Boycott Chase Bank and Learn What Not to Do In Customer Service

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Sounds pretty extreme, right?

I just don’t know what companies are thinking these days.

How Chase Bank Has Forgotten About the Customer

I had a call into Chase about an issue with my credit card the other night and couldn’t believe what I heard. My discussion with a customer service representative was not going where I wanted it to, so I asked to talk to a supervisor. I was told that there was no supervisor to talk to, but if I wanted to, I could just give her my number and she’d have someone call me back. I found this to be quite interesting (no supervisor? come on!) and tried to reason with the rep to have someone with any authority get on the phone, but got the same thing . . . nothing.

From there, I went on to tell her that I was a loyal customer for around 13 years and was just not happy with the service I was getting. Want to hear the response?

“If you’re not happy, then I’ll close your account for you right now”


“I just told you I was a loyal customer for 13 years and you’re telling me to close my account if I’m not happy?”

“Yes, sir. Do you want me to close it?”

(I took notes, because I was so surprised by this response)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think companies are in business to chase away their customers, do you?
Somewhat stunned, I got off the phone and waited for morning to call back and talk to a supervisor. When I got on the phone with a supervisor (after telling the customer service rep I was calling about bad service), it happened again! I explained that I was not happy with the service I recevied and was almost instantly told that if I wasn’t happy then she would close my account . . . she almost begged me to do so.

In a daze, I laughed and asked if this was a big joke. It was not. Not only was it surprising in content, but in tone as well; she was simply nasty to me. I was told that the company now had a policy which requires customer service and their supervisors to close someone’s account if they don’t like the service they are getting.

Apparently, Chase has established a policy where they send away people who aren’t happy with their service. There is no attempt to rectify the situation. They just want you, the problem, to get lost.

Why waste their time keeping someone happy? There are plenty of other customers to rip off on both ends of banking (low savings interest rates and high borrowing interest rates).

With this situation in mind, I’m asking you to boycott Chase. It is the customer that comes first, and if they are too lazy to give good service, then they don’t deserve to have any customers, plain and simple.

What Can We Learn From This Situation?

Customer service is Paramount! If you treat your customers like crap, there will be a backlash against you, especially in the days of the internet. If you treat them well, they will tell their friends and you will only see positive results! With so much choice (except when it comes to cable TV & telephone providers), we, the consumer, have the power to not only choose another, better, option, but also to tell the rest of the world of our experiences.

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  1. That is just crazy. I can’t believe a company of that size would have a policy like that. They deserve to have a ton of accounts closed.

  2. I just talked to a banker friend of mine. He was completely floored by the service they gave me. That’s the problem with many of these major companies . . . you are just a small fry and they don’t give two @#$@# about you.

  3. I’ve never experienced that kind of customer service with Chase, but I do have my own gripe with them, if it’s somewhat off topic.
    One of my first credit cards was a Chase Visa ( or MC, I can’t remember ) with a limit of $800. Woohoo.
    Nowadays all my cards are in the 15k+ area, and Chase refuses to budge on the limit. Yet they consistently send me those cash advance checks. Please tell me, someone at Chase, what in the blue f**k am I going to do with an $800 cash advance at 23% APR and a 3% fee?
    Once upon a time, Chase was a prime lender, and catered to people with outstanding credit, and provided them outstanding customer service. Today, that is no longer the case.

  4. I’ll boycott ‘em – as soon as I’m done using their 0% money to make *me* money! There’s almost nothing i like better than screwing CC companies….:-)

  5. Very interesting. My dad has a life insurance policy that started with a different company, but it was bought and sold and ended up with Chase. He’s now due $92,000 in cash value and can’t get the $. About 8 weeks ago, they told him it would be 4-6 weeks. Now they say there’s a “$380 discrepency” and they won’t pay him until it’s cleared up, but every time he calls, they say it should be cleared up and the check should be in the mail “today.” He’s starting to freak. He thinks they are about to go under. I told him it’s a huge company with plenty of dough, but now that I read the above post, maybe there’s something really wrong there. His next plan is to ask for all but the $380 and let them figure that out whenever/never. He reviewed his contract and it says they have up to 6 months to pay him, but he’s thinking he may not get the $ ever. They seem very slimy. I told him to call every day and ask for a stupefier/supervisor every day until he gets a satisfactory answer (his $).

  6. Josh, I was having issues with them failing to post the promised first-purchase credit to my Amazon card (wouldn’t believe the runaround). Frustrated, I said I wanted to close the account–thinking I would at least get the CSR’s attention. He closed it instantly; no attempt at retention at all. At this point, I was annoyed enough at Chase to call regarding another, several-years-old credit card with them. Again, not the slightest effort at retention. The CSR didn’t even ask why I was closing the account. I know companies have taken hits lately for their insane retention-department efforts, but this surprised me.

  7. Sarah – Retention is essential in this day and age. I’ve stayed with Sprint as my cell provider for the past 4 years because their retention department cut me a good deal when I wanted to leave for another provider. I can’t imagine why this company’s policies are so screwy!

  8. Like many others, I too am sick of credit card companies and banks and their unfair practices and it’s ridiculous how the government chooses to allow them to operate when all they do is abuse consumers. I’ve had my share problems with Chase and the vicious cycle of paying down my account debt, debt consolidation, getting my APR lowered, going through a rough financial period, being late with a payment and then getting my interest rate jacked up; not only on one card, but all of them.

    In short, I am looking to start a national boycott of banks–let’s start with the bigger corporations — Chase, Bank of America, Republic, HSBC etc. LET’S TAKE OUR MONEY OUT….WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF EVERYONE OR AT LEAT A GOOD PORTION OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE MONEY IN THESE BANKS PULL OUT FOR JUST ONE DAY???

  9. This is very interesting. I cancelled my Chase credit card back in April 2006. I don’t recall them struggling tremendously to stop me, but they definitely weren’t so abrupt.

    I think they politely asked why, and I politely told them. (I think I said that basically, I’m just fed up with all their huge fees and jacked up penalty interest rates that kick poor, struggling people when they’re down).

    I wonder if maybe the customer service’s current bizarre, uncaring behavior is a sign that they’re having to put up with quite a lot of angry customers, and they’re at their wit’s end?

    Maybe so many people are now closing their accounts in droves, the customer service folks have decided it’s a waste of time to even argue anymore?

    In any case, very interesting to hear of this. If Chase _is_ verging on going under (as another commenter speculated), I really think Chase could turn themselves around by adopting reasonable, honest, fair policies, and not treating their customers like dirt.

    But if they don’t want to treat their customers fairly, then, well, frankly, they deserve to go out of business, I think.

    I’ve linked to this page from my credit card boycott web page (which can be reached via clicking my name).

    Very nice blog in general, actually – I’ve added it to my Technorati favorites.

    Best wishes.

  10. Although I haven’t had the “oppportunity” to experience that from Chase, I’ve seen a lot of lenders/banks treating customers like sh*t. That shouldn’t be the case.

  11. I missed one payment back in Jan 07 on my BP chase card…one day late…they took my 3.99 fixed and made it 29 percent. I called, no sorry, nothing we can do. Somehow they did actually reverse the 39.00 late fee. They would not put the super on the line either. (NEVER been treated so badly in my 17 yrs in CCs) Then may, I lost my statements due to kittins chewing up everything in my freaken house. Missed 3 dif cards min payments (not all chase) and chase said, sorry 29.00%instead of 0% for a year. 39 late fee too. So I closed the acct…no effort to keep me…have top credit rating too…and a house. biz…etc. They even acted rude, like I was swill or something. Citibank actually waived the late payment fee 2 times this year already..(I forgot to pay…had the money just forgot) brought the interest rate back to promo 1 time, didnt the second but took it from 26% to 15% and offered a 6.9 fixed till payoff, no transaction fee either, if I tranfer a bal now. I delined but will keep the citicard and pay that bal off with a bal trans from Wamu. Chase is a joke…never EVER EVER EVER will I be a customer. Even if its a great deal. NEVER I cant believe how rude they where.

  12. I think the problem that Chase Bank is having is that they wrote too many home mortgages with a variable rate instead of a fixed rate. When home mortgage rate were very low people with low income could afford to buy a new home. As mortgage rates rose the variable rate on these loans rose as well. Consumers had to pay an extra 300-700 dollars each month to keep up or default. I believe that Chase is holding alot of bad debt. To make up for this they pick on consumer credit cards to balance their portfolio. They have also went to a monthly average finance charge so if you pay off the credit card balance there is still a charge assessed for the average monthly finance charge. The only way to protect yourself is to record the conversations that you have with Chase Bank and if they do not comply with what they say turn them in to the Attorney General’s Office in the state that you reside in. If enough complaints are registered the Attorney General will pursue it. They have no Problem reporting you to the credit agencies so don’t feel bad about reporting them to the attorney General. This is the only way that we can stop them from abusing consumers.

  13. Just got off the phone with chase rep and supervisor. I was given faulty advice by a rep in april leading to late fee. Super said nothing could be done and she was sorry for the bad advice. WHAT? I am closing my account ASAP.

  14. thats funny chase is just holding onto alot of bad debt from low income people…. Chase in every area from auto to home to whatever is involved in class action lawsuits for flat-out theft from consumers like taking payments even atm payments and denying they were paid plus forclosing and seizing property. they have record contributions to both sides demo and repub I wonder how the bankruptcy law got passed like it did… they were also responsible for hiding the money for the enron guys and just had to pay a 233 million dollar fine….. check it out online its all there and why has none of them been prosecuted and the most of their loans atleast in mortages have gone to high end and middle class familys…. oh yeah, they were fined for not giving loans to low income familys. They are also the backer for 90% of all predatory lenders in the USA.. after the deal is cut chase buys the note and forcloses check it out its all online…..

  15. i had the same experience with my credit card….i work as a pharmacist….got a call one day when i was at work and the customer service was very rude when i told him ..i was at work call me later…i already had problems with chase earlier ….they treat with customers like garbage….may be they’ve earned too much and care fot u no more….i told the guy i am fed up with the credit card service and he offered to close it …later i found it was closed without my yes or no ….i am a direct deposit customer deposit at least $7000 a month and even then get a bad service i wonder what othrs would be getting ….i will close it once i find a good bank……Hope u too stay away from CHASE….
    as ur right ….it CHASE’s u away with their BAD service.


