catalog and Stumbleupon and they work great, but now I just have another one to add to the list.

  34. Hello; WOW I am new to this MyBlogLog and blogging. My coach Liz Tomey suggested I come here and you have a lot of info. Thank you. I can believe it, You are a real estate investor too!!

  35. Hi, actually i’m not new on MBL but you know, recently i just research the connection traffic and MBL on google :P and i found your site on first page and #1 (mybloglog dan traffic), now i will try your tutorial, best regard… :D

  36. I have been blogging for months and I have no traffic at all so I am trying to get into networking but I have no idea how… then your article comes along. It is very helpful. There are old articles about Yahoo cutting MBL off like Delicious. Are there really plans to stop MBL or should I still sign in?

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