  17. Wow. Great job.. I was looking for a site that will boycott Chase as well. Exactly, they forgot about customer service. Honestly, if you do well with customer service, you will have more customer putting their money with you, and you’ll then turn that money into more investments and make money for yourself that way, and STOP RIPPING OFF YOUR CUSTOMERS. From a lot of complaints I read about Chase online, it seems like no one likes them. Isn’t it time for Chase to look at what they’ve done to themselves? Recently, my father just opened a home equity line of credit. After they set up and signed papers with us, they told us that a check for a small amount will be mailed to us just to show that we have line of credit set up. When we received the first statement, we saw that they’ve accrued interested from 6/19 when they send out the check on 6/26. While the money is still on their hands, not even close to being deposited and used on our end, we’re getting charged interest. When I called and complained, they told me that they cannot revise interest and that’s just how the policy is. I say that they should start charging us interest from the time that we actually CASHED that check! I just feel like they’re taking advantage and sucking more money out of people who are actually borrowing money because they need to work out their finances. Sick! Boycott them!

  18. Chase has the WORST customer service ever. I set up auto-pay and it didn’t deduct. The second I noticed it I went online to pay and sent an e-mail requesting a reversal of the late charge, which they agreed to. I see the next month’s statement and the autopay only took out a portion of the payment, resulting in a late fee and an increase in the interest rate. I e-mailed again asking for this to be adjusted and they said…you were late, promotional APR expires when your late, tough luck. I’m e-mailing them every day until I get this rectified. I WILL NEVER USE CHASE AGAIN!

  19. I am so happy that other people realize what how terribly abusive Chase can be. My story began with a low interest credit card used to buy books in college. Little things came up here and there and before I knew it, I had nearly reached my $2000 limit. Working only part time, I couldn’t afford to pay more than the min payment each month but paid it on time every month. As soon I as had established the minimum payment pattern (approx 6 months) my interest rate went from 12% up to 29.99% with only one month, fine print notice. When I called to figure out why they had done this I was greeted with the same rude, condescending asshole that has been described in every other post. There really should be laws against taking advantage of people like that. They suck money from the lowest income borrowers in every way possible. Even now I’m still paying off the debt. I’ve started intentionally paying my bill the day after the statement is released to minimize the average balance for the month. Doing this I’ve noticed that there is over a week in between the due date and statement date. Then several days before they notify you of your statement availability. This is just another subtle way of stealing from you. Thats two weeks of interest they take on the balance and accumulated finance charge every month that they don’t deserve. Slimy, greedy, underhanded… I can’t wait for the day that my balance is paid in full. They will never get money from me again.

    Please spread the word to everyone you know. BOYOTT CHASE!

  20. Chase is the most crappiest bank ever. Their customer service sucks. Screw you chase I hope this company rots in hell

  21. THIS IS ALL TRUE AND MORE!!!!!!! Chase bank sucks and if people were wise they would listen and make an educated decision base on others problems. This credit card company will send you to the cleaner. Not only do you deal with people that can not speak english but they can’t understand it either. They are so nasty to talk to but to deal with them about being one day late on your payment after sending it 9 days in advance is plain hell. If the person on the other line was in reaching distance from me I would of bitch slapped them-twice!

  22. I had a very similar experience. I had a Chase 0% interest card. Within 2 months (Not the 13 they said) they raised it from a 0% interest to 8% interest. When I called, the customer service rep said that I failed to pay when I told her I did not that I had paid it on line she said it did not go threw as I put in the wrong bank numbers. I double checked and the numbers were correct they had made the mistake but they would not reverse the charges. Then less than 6 months later it went to 17%. I again called the customer service is the worst in the world. When I asked to talk to a Supervisor I was told “Well the interest rate is going to stay at 17% and there is not a dam thing I could do about it”. I tried to get a supervisor without any luck so I hung up VERY upset. Called back again was then told that I had charges on my account and that they felt I was charging too much. I paid hospital bills with them as I had an unexpected surgery. If I have the credit and I have the money who are they to say I am charging too much when they are the ones who set the Credit Limit. I have filed a complaint with FDIC and the CEO of J. P. Morgan Chase Bank. DO NOT what ever you do go with Chase Bank

  23. I’ve heard stories of Chase customer service representatives throwing business cards in customers’ faces. They’re entire customer service strategy has a tarnished reputation.

  24. Four years ago I bought a house and the empty lot next to the home. Four months after the closing date, my mortgage was sold to Chase. To make a long story short, they somehow screwed up the paperwork and never paid the taxes on the vacant lot (all was supposed to be and was in escrow with the first mortgage company). A relative, who gets the local paper, sent me a clipping that had my name and address and a sale date for my vacant lot for nonpayment of taxes. I immediately called the county, and said that the newspaper was the first I had heard of the matter. The county told me that the taxes had not been paid since Chase acquired the property. The county clerk insisted that Chase had been mailed statements on a monthly basis and had received the sale documents for nonpayment of taxes for a three year period. I called Chase, come to find out, they entered the lot # incorrectly at the initial transaction and consequently had not been processing any of the tax notices because the property #’s didn’t match in their system…even though my name was on the property as well as theirs! What did Chase do about all of this? Raise my escrow $100 a month from here to eternity to cover the late payment fees, interest charges, legal fees, etc… and what did they do when I asked them how they intended to alleviate some of my shame for my name appearing in the local paper for nonpayment of taxes? Nothing, not even a “sorry” just, “If you would prefer to find another lender mam, please do so”. I didn’t want them in the first place. Hate Chase? Yes, without the flames of a thousand suns.

  25. Four years ago I bought a house and the empty lot next to the home. Four months after the closing date, my mortgage was sold to Chase. To make a long story short, they somehow screwed up the paperwork and never paid the taxes on the vacant lot (all was supposed to be and was in escrow with the first mortgage company). A relative, who gets the local paper, sent me a clipping that had my name and address and a sale date for my vacant lot for nonpayment of taxes. I immediately called the county, and said that the newspaper was the first I had heard of the matter. The county told me that the taxes had not been paid since Chase acquired the property. The county clerk insisted that Chase had been mailed statements on a monthly basis and had received the sale documents for nonpayment of taxes for a three year period. I called Chase, come to find out, they entered the lot # incorrectly at the initial transaction and consequently had not been processing any of the tax notices because the property #’s didn’t match in their system…even though my name was on the property as well as theirs! What did Chase do about all of this? Raise my escrow $100 a month from here to eternity to cover the late payment fees, interest charges, legal fees, etc… and what did they do when I asked them how they intended to alleviate some of my shame for my name appearing in the local paper for nonpayment of taxes? Nothing, not even a “sorry” just, “If you would prefer to find another lender mam, please do so”. I didn’t want them in the first place. Hate Chase? Yes, with the flames of a thousand suns.

  26. I am suing Chase Bank in Milwaukee for taking insufficient funds fees when funds were always available. Plus, they started taking monthly fees I didn’t owe. The court is letting me sue the bank manager individually as well as the corporation. Unfortunately, I am representing myself, but I’ve stayed with it for more than a year. The judge has ordered the bank to turn over the records of everyone else they have screwed, but I have not received the documents yet.

    I wrote a story about the bank and am posting other informartion at http://www.putnampit(dot)com/shorewoodvillage/Chase/banker(dot)htm

    I say, hold them accountable.

  27. Yes, Chase Bank is the worst I ever had to deal with. The customer service is full of shit and a stupid ignorant fools. They are rude, unhelpful, and useless to deal with them. This a–hole Kingsley if that’s his real name told me that he can do anything to fix my account. I place an online payment and everything went find according to their online payment system. A week later I found no payment was made to them like I never made a payment so I paid again but this time it said my account was late. I call them to see what they can do about it, and that’s when all hell broke loose. This jerk Kingsley was rude, and said that he can’t change the rate back forever…(I thinking what the hell do you mean forever?) Not going into detail he continue to be an ass so I wanted to talk with a supervisor and he said the supervisor will tell me the same thing, he would not let me talk to one. Then finally he said he will get a supervisor and after 5-10 minutes a supervisor came on and sound like the same a–hole Kingsley. So I ask him to speak with the manager or another person above him and to my surprise he yelled at the top of his lungs “I am the biggest one and no one is above me! There’s no one else!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This jerk was just a little monkey and hell there are other people above him but he didn’t let me speak to them. I hung up and call back and got the same crap from there customer service and billing specialist. I made about 5 or 6 calls that night and got the same answer and crap with them. So I just got tired of dealing with these stupid people and got with another company. After 10+ with these bastards, this was what I got out of them nothing, rude services, rude customer services, and no help to resolve this probem.

  28. CHASE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They have a hole in their security for debit cards that allows unauthorized charges. Now I am overdrawn and have no money because someone else is using my debit cards.

    CHASE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Chase Bank Sucks. They told me that my payroll check will not be fully deposted for 4 business days. They made $100 the next business day, but have to wait 3 more days for the rest. Great, $100 out of close to $3,000. That does me a lot of good. I’ve never heard of a bank not making an entire payroll check available within 2 business days at the most. Every other bank I’ve been with makes it available usually next business day. Of course, my account is negative and they keep paying things that are coming in and tacking on the fees (up tp $200). They are posting transactions from over a week ago now just to get more fees from me. This BY FAR is the worst bank I’ve ever dealt with and I will NEVER use Chase once I close this account for anything. I don’t care if I am out of money and the only ATM around is Chase. I will NEVER use chase again.

    And I hope you all boycott as well. I am going back to my small hometown bank, which goes out of its way to make the customer happy, unlike chase.

  30. I can tell you why they told you to close your account, you probably pay your balance in full and don’t accumulate interest. The bank is losing money on your account so they proactively ask you to close the account so they can stop losing money. The only time a credit card company makes money is if you pay interest. If you pay off your balance every month-they DON’T consider you a good customer because they can’t make money. I’m not saying this is right…I think it’s bad but it is the reality.

  31. My bank where I have my checking account, is a large nationwide bank. They will not verify the funds on a Chase check because they have nothing but problems with Chase. I used their online payment center to make a payment. It never went through. I did not know this and nor was I notified. Therefore my check I wrote to cover a large purchase was sent back to Chase two weeks after it funded in my bank account. Because my couldn’t verify my Chase check, I overdrafted my checking account 2k and had $230 in over draft fees. My bank won’t take another Chase check from me because the last one was no good. I found out the money was gone when my check card from my bank wasn’t accepted at a Starbucks I frequent. Every Monday, I check my bank account. $3k yesterday, -$2k today. I asked them to wire the amount to me and they can’t after 12:45pm Pacific time. Wall Street doesn’t freaking close until 1:30pm. Chase offers extended our until what 10pm but can’t wire money after 12:45pm Pacific Time?

    I have one credit card with an empty balance and a line of credit. I am going to move that credit line and dump Chase. My bank would be happy to have me as a customer…

  32. How about this one? I have had my Chase/Amazon Visa for a little over a year at 17.9%. A couple of months ago they sent a postcard in the mail (something that looked like Junk Mail) stating they were raising my interest rate from 17.9% to 29.99%. Not because I was late on a payment, not because I was over my limit, just because they can! The only way to avoid the increase is to close the account and I can finish paying off the balance at 17.9%. Talk about a great way to drum up business! It seems like their goal is to eliminate as many of their customers as possible. What possible reason would they have for wanted to get rid of me as a customer. I haven’t paid off the balance each month, they are making money on the interest, I’m NEVER late, don’t go over my limit.
    When I called about this, the CSR was trying to offer me some kind of deal that if I purchase something through one of their affiliates they could keep my 17.9% rate. My other option was to pay on time for 12 months at 28% and then after 12 months they would return it to the 17.9%. I asked to speak to a supervisor and asked how long have I had this account, she answer, “over a year”. I asked if I had ever been late with a payment in the past 12 months. She said, “no”. I reasoned that, I had already paid 12 months on time. She didn’t answer. She didn’t care. And bottom line, I could drop dead. She couldn’t answer any of my logical questions because she has to follow company protocol. It’s not really any of the customer services employees fault. It’s the big wigs who are trying to please the stock holders and make as much money as possible. The only thing that confuses me, is why they are encouraging the consumers to stop doing business with them or why they ever gave me the card in the first place if they don’t care to deal with us “small fries”.
    I am in a business where most of the customers pay with credit cards and when I see a Chase Card, I share my Chase story with them and warn them they may want to stop doing business with Chase BEFORE Chase decides they may not want to do business with them. My next form of complaint will be in a video taped message on You Tube. Although unlikely, seeing Chase go bankrupt would be sweet.

  33. Apparently this is spilling over to Chase/BP also. I have tried calling them on their 800 number and there is no option to talk to a human. Today When I filled up the truck the CC was denied so I paid it by check. When I got the 800 number and pressed the option for account status it said that nothing was owed and had a 3 figure credit line. I went online trying to get a customer service number to no avail. I called the station back later to see if they were having trouble with the machine and/or if anyone else was denied and was told we were the only one. Nice service after 13 years!

    We will start using other cards even though it will be slightly more inconvenient.

  34. After falling on tuff times as an appraiser in NY. Chase guided me down a path of High interest rates late fees and bad credit. I think this is what they do to all their customers. Now I have someone investigating what appears to be mystery charges and the mishandling of my tax escrow account. I pray for the day I can shake these crooks loose.

  35. Hey everyone, I would like to first say thank you for taking the time to read this, if you don’t agree with what I’m doing, then keep it to yourself, but if you would like to help out it would be great to hear from you.

    My name is David Hilborn; I am a 22-year-old professional artist from Chicago now currently residing in Northern Arizona. I am currently confronting my own issues with Chase bank.

    After doing lot’s and lots of research, I have com across that many, many, many people (this is the most well known bank worldwide, so you can understand what I mean by “many”) are being affected by Chase banks interest rates on their credit accounts. While researching I considered myself a very lucky person with a small debt that I am having an insanely hard time reconciling with the bank, but this isn’t about me.

    I have found disturbing testimonials of families losing health care, their homes, cars, not being able to afford food because of small-inquired debts caused by skyrocketing interest rates put on them by this bank. These are people who have great credit and miss one payment and their rate goes from 7%-27.49% or higher, causing them to plummet into a whirlwind of never-ending debt.

    This is a Corporate Giant, which is quickly turning into a monster. I am only one person, but after reading these stories I have defiantly put aside my own feelings on the subject and I want your experiences. This instantaneously became a battle for the rights of people more then my own personal battle.

    So what I am doing is building a new body of work called “Corporate Monsters”. I would love your input into the current painting I am working on.

    And yes the body of work will be shown to the public.

    I am currently painting my own rendition of Michelangelo’s “The Last Judgment” replacing the figures in heaven with CEO’s of Chase bank, and rendering the figures in hell with people who have been severely effected by the banks overzealous rapaciousness.

    If you would like to put in your two cents to the painting you may E-mail me at want this painting to be a collective work constructed by the people who have been affected, big or small

    Thank you again for your time and I look forward to talking to some of you

    All things good

    David Hilborn

    P.S. All violent negative E-mails will be disregarded…if your not going to fight for a cause don’t try to sabotage it.

  36. I too had similar experience today.

    I was lured into their payment protection plan few months back. Couple of months back I called them to cancel this payment protection plan as it was costing me a lot. So they said before canceling, why don’t you try 1 month payment holiday feature. They activated this feature. (9/15/2007)

    Sure, next billing statement it showed I don’t owe anything. Statement due date was 10/27/07.

    Today I received next statement, which I intended to pay in full as usual. But I saw some $60+ finance charge at ridiculous rate, plus payment protection charges of $40 plus $15 late fee for another card that was also part of payment protection.

    Naturally, I called payment protection explained what happened. The rep said she understand surely there was some misunderstanding and finance charge issue was not communicated to me properly, she can only take $40 of their charges off (it will take 1 -2 cycles to show up on my statement). But I have to call Chase directly to waive finance charge.

    I talked to chase rep and his manager. They kept repeating – since I did not pay my last bill, I owe them finance charges. I told them since you sent me a statement saying I don’t owe you anything I did not pay you anything. I have been paying my charges in full every time. Tried to explain the reason. But apparently, they do not believe in human decision making. They told me I have to talk to Payment Protection services directly to take these charges off. Even when I told them I just spoke to the rep from that service they kept saying they can take that off. Apparently, the Payment Protection Services – which is third party vendor of Chase, has access to your chase credit card information as well as means to apply credit or debit charges to your account.

    In the end, frustrated, partly blaming myself not deciphering fine prints in those huge agreement documents and signing up for any additional ‘Serviecs’. I said, would you not mind losing business? Reply was would you like to cancel your card today?

    Wonderful world of chase customer service.

    I should have read this posting before..


  37. I’m unemployed….getting benefits from Texas unemployment. They use Chase debit cards for their payments to claimants. I’m $700 short in my account and Chase isn’t doing much at all to help me out. What a rip….

  38. This is a good blog page. I am a Chase customer waiting for the National City Bank across the street to open so that I can move promptly. NCB seems to have good customer service and good policies. It seems many here have identified the problems with Chase bank which I concurr to be dishonest and should be illegal. Does anyone have enough knowledge about banking law to make an intellectual suggestion as to how we can do more than just a handful of people boycotting them? Bad customer service cannot be made illegal, but what about posting debits before credits simply to intentionally bounce our accounts. Boy, would I like to have all the money back that they have stolen from my children’s dinner table through dishonest policies. It would literally equal thousands of dollars.
    What about drawing people to credit cards with low interest promises just to change the rate after a late payment. Just the other day I deposited a check made out to me from another chase customer and they held that check for an entire day and did not make the funds available until the next business day. Does this mean that if I had just tried to cash the check they would’ve refused even though I have an account with Chase and so did the writer of the check?!!! When I called Customer Service they said that if a debit posted that evening, they would pull it immediately. Funny how they have the technology to debit immediately but they don’t have the technology to credit right away. At NCB their policy is to check availability of funds and give you the money immediately. I pray that every person considering opening a Chase account will read this site and reconsider. JPMorgan, you are a common thief. I wish you many nights of restless insomnia.

  39. Yes, I’m agree with all the complaints here and share most of the experience with people in this post, and for years had my credit accounts abused by Chase and other banks, that practice the same predatory business. I think they all should be suied big way, for intentionally confusing ads and terms of service, for rude and unhelpful customer service, and most inportant here for conspiring to jack up interest rates in all account in other financial institutions that you have the debt with if you defaulted (for any reason) to pay in one. Conspiracy of major banking institutions – pure and simple. If you compare their terms of service they are all alike, that’s another proof of their monopolistic, price/interest rates fixing hold in credit business. Their requirement to take all the complaints somewhere else instead of court is illegal. I suggest boycotts, mass lawsuits, whatever works to change these monsters, at least to expel their present CEOs and change the policy and business practices or get them out of business altogether. They create intolerable life for so many people, who have no choice but borrow the money, because of the bad economy. Fight the thieves!!, there should be no place for them among the CEOs and other high officials. They are ruining our lives, our families, our country.

  40. This company Chase cares nothing 0000 about their customers, been with them for 15 years ,Horrible customer service even worse from the managers, Rep I talked too said she hears this day in day out but can not help. i closed my account

  41. Here’s another good one. Several weeks ago I got a credit card offer from Chase/ United Mileage Plus offering a 0% rate for the life of any balance transfers. Yeah, I know…”way too good to be true…you should have known better”. So when the notice came that I had been approved I called customer service immediately to confirm, “Is this really 0%? For the life of the balance?” On two separate occasions I was told over the phone, “Yes, you have a 0% interest rate.”

    Based on those confirmations I authorized the balance transfer and assumed I was on my merry way. So imagine my chagrine when I see my first statement and BAM, 17.49%! I called customer service and said I want to listen to the tapes of the 2 phone conversations in which a Chase rep told me I had a 0% interest rate. I was totally stonewalled and told that it didn’t matter what I was told over the phone because the only thing that matters is what is in the written agreement. I suppose there may be some legal validity to this, but it sure feels an awful lot like bait and switch, actually I feel completely defrauded. I was told the phone records would be searched and a response issued to me within 1 week, but that I would not be allowed to listen to the conversation. All it will be used for is internally dealing with the rep who “misinformed” me…he will probably get a big “attaboy”!

    Does anybody out there have any knowledgeable idea if I have any reasonable legal recourse here?

  42. I absoluting agree. Chase sucks in customer service and I`m not use to that being from a small mid-western town. I paid my bill in full and they turned around and tagged me for 24.65 in interest for two weeks.
    I paid them thousands of dollars at once and when I went to question them about the extra charge they were down right nasty. `Well you know you have to pay interest for the two weeks you owed. I said that all that I paid over the years and never late, couldn`t they have forgiven that lousy interest. `She said we forgive nothing because we don`t have to. Never CHASE again. I wish there was a V.P. I could call. Anybody know one???????

  43. I happen to be an employee of Chase Bank. I first want to point out that in terms of customer service, it’s not the company you do you banking with rather the banker you work with. So all you people who have called the customer service line, please do me a favor and go to your bank’s branch and establish a relationship with a banker, there are several at every branch.
    In terms of interest rates on credit cards getting jacked up and fees and low credit limits, the answer is simple. Make your credit card payments on time, the consequences of not paying on time are in the card agreement. If you have a low limit, you either have suffering credit or are over extended on other credit obligations with other banks.
    Interest being charged when you paid your balance in full… did you by chance have an overdraft sweep on your checking or do a cash advance?
    These are just examples, and I am not trying to sound rude, but the point is to please go in to a local branch and sit down with someone to discuss your issues. I will agree that sometimes customer service reps on the phone can be a little harsh.
    I will say I am proud to work for Chase, and I take great care of my customers no matter what their financial situation. In fact, I just last week sent out Christmas cards to all my customers. Takes me back to my original point, it’s not where you bank it’s with whom you bank.
    Merry Christmas

  44. Wow Eliz you rock. Doing buisness over the phone is extremely difficult. Your talking to people your have no relationship with and if you sound harsh and take your anger out on them it going to back fire and they are going to be harsh back. If you are treat people the way you want to be treated they will treat you the same. But we need to look at both sides of every story. Did you agree to something and hold up your side of the bargin. Yeah defult sucks but its something you bring upon yourself. There are consequences for every action. Sorry, thats how life works.

  45. Eliz – GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SENDING CHRISTMAS CARDS! Are you outta your mind???!! You get fees for a service – give that service. You work for Chase – so do the reps. ONE BANK! ONE ORGANIZATION! ONE FEE PAID TO CHASE AND…. ONE FINACIAL STATEMENT REPORTED ON JPM CHASE. So spare us the pedantic cr*p and BS. You and everyone else there are in the service business. And we pay ridiculous fees for your colleagues to abuse us?

    I have spent an hour and change online tonight looking for customer service numbers – ALL OF WHICH SAY: 6am to 12am yet when I get into the automated response system, I hear: “We are now closed please call back during normal business hours.” WTF? I STARTED AT 8.15pm.

    Honestly, there is absolutely no excuse for the horror stories outlined here and elsewhere. AND THEY ARE GETTING WORSE. If this continues – people are going to make a boatload of money shorting JPMChase stock. If Chase does not want to be in retail banking GET OUT! Today is December 28th. I made a deposit on the 20th of December – NOT A SINGLE DIME HAS HIT MY ACCOUNT AND I CAN”T FIND ANYONE TO SPEAK TO. I SEE THE DEPOSIT SLIP; I SEE $0 in UNCOLLECTED FUNDS – BUT I SEE NO DEPOSIT IN MY ACCOUNT WHERE IS MY MONEY? AND YOU ARE TELLING ME TO GO INTO A BRANCH – HOW THE F DO I DO THAT WHEN I BARELY HAVE TIME TO GO TO THE BATHJROOM DURING THE DAY???!!! I have been with Chase for 20 years. I have a decent relationship banker – and believe me- I am an account most banks want. But even the relationship bankers are getting slack – taking days to return calls or respond to emails.

    ELIZ- you may feel the need to be loyal and defend Chase – wake up and smell the coffee. As someone who chose to leave banking after doing pretty nicely while there – let me tell you that you are just a number – Chase will not be loyal to you. Chase does not care about you, the same way that Chase does not care about their customers. Rather go get a job while you can make that decision before they make it for you. That day is coming for many Chase employees if this is how badly service levels have deteriorated. Get a life. There is not one positive post here and you try and placate people with Christmas cards!!! Seriously – “Blank Space = Chase” will make “Dell Hell” look like a kindergarten party. And if Chase’s PR department is unaware of “Dell Hell”, they should be fired immediately. Chase has a huge problem on their hands by the looks of these threads. This thread started on April 19th and the first Chase response is on Dec 21st!!!!! NINE MONTHS BEFORE ANY CHASE RESPONSE????????? AH – I BET YOU WERE NOT AUTHORIZED TO SPEAK ON BEHALF OF CHASE!


    I have been with CHASE for a couple years now. I have a credit card, 2 bank accounts and I will be using their merchant services soon. So far, CHASE bank is the BEST bank I have ever done business with. Even when I am out of state, I send my deposits by mail.

    For all of you complaining about CHASE:
    If you manage your money and don’t think everyone is out to get you, then you will have no problem banking at CHASE. If you do have a problem, then call customer service, stay calm, and work with your rep to solve it. Remember that next time you harass customer service.
    I do not work for CHASE and never have, I’m a customer.

    P.S. To Gary, If you stop causing waves, then you will have good customer service and solve your problem.

  47. Chase and the state of Wisconsin opened an account for me that I specifically said I did not want. There is Nothing I signed that gave them permission to accept child support payments into an account. I never spoke with Chase bank or gave them any typical personal banking invormation. Other local banks I have asked about this all say that One can not start an account for another person, yet Chase and Wisconsin have done that for many. I have tried many different ways to contact Chase and close that unwanted account, but their customer service is so poor I can not seem to even find a human to speak to. All I have found is recordings and web pages. So here they sit holding my money that I can not get sent to me unless I acknowledge an account that is not mine. Any others out there in this situation I encourage you to take a stand. This bank and new state policies have crossed some boundaries that the average citizen assumes is safe. Chase even sent me a policy explaining how they will take fees out of my money that got wrongfully placed into an unwanted account.

  48. My wife and I have had a Chase Mortgage account for about two years now. Last August we slipped and a payment came back ISF. OOPS SORRY. We paid it, late and with late fees. We have been current ever since. Our bank records and even Chases’ Monthly Statement/Premium Notice says we are current.

    SOMEHOW their dept collections, the phone drones who call at dinner time, got STUCK in August and even though they tell me they have solved it and will NOTE MY FILE it never happens. The next day, they are calling again. Some days they call six or seven times. Each time you tell them that you just spoke to one of your monkeys and was told, by you, that we are current…SO WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME 6 AND & 7 TIMES A DAY IF MY ACCOUNT IS CURRENT???

    It has taken every bit of patience and explaination to get us this far. Dealing with the lunacy of a bank that can’t add and a phone deptment that can’t pull there head out…and the supervisors…are the worst. We have been harrassed now for 5 months. We have spoken to anyone and everyone who picks up a reciever at that place and have gotten NOWHERE! They don’t even have a branch office to walk into. So now what do I do? I can’t get them straight over the phone, no branch offices to visit…Now I want to consult an attorney. If enough of us get together it is called CLASS ACTION!

    By the way…isn’t Chase in the banking industry? They sure can’t add and substract well. But then look at the shape they left the housing/financing industry. SHAMEFUL!! We will be paying for that one for quite a while. Maybe a CLASS ACTION suit will force them to give some money back.

  49. I too am having trouble with Chase Bank. Today I tried to cancel the credit card as we don’t need or want it. Customer Service won’t do anything to help me. I explained that my husband has had a stroke and canot read anymore or see to the right. They told me that my name was not on the card but my son’s name and my husband name only is on it. I have to either have my husband call and cancel the dard or I have to have a power of attorney. My son does not have a Chase card but he gets mail from them addressed to us at his house in another part of the state. My husbnd cannot do anything as he is in the hospital with cogestive heart failure. Very frustrating

  50. I work for Chase and Josh I understand why you are complaining. I looked at everyone’s complaints here and I can see the frustration. I used to sell payment protector. We have an incentive structure. Was it a fee you were calling in about? If you call in about a fee a representative will use the late fee or overlimit fee as leverage and if you don’t buy the product you don’t get the fee waived. They also look at your profit level. you can be with the bank for 30 years and they don’t care. They look at your profitability. Someone that pays their balance off each month won’t get a thing waived. I still think some of it is crooked in the sense that some reps don’t learn to have a gray area. The gray area can create better customer service.

  51. Very cool blog. I had ONE good experience with Chase, but that was it. Most recently it has been a horror story! December I sent them a check with a note attached saying “do not deposit until the 28th please” Well January 4 I get a letter and my check back! There letter said “we do not accept payment arrangements, future payments or hold checks” so they returned my check with the Chase stamp dated YEP 12/28. So they received the check on the 28th (according to their stamp) but sent it back. A rep called on the 7th asking for payment and I explained to what I noted above and told him I would get a check out by months end. That meant I was NOW past due for December, January. My original check was for Dec/Jan, figured I get an extra payment in for tax reasons. Now I’ve talked to them 3 different times this month and they call me everyday at home and on my cell, so I started to ignore them. Today my dad calls from Boston (I live in Florida) saying they called him, then my neighbor comes over this evening telling me they called him asking if the house was empty did I still live there and so forth. They roped me in when I took out my line of credit with them, THEIR appraiser did the apprasial and their loan person came to my house to close the doc’s. I went to refi with them after we put on a 50 foot deck, pool, whole house generator, remodeled a bath and put in 4 sets of french doors, the new apprasial came in 18K less than “their” apprasial. The appraiser said he was indepentant and they probably inflated the first one to close the loan. Now I’m on the hunt for others that had the same experience with apprasials, that’s how I found this blog looking for people with similar experiences.
    Good luck!

  52. That doesn’t surprize me, I am a customer since NBD turned to Bank One turned to JP Morgan Chase, since the 1970’s and even though my closest branch was over 60 miles away, I stayed with them for the last 11 years after I moved up to north MI, and did all my banking through the mail. They had a manager at a local branch down state, my grandmother, and great Aunt introduced me to him years ago, and it was he that opened my first bank account back in the early 70’s, he is a wonderful person great with the customers, as well as the bank staff. Everyone liked him, but because of some stupid policy, that was changed without his knowledge, he handled for some people, as he had always done in the past, he got canned after 35 years!!!! This only happened a few days ago. Just where is this banks integrity? I wrote to the CEO, Jamie Dimon, but I think they put my letter under a ball park plate some where out in left field. I am looking now to change banks after being with them for about 30 years, unless they straighten this out with Joe S. and give him back his job. Of course Chase is not letting Joe’s cts. know about what happened. I found out exactly what happened, and believe me it was an easy oversite that anyone could have made. This bank, Chase needs to relize that a company is only as good as it’s employees, and it’s customers is what I say, Otherwise, they have no business even doing business with the public.


  54. I hate to take the time to repeat what I have written so many times already but will do it using as few words as possible.
    Chase wouldn’t accept my July 07 payment because they said the loan was turned over to their Lawyer for Foreclosure. They said they hadn’t received a payment in 2007. I paid my bank to research and pull all the canceled checks and copy both sides for me. OK, they’re happy now. Just pay our $1300.00 Lawyer Fees and all will be fine. IF THEY DIDN’T TAKE MY PAYMENT AND PUT IT IN AN ACCOUNT THAT WASN’T MINE, THEN WHY SHOULD I PAY THEIR LAWYER FEES? Bottom line I got from my Lawyer,”You either pay or they are taking the house” That bank SUCKS!

  55. Chase has the perfect name and concept–THEY MAKE YOU CHASE YOUR MONEY. Something has to be done. I’ve been over paid on my mortgage 4 months in advance, but yet I’m charged a late fee every month because they post the payment at the end of the month. Something has got to give!!!!!

  56. “their favorite line, “no responsibility is accepted by

    JPMorgan Chase & Co.” ROFL, so, where do we go with our money folks What about some of those credit union coops? They haven’t done a thing for poor Joe S. he was loyal to these people for 30 plus years, and was treated like …., no one listens, nor does Chase even care, here is a guy nearly ready to retire, home making Resumes! Chase doesn’t give a darn, letters to them are virtually ignored, all sent to same secretary. So, Chase cares nothing for it’s own employees, nor it’s customers, it’s a real lemon of a company, and is turned very sour.

  57. And here I am thinking my wife was the only one having problems with Chase!!
    Someone was her account number and they lower her credit line while raising the interest rate. Added over the limit fee late fees even thought we could not make payments because her org account was closed . Tried talking with the company customer (do they know what it means) service person. Was talked to like she was trash and a dead beat no count. While waiting to resolve the issue letters and phone wanting their money even thought they will not acknowledge the letters we send about the whole issue.
    Does anyone know how to get in touch the CEO of Chase Card Services Gordon Smith

  58. Pattie Jannarone: you are right that is the exact reason in angry at chase and therefore am closing my account tomorrow. i believe the boycott must go on.

  59. I closed my credit card account with Chase today. With a 0 balance, but with balances on other cards I requested a balance transfer deal. I have several other balance transfer options from other cards, and wanted to see if Chase would at least meet these other offers, or beat them. They refused to do so, and suggested that I close my account. So I did.

  60. Love your site. You should send a copy to Gordon Smith (Pres of Chase Visa) in Wilmington, Delaware. If he’s worth his weight as a CEO, he will read it and do something about the abhorrent customer service his division displays in dealing with every day consumers (his customers). Perhaps this is an indicator of the poor judgment used by the division that got them neck deep into the subprime mess?

    It’s dirty dealings, and customers should start complaining and acting accordingly (eg: support small local banks where you can actually interact with humans who aren’t being recorded and can make sound judgment calls based on individual needs). That’s my plan, go local.

    Again, thanks for the site, rather insightful about bad business practices.


  62. chase is a horible bank i have a credit card with a 2500 limit and i had a balan of 900 and they dropped my limit by 500 then when i callled they werent able to tell me why they dropped the limit and when i asked what could be done about it i was told if i dont like having a card with chase close my account this was real recent 03.03.2008

  63. chase is a horible bank i have a credit card with a 2500 limit and i had a balan of 900 and they dropped my limit by 500 then when i callled they werent able to tell me why they dropped the limit and when i asked what could be done about it i was told if i dont like having a card with chase close my account this was real recent 03.03.2008 horrible bank stay away from them

  64. guess what i let chase pressure me into giving my card number to them and guess what they did not only did they take out one car payment the next day they took out another when i asked them why they did it they said that i was due in 10 days so they took it upon themselves to take another payment out not only did they over draft my account they threatend to take back the car after asking them to return the one payment they directed me to customer service and they said that once the payment was made they could not return the money so i went to my bank and stopped both payments not only did they return one they also returned another and suddenly i wasnt behind on my payment anymore they 5 days later i got a call saying i was three payments behind so i told them if they did not rectify this problem i would park the car at the bank and mail them the keys the next person on the phone got upset with me and told me to make arangements for the two payment i now owed them and ill make the late fees disapear i said bull you will take the two payments and i paid cash the next time and i had very little trouble with them after that note: here is what you do never say come and get my car they will do it in a heartbeat they will sell it at auction and for only 500.00 and guess what you are responsible for the balance no matter what you tell them that if they want you to continue making payments they should at least let you get some kind of payment to them if they say that its not enough you ask them if they are refusing payment and record every conversation with them and get name dates time you called and make copies copies copies then they cannot say that they did not have that conversation with them they record everything you say and they will only use what is good for them remember they only want your money they do not care about anything else.

  65. What a sorry company this has become. I opened an account with First Chicago 18 years ago. I have paid my annual fee and kept the account even though it has gone through numerous changes. It is now Chase. I recently recieved a bill for a 10 dollar annual fee. Since I have not used this account in years, I called and asked to close the account. They told me “no problem, simply send in the 10 bucks and we will close it immediately. I explained that I had just got the bill that day and I didnt think I should have to pay 10 dollars for an account that I was closing. They said they would not remove an annual fee charge and that I should have closed the account before the charge showed up. Llike I am supposed to know when an annual fee charge is going to appear on every one of my credit accounts and track them on a calendar. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that one was not on duty. Yeah right!! No problem I said, here is my number and they can call me back. Well, needless to say nobody called. A week later I called back and got the same load of crap. So I explained it was only a lousy 10 bucks and if they really wanted to pursue this horrible customer service, it would cost them in the long run. I have since cancelled any and all accounts from credit cards to savings and have asked all in my family to do the same. They dont seem to care if you are with them for 18 years or 18 minutes or how much money you have with them. I was really under the impression that they dont care about anything at all. What a shame.

  66. Personally…. I think you should quit being such a pansy. I work in the service/hospitality industry as an operations manager making very good money. (Thank God For My Masters Degree in a Specialized Field). If I could count the times that lame-o’s like you came up to me to complain about “service quality” in an attempt to get something for free I’d be a famous mathematician. The fact of the matter is, no one cares about the fact that you (or anyone else for that matter) feels that the “service isn’t good enough”. You are probably just cheap and looking for some sort of compensation for your false complaints. What always seems to amaze me is…. the general public thinks that if they complain to a service employee about “service quality”, that they will in return get something for free. While this may work in certain situations, a majority of you are left empty handed. The fact that you get so worked up about simple things leads me to believe that you wouldn’t survive 10 minutes into the end of the world or a plane crash on a desert island for that matter. You will continue to bank at Chase just as you will continue to buy gasoline for your car at $8.00 a gallon. Get realistic. Just because you interact with a business in the “hospitality/service/customer service” sector does not give you a right to thinking that you are “right” or that you should get some sort of compensation/benefit because of your OPINION! Fuckin’ Broke ASS.

  67. Who exactly are you talking to “thetruth” ? Seems like there are dozens of people here who are all having some kind of problem with Chase and their service. Are we all just a bunch of cheapos, who are looking for a handout?

    I’m not sure how old you are, but if you’re over the age of 25, you probably remember that every company worth their salt took pride in customer service back in the day. Unfortunately, over time that has eroded in our society.

    I’m curious . . . do you work for Chase?

    You sound awfully angry for someone who is not vested in this situation. Seems like you may just be another service employee who hates his job and has nowhere else to vent but this blog.

    Getting warm?

  68. The thing that drives me up the wall with chase is the way they hold and reprocess pending transaction so they can hit you will nsf fees, that should be illegal.

  69. I ditched Chase (Bank One) long ago. I was still getting paper pay-checks back then and they took 3-4 days to get the money on my account.

    BUT, they would give me cash for it on the spot. And knowing that if you deposit cash it gets deposited the next day… Yeah I was cashing the checks for cash then turning right around and depositing the cash. All was well until a stupidvisor noticed me doing it one day and said I couldnt do that. I said something to the effect of “try and stop me”, ill just go to another bank to deposit the cash. She then threatened to contact the other banks and tell them not to let me deposit MY money into MY account.

    Soon after I closed the account.

    But my new bank is little better. I got hit with a $500+ overdraft fee in 1 day! Because I had several small withdrawals after the initial overdraft. Almost $35 per transaction! Then they send me a seperate letter for each transaction stating how I should be happy they “lent” me the money. BASTARDS!!!!!! I would prefer they just deny my debit card, but oh no, $$$ talks so they just let you keep using it. YES, it my fault, should have been paying closer attention to my account. But do they really think these super high fees are really helping me “learn my lesson” or something? Obviously I was broke, so they said “Lets fine the little F@#$’er!” Took me months to dig out of that hole.

  70. What prompted me to view this page is that I just had a similar experience with Chase. I paid off my card and asked if I could have a higher limit. They said no. I asked if I could transfer a balance to the card. They said no. I asked if I could have a lower interest rate. They said no. What kind of credit card doesn’t want you to transfer a balance? I sent them a message complaining about the situation and a couple days later I got a letter in the mail saying they had closed my account. No notice, no reason. Just “hey we’ve close the account. thanks.” I couldn’t believe it. I had just paid off my car loan with them too. You’d think they would value their customers but apparently they really don’t give a sh&t. The funniest part is that it was Disney visa and I’m a Disney employee. So much for loyalty!

  71. Chase is certainly no longer a company worthy of my business, despite working with them for 18 good years…looking forward to more people waking-up, and “voting with their feet”, taking their business elsewhere. Adios.

  72. The auto loan department customer service employees (Crystal,Rose Marie,Donna Harris,Carla Madera and the other fine folks I spoke with)
    are courteous, polite and downright pleasant while they lie through their teeth. All we needed was anything in writing affirming that our local Chase Bank was once Texas Commerce Bank. If they could not do this, why not tell me? Instead I was assured,reassured, and reassured again after every phone call starting mid January. After reading boycott chase comments I am confidant that my 88 year old bed-ridden nursing home patient mother will NEVER get a clear title to her old car. Chase employees have no souls. Begging,pleading and crying only makes them smile.

  73. Think that is bad listen to this. When Chase took over or bought Bank One our charge card balance was $10,246.75 March 2005, To date I have paid $11,457.56 AND STILL OWE $7,457.46. When all is said and done and I have them paid off next year we will have paid back $21,468.02. That my friend is over a 100 percent profit in a four year period. Don’t you wish you could get that type of return on your savings account? They also took over our mortgage last year and in a two month period our payment went up over $200.00. Thank God we were able to refinance with another company or we would have lost our home like many others. I now call Chase, “Chase The Screw You Bank” with the advertisement of come give us your money and if you don’t well we will just steal it. Makes no difference. And customer service well I got the run around and so many different stories and given hoops to jump through. My answer I now am sending all my information, documentation to the Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of National Banks. Chases reply after given one last chance. Fax us a copy.

  74. Chase just recently raised my APR from 13.24$ to 24.99%. I’ve had the account for 3 years now. Never had a late payment and have never gone over the limit. I called their so called customer support to complain about the higher rate and was told it was because of my credit score. I monitor my credit every month and have a credit score of 780 folks.

    When I demanded that they lower my APR I was put on hold to be transfered. Five minutes later the same woman comes back on the phone and tells me “we have no offers at this time” I asked the rep what the hell she meant. Either you are going to lower my APR back to the origional rate or I’m closing the account.

    Now get this…. She laughed at me and said “You can’t afford to pay off your account” At this point I went off on her. It’s a Disny Rewards Visa Card and I pay it off every month. The only time I ever carried a balance was over christmas. Since I use it for all my purchases, gas, groceries, etc for a family of 5 it had a balance of $1400 at the time of the call. I told her in no uncertain terms that I was not bluffing with several swear words mixed in. That of course got me hung up on.

    I immediatly called back and told the first person that answered “I need to close my account” When they asked me why I explained what had just happened. “Well, I’m sorry to hear that, Let me transfer you to a supervisor” So another five minutes on hold. The supervisor answers and I tell him the same story for the third time. If you’ve read any of the previos posts I am sure you can guess what the Supervisor told me. “I’d be happy to help you close your account” That’s it? You don’t want to take care of a loyal customer? A customer that charges in excess of $2,000 a month? So long story short. The account is closed and I will NEVER do business with Chase EVER again.

  75. I have been a loyal Chase customer, I have two checking accounts, a savings account, two Chase visas, a college fund account, and I use their payment tech merchant bank card service, and, well, as of tomorrow was going to have my mortgage through them. I was a loyal customer who thought that if I had all of their banking services that they would treat me like the fantastic customer I am – not the case. They are too big to have any customer service and they don’t give their customer service reps any power to do anything. The big bosses are the ones telling these reps to say ‘shall we close your account’. I do not expect anything for free like the above comment by “the truth” (who has some issues of his/her own) but I do expect to be treated fairly.

  76. I hate Chase and hope to tell anyone and everyone of my experiences. I had an CC (which is Chase Bank) that I used and paid off. Months later I rec’d a replacement card as mine had expired. I did not authorize it. I repeat – I never called to authorize it. So, anyone could have rec’d it in the mail and used it without my verifying anything. And they did. Because a few months later, I got a call from Chase indicating that my card was being used in another country and were they my charges? UGH NO. So, for the next 6 months I constantly called to try get this resolved while more charges were being added even after they hadthe account under fraud watch and I had asked for it to be closed. Well – they can’t close it as it had a balance. WHATEVER. So, in orderto close my fraudulent account, I had to open a replacement one. Which had zero balance of course. I rec’d the card in the mail and promptly put it in my files. I did not authorize it. Once again, charges were added to this new account. Well, turns out that someone had charged to the old one and since I had closed it due to fraud the genius put the charges onto the new account. That makes total sense. So, again, after 6-7 mo. of CSR’s hanging up “inadvertently” on me while on hold, hours of holding in general, late charges on fraudulent activity, impossible to understand foreign CSR’s, liars who promised to take care of late charges and never did, letters and certifications of fraudulent charges which were pointless it finally was cleared up. They then had the audacity to try to persuade me to not cancel the second card. Hardly. I thought this was over and that episode was. Yesterday, I rec’d a letter from Chase on my auto loan telling me that it was not paid and a late charge had been added. It had been paid, but was paid late. That was my error and I admit that. I went onine this morning and paid the late fee immediately without issue or discussion. THe end right? Wrong. I typed the wrong amount when I originally paid the bill so I was short $32.65. Again, my fault. How did I know this? Because they called my house 3 times in 4 hours today to tell me that I was delinquent. After she explained the $32.65, I realized my apparent mistake and said I would pay it. I want to clarify that in the last 41 mo. of payments I have never until this month had a late fee. She proceeded to grill me for info on my insurance coverage, my employement, where the car was currently being housed etc… Like they might garnish my wages or repo my car over this $32.65 WHICH WAS ABOUT 18 DAYS LATE. So, my point, don’t use them because eventually you will regret it. I promise.

  77. I have been using Chase account for almost two years. I just felt that they have so many service fees. Anyway, I was fined $128 because I had insufficient fund on my checking account for 4 time($32 for each time). I forgot to check it. I knew it was my fault. So, my friend told me that one of his friends had the same experience. They went to “talk” to the bank rep. Actually, they talked to the branch manager. The manager gave them half of their total fine back. So, I went to talk to the manager. He said that was former manager’s decision. They usually can give back only one fine($32). I just felt that it was my fault that I forgot. But, I can’t believe that they have different standards. Do they have any “Standards” in their training program? Or the reps just do anything they want?

  78. My story is that they raised my credit card rate from 9.99% to 29.24% so I paid it off and cut it up, I didn’t close it for credit purposes but I would never use it again to allow them to earn even the merchants fee let alone any interest from me.

    Same thing talked to a supervisor and went to my branch to no avail, and I maintain my business accounts there with well over 1 million dollars on deposit and also have my home mortgage with them of 900k that I paid them 59,000.00 interest last year.

    Needless to say CHASE DOES SUCK! and I am moving my business away from them.

  79. Hey listen guys , after reading these post what apparently rings clear is that some individuals presume that threatening to close is going to back the bank into a corner to have what ever you want to have done. As many of you have attested thus far it does not work.

    Credit cards are optional, they are loans, they are not your “right” it is not your “money” . When you balance transfer you are simply moving your “debt” with only a hand full of banks( well those that really matter) they all play the same game moving the funds until you end up right were you began.

    Customer service does not mean giving in to what you the customer request , its more of partnership where two come to common grounds, you people gripe about banks because you can , what about the goverment agencies where it is definately take it or leave it.??? come on guys Man up……

    P.S credit cards terms are not based on your credit score……contrary to popular belief you may have over 800 score and have 30 credit cards and 17 homes…credits card rates are based on “debt” so even though you may be working 23 hour long days to afford your lavish lifestyle or you attempt to establish one……ALL BANKS not just JP..views it as risk , after all it’s not a home or car that can be repossed right??….

  80. I work for an attorney and both my self and my girlfriend have been screwed by chase, mainly over nsfs from depositing money, told there is a 3 day hold, start spending 5 days later and the money still wasnt there. I have over 10 different scenarios that chase has screwed me out of over $2200 in fees alone this year and its only May. I have changed banks and my account is still open and overdrawn till I can find someone from Chase to refund the nsfs that were taken out of my account because my insurance company pulled out too much, realized the error and refunded the money, when they pulled out almost double my premium it sent me over drawn and I had about 12 charges before the error was noticed and money returned, chase will only refund 4 of them.


  81. I had these kind of conversations from the customer service many times. They simply so no understand what we a telling or what do we want and blindly follow what their superior would tell them.

  82. Not only will I boycott them, we are suing them for messing up our credit for the passed 2 years, they have misapplied our mortgage payments and applied other peoples money into our account, than reversed it and charged us late fees every month when we ALWAYS PAY ON TIME!! Don’t ANYONE.. get a mortgage loan through them!!!

  83. my wife and i bank with chase and i am very concern about the teller that stole 300,000 from a 86 year old lady, and the bank new about this since aug 2007, when they fired the teller but she have not been arrest yet, but they just paid the old lady her money back in june 25, 2008. I am concern because my wife and i have retired and our little money is direct deposit to chase.

  84. You know it’s interesting all the people that bitch and bitch about Chase…..Customers always blaming the person on the phone or the person taking the call…….yet what the customer doesn’t realize is that it’s their JOB……may the adviser or supervisor like what they have to do?….No…..Do realize and take it from me who has worked in a call center……it is not easy when you are easily pointed out as the culprit that is screwing them out of money……The employees do not set the rules……the bank does…….the employee has to abide and follow those rule whether they like it or not…..same thing goes for anyone who has a job…..there are some things we hate about it and some things we love about it………but please do not be so quick to judge the adviser or supervisor as the one who is ruining you……..they’re only doing what they were told to do…….

  85. Hi,

    well im an employee of Chase, and i am very sorry about what your branch is telling you.

    FYI it is your write to have your fees reversed if a check was put on hold and checks were bounced…or again this might just be a texas market rule because of check 21 law.

    i will be happy to help you with that problem… Also keep in mind, that the check was probably not on hold, because of the holiday any checks deposited on sat would not have been available until wed because the federal reserve was closed for processing.

    hope this helps…hope to have saved your partnership with Chase.

    my branch # is 512-529-2236

  86. chase is the devil! ever notice how underhanded they are? i was complaining with a coworker that at the atm near us, before it even spits out the money and receipt, it flashes this screen where it gets your authorization to be charged for some random, completely useless monthly service. and of course, the atm is such crap quality that you can’t see which button is yes and which is no. hit the wrong one, and u’ve just signed up for $14.99 monthly charge. so after i realized this on my bank statement, i called to cancel. also called to complain that i was tricked into signing up and have not utilized or benefited from the service.

    i’m bringing my money to another bank. screw chase. i hope, in this economic situation, that they crash and burn

  87. Like everyone else, I have issues with Chase, and other major corporations that have people on their payroll whose only job is to figure out how to cheat or lie to their customers. Chase is probably one of the worst followed by mortgage companies.

    I have found a sometime effective way of dealing with them. That is to email directly to elected officials or regulatory agencies with a copy to the Bank or mortgage company… I once had the office of United States Senator, John Breaux, since retired, get an immediate response from the office of the president of a major bank.
    The disputed money was returned to me even before the Senator’s office had time to contact the bank.

    It does not always work but there is nothing to lose by doing it.

  88. CHASE SUCKS ROTTEN EGGS!!! In the competitive world of credit cards, customer service can be a make or break deal. The Chase ego is so big, they think they are better than their customers. Stupid business practice. Without customers, you have no business! Idiots.

    I have a Chase Amazon card, and as soon as I get my next gift certificate, I am OUT. Of couse I’m not going to leave all the points I’ve racked up on the table. They would just love to see that.

    I’ve written to Amazon, which I think has some of the best customer service around. They should not be partnered in any way with Chase which clearly is very hated. Just google Chase Sucks.

  89. I think it is funny that so many people have time to remain this upset over something like a telephone banker…. hasn’t anyone learned that with almost any big company the people over the phone don’t care because they never see you! Go into a branch and you will receive much better customer service. And how ignorant can you be to think Chase is going under??? Read up on your financial information because it is one of the only banks that is in a good position right now. And they probably close your accounts quickly because who wants customers who b*tch all the time when they have more than enough who don’t. You guys are prolly also the people who call and complain every time you overdraft your checking account. I doubt anyone who is a good customer of Chase with substantial business with them has as many issues.

  90. An email I sent earlier today:

    Thank you for not notifying me while closing my checking account which my bi-weekly paychecks are deposited into. Besides completely screwing with my personal finances I now have to spend hours out of my day to deal with your customer service center just to get my paycheck money. It’s really good when your company makes mistakes yet it is the consumer who has to take the time to correct them. It is great how inept your company is. I was told my account was closed because it had a zero balance for 30 days, yet on July 31st my paycheck was deposited (which it has been for the past 3 years). It’s good to see the proper research is being done prior to causing headaches to your customers. Fantastic job Chase! I will make sure moving forward to communicate this great customer service experience to all my friends, families, and colleagues. Once again, congratulations on losing another customer due to your incompetency.

  91. I had a horrible time with Chase. They are really nasty CSRs and they dont give a rat’s ass to the customer. I had to close my 2 chase accounts because of the horrible customer service. Chase is the worst I have ever encountered. I had to wait 2 hours before I could talk to a supervisor, 2 of them said they would transfer me and kept me waiting for 1hour and they just disconnected! Being fed up and frustrated I just called and cancelled my credit card because they would not issue me the 100$ sony credit which they had promised even after 3months.

  92. Wow. there is a lot of bad things about Chase Bank. I googled stupid chase bank and this website came up. I was so pissed about what happened today with chase bank. I have never had any problems with them until today. So I go to the bank to get some money out of My account and this teller tells me that I can’t have the money because they did not approve of my id. Mind you that I have always used this id , which has all my information on it, to get money out. I told her that I always use it and did not see the big deal. My picture is on it and so is my info. so what is the big deal??? To make a long story short we got into a big arguement and I stormed out and told her I will be back to close my account. Even though this happened this morning, I am still mad as hell.

  93. I opened an account with them like 10 days ago. Got my debit couple days ago and got a letter from them today saying that they’ll have to close my account. What the f**k. Rang customer service and they couldn’t disclose the reason why as I (as customer) have given the right to do so when opening the bank account. I don’t understand why they wanted me to call them if they’re not going to disclose any information and have already made the decision to close my bank account. VERY odd. Go to xxxx Chase.

  94. Those who assume that the “personal” bankers and loan officers at Chase behave any differently that the CSRs is sadly mistaken. Chase reaped credit cards fees on probably $20 million a year in sales, plus monthly bank charges averaging over $4,000., and our bank officer treated us like scum. I know another business who consistently kept $1 million or more in their two business accounts that also received lousy service. I understand that Chase is pursuing international markets, no doubt having burned many bridges in this country. I don’t have any personal dealing with Chase, and if I did, say via a transfer of my mortgage to Chase, I would keep time dated receipts on all of my payments for the life of the loan. Chase cannot be trusted. The employees are unethical and underhanded. It is a corporate philosophy for this company, from the CSRs and tellers to the top executives.
    I noticed that a number of these websites such as “chasebanksucks” have disappeared, and I wondered if Chase paid-off the authors by buying rights to the website.

  95. I opened a checking account with Chase and understood that there was no service fee if direct deposits were made. For a year there indeed was no service fee, but on the last statement was a fee of $20. I thought it must be a mistake particularly as I had not made a withdrawal in a few months. I logged into my account online to see what was happening and there was another $20 charge a few days previously, nut on a balance of about $5000
    they had paid me a few cents interest, taking that into account they had charged me nearly $40 for holding my $5000 for the last 6 weeks!

    I went to the nearest branch and took a cashiers check for the balance before they had a chance to steal any more. I later called their main customer service but could not get them to agree to refund these charges in spite of the fact that I referred them to their own printed terms and conditions which were handed to me when I opened the account.
    My next step will to to file a complaint with my state banking commission.

  96. I just canceled the Chase credit card I’ve had for decades. Yay!
    They shortened the grace period without adequately notifying me (it was on the bill under the “important notices” section, which is normally just full of ads for their insurance products, etc.
    Also, they were taking 4 or 5 days to process ELECTRONIC payments.
    Consequently, I was hit with interest payments/late fees.

    They closed the account without hesitation. They seemed glad to be rid of me.

  97. This bank has absolutely no compassion and the customer service is horrible. I have read some but not all of the comments on this site and it is obvious that I am not the only one in the boat. What mystifies me is that eventually word will spread and enough unhappy customers will squash even the biggest businesses and banks like chase are no exception. If chase knew what was good for them they would listen to their customers, put their employees through some customer service course and try and understand where the customer is coming from.

    I have had my account for almost ten years and have been a good customer. I am closing my account now and will never recommend anyone else get an account with this company.

  98. CHASE IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DELT WITH IN MY ENTIRE LIFE’S EXPERIENCE. No need for more agonizing details, we all know the same sorry stories coming from this companies customer service. CHASE SUCKS AND I WILL SMILE WHEN THEY FOLLOW OTHER FINACIAL COMPANIES TO BANKRUPTCY!!!!!!

  99. I HATE CHASE!!!!!!!!!!!! They are only out there to rip us off with stupid default tricks that screw you up with astronomical APRs…

  100. well i can tell you why they offered to close your credit card. If you are a high risk (poor credit score) or if you dont make the company any revenue (make pymts in full every month) then its procedure to offer to close the acct as soon as the customer mentions any dissatisfaction or if he is irrate.

    so you can have a 840 credit score and pay your bill in full on time every month but once your late….what was a low apr is jacked up to 29.99v and cant be restored. once again due to you not creating any revenue for the company. they want people who pay on time and accrue finance charges and some late fees every now and then. those are the people who make the company money and who have some fee’s waived….sad but true.

    as a former employee of 3 1/2 years i hated working for them and despise them. but a lot of customers are at fault too for being careless, irresponsible and ignorant.
    when you get a credit card you agree to a contract to which you agree to all the things they may do or charge you. just like someone who signs up for he military…he/she has to know they just signed their life away to the government. too bad almost no one reads disclosures and thats where they get in trouble.
    remember the customer may feel they are right but there is contract to which the customer agreed to. so yes, as crooked as it may seem it is hard to have some things done.

    ive been away from that company for over a year and it feels good. it was a learning experience as i learned much more about credit cards, credit, and responsibility than i ever imagined. i just wish a credit class would be a requirement for high school and college and just maybe more americans would be educated on credit and how not to fall into a loan shark trap.

  101. well i can tell you why they offered to close your credit card. If you are a high risk (poor credit score) or if you dont make the company any revenue (make pymts in full every month) then its procedure to offer to close the acct as soon as the customer mentions any dissatisfaction or if he is irrate.

    so you can have a 840 credit score and pay your bill in full on time every month but once your late….what was a low apr is jacked up to 29.99v and cant be restored. once again due to you not creating any revenue for the company. they want people who pay on time and accrue finance charges and some late fees every now and then. those are the people who make the company money and who have some fee’s waived….sad but true.

    as a former employee of 3 1/2 years i hated working for them and despise them. but a lot of customers are at fault too for being careless, irresponsible and ignorant.
    when you get a credit card you agree to a contract to which you agree to all the things they may do or charge you. just like someone who signs up for he military…he/she has to know they just signed their life away to the government. too bad almost no one reads disclosures and thats where they get in trouble.
    remember the customer may feel they are right but there is contract to which the customer agreed to. so yes, as crooked as it may seem it is hard to have some things done.

    ive been away from that company for over a year and it feels good. it was a learning experience as i learned much more about credit cards, credit, and responsibility than i ever imagined. i just wish a credit class would be a requirement for high school and college and just maybe more americans would be educated on credit and how not to fall into a loan shark trap.

    btw a little insight:
    chase is actually bank one ;)
    the original chase would of waived more fees and adjusted apr’s.
    bank one had a bad rep(think of senate hearings all bank one accts) and had to take chase’s good name (the monopoly guy is j.p morgan) in 05.
    all the systems used are bank one’s. look at all the corporate office from jamie dimon to deb walden……all bank one corporate. before the merger people told me i would hate it if bank one took over and sure enough it sucked. chase er bank one sucks.

  102. My God this is so horrible reading all the rip-offs and scams post by clients of Chase Bank. About a year and a half I called to cancel my transaction with Chase Bank, before my loan was finalized. The loan officer refused to return my phone calls after the final papers were signed and I was told I could cancel in three days. Chase Bank customer’s service said they were the ones who had to stop the process not the loan officer. I never received a call back from Chase Bank in reference to a cancel. I received payment statements instead in the mail. I’m sure Chase Bank representatives scammed me by delaying a return call and when I called beck by saying They have no records of my call to cancel, they will forward the information to the loan officer.

  103. I hate chase bank. they are common thieves. i cannot tell you how much money in fees they have stolen from my checking account in the past year…all because of the devious way they post debits and credits….hold items as pending, etc. HEY CHASE>>>> awwww got burned on the sub-prime mortgage crash….poor baby…I HOPE YOU F’ING CRASH AND BURN. GO THE HELL OUT OF BUSINESS BECAUSE YOU ARE EVIL AND DESERVE IT. F’ING CROOKS…ROT IN HELL YOU MOTHER F’ING THIEF.

  104. Chase is the worst bank I ever had to deal with. Before I was a credit card customer, I would occasionally receive cc offers from them in the mail, but now that I am a customer, I receive some type of offer almost daily. Also, they began calling me on a weekly basis trying to sell me something. I just sent them an email saying they are the most harassing bank I’ve ever dealt with and as soon as I pay off my cc I hope I never have to deal with them again.

  105. I am so happy to see so many people standing up for themselves. Just today, Chase screwed me on my Circuit City Chase Credit Card. That was it for me. I am going to right a letter to Deb Walden and anyone else who will read it. I am not optimistic about it doing any good after reading all the posts. But I will do that and give Chase a chance to make a change and then I am closing my account. It would be really great if Chase customers would all start closing their accounts. Unfortunately, the only thing that will do is cause Chase to possibly go into bankruptcy and cause the government to step in with one of their bailouts, paid for by guess who. All of the taxpayers. So no matter how you look at it, we all are going to pay one way or another. Close your business and move on. I am considering working on a cash basis for everything except for my home mortgage. You might think about doing it also if you want to keep your money.

  106. I receive some type of offer almost daily. Also, they began calling me on a weekly basis trying to sell me something. I just sent them an email saying they are the most harassing bank I’ve ever dealt with and as soon as I pay off my cc I hope I never have to deal with them again.

  107. “Chase” is such an apropriate a name for this S%#! H*%@ company. Only CHASE(ING) your money in so many ways. I’ve similar experiences to many of these and in several months when a car is payed off I’m OUT. I’ld sooner cash a paycheck in a bar than bank with them ever again.

    Word of mouth goes far and I intend to start talking even more, hope you all do too.

  108. Yep folks think they are going under. I tried to have them reverse a charge $9.95 for services long ago cancelled + 32 NSF fee which was usually no big deal, but this time Customer service said they couldn’t help, sent me to “claims”, then “claims” said they were online help. WTF!! then transfered to the real claims which was a supervisor….gave me the run around said wait a few days see what happens. Do they think that I am just goin to let this go? Maybe just forget about it? BTW by the time NSF fee hit account was negative $1.23 ….WOW!!!! that’s at least 300% as a penalty!!!! That’s a RIPOFF…that’s Racketeering. I think they are just trying to hoard as much cash as possible because they know they are toxic, and will have a lot more write downs. They need all the money they can get to stay afloat. yet they put themselves in this situation. Anybody know how to start a bank? I’ll make it a non-profit.

  109. I am officially sick of Chase Bank. These people will do anything to get your money. I had made a telephone transfer to my checking account by 7:00pm of the current business day and these people posted the transfer for the next day.As a result, I had NSF fees of $145.00 plus a service fee. I called about the problem and not only was I kept on hold forever, the supervisor was a complete a******. I used to work for Bank One and they were a terrible bank. I have no clue why I opened an account with them after I left. I have experienced unexplained fees. At times, I have purposely not used my debit card for periods of time and checked my balance. Chase was debiting my account for NSF fees anyway and then I would be in the negative. What kind of S#!&! is that? Anyway, until I can find a better bank, I’m totally withdrawing my money every pay period since its direct deposited and keep it with me–kind of like people did a long time ago. At least I know what’s happening with my money. Chase seems to think they can do whatever they want with other people’s money. I won’t be giving them the satisfaction. That’s probably why they can buyout other banks and are very financially fit. They profit off other people’s misfortunes and take advantage of their customers.

  110. I am a former Bank One employee. I always said that if I didn’t work there – I would never have an account there, because they are a “rich man’s” bank. Banks are corporate monster nightmares in spite of what these customer service people who are still working there say. They may personally feel a sense of loyalty to Chase until the day comes that they lose their jobs. I have noticed that Chase is not posting my transactions properly (they will show the new balance, but the available credit hasn’t increased) Has anyone else experienced this? I won’t call them – I write them online because I don’t want to blow my top with the customer service rep. However – I am going to do an audit of my own account and see what they have been doing. If I don’t like what I see – I am writing a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. Chase and every other major bank are nothing but blood-suckers. I prefer the credit unions now. Personalized customer service, imagine that!!

  111. I had a line of credit with chase in 2006. Some idiot cancelled it claiming I could not be reached. I guess he did not know how to use a phone. Chase refused to reinstate me and insisted I needed to open a new account. It cost me a great deal of time and some expense to re establish the line of credit. They promised it would be good for 10 years. in October 2008 I received an undated letter from Chase, explaining my account was suspended. I have a very high plated credit score, pay my credit cards off every month and no debt other than a low house payment. My house has tons of equity. Chase illegally redlined my neighborhood.

  112. I have never been treated so rudely in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My husband has a car loan with Chase, at 17% interest. ( that is a totally different issue)
    The due date is 11/14, a very nice gentleman I spoke to said in Wisconsin there is a 10 day grace period. I am paying it on 11/21. That would be in plenty of time.
    We get a call from a very rude lady that said we are late and action would be taken.
    I spoke to her, she said if I pay it on 11/21 it will be one day over the grace period of 10 days and I will be charged. I asked her simply how do you get 11 days from 11/14 to 11/21. Yes my voice was raised. But she said I was unreasonable, and condesending, and would not speak to me any further.
    Now, please, if any one can tell me how they get 11 days between 11/14 and 11/21, please I beg you, let me know.
    Am I crazy or just can’t add?

  113. My family had/has a credit card with Chase. The ex-wife and the courts agreed that it is her debt. Chase has been ignoring the paperwork to take me off of the card that they insisted upon and was signed and faxed to them 5 times, the last three by an associate from a local Chase bank who insisted upon a fax recpt. When I/we call, we always talk to a different “name” (might be the same person with a new fake name for the day…)and can NEVER get the same person twice. So, when is someone going to get up the balls to put together a class-action lawsuit? When do we push back at Bush’s buddies?

  114. They are idiots who believe they can get away with anything.
    Why not? They just got a gift of 25 billion, compliments of Bush and Paulson.

    Rather than ranting… Take action!

    Find out the CEO of the appropriate Chase division. For instance, Gordon Smith is CEO of Credit Card Services.

    Have a problem with rude “customer service” agents? Getting calls all day long from “telemarketing?” Can’t get no satisfaction?

    Then write your complaint to Gordon at JP Chase HQ in NYC (easy to find on the internet). Be sure to cc your local Congressperson; Office of the State Attorney General, etc. etc. etc. If there’s a local consumer affairs reporter — copy him/her on the letter as well.

    If you’re gonna try and get these profit-swilling characters to listen, then hit them where it hurts most — in the arena of public opinion.

  115. I’ve been dealing with Chase for about 20 years on CCs and mortgages – not one time by choice – all because of purchasing other banks or mortgages. All of this sounds very familiar! In a time when so many banks are failing, why are they still in business?
    Chase sucks (and always has)…leave them now!

  116. I’ve never experienced that kind of customer service with Chase, but I do have my own gripe with them, if it’s somewhat off topic.
    One of my first credit cards was a Chase Visa ( or MC, I can’t remember ) with a limit of $800. Woohoo.
    Nowadays all my cards are in the 15k+ area, and Chase refuses to budge on the limit. Yet they consistently send me those cash advance checks. Please tell me, someone at Chase, what in the blue f**k am I going to do with an $800 cash advance at 23% APR and a 3% fee?
    Once upon a time, Chase was a prime lender, and catered to people with outstanding credit, and provided them outstanding customer service. Today, that is no longer the case.

  117. I have just recently been denied a signature loan from CHASE for $25K. I have 3 times this amount in Deposit. Then I had to listen to the Bank Manager in an arrogant manner tell me that this is because the House equity was low and for this reason only was denied.
    Well Thank You Mr Bank Manager for telling me about the current upside market which was created by the Banking System for allowing all the bad loans to be placed in the market and destroying the equity I had in my house.
    After this arrogance I am pulling my money from CHASE and placing it in another secure Bank that knows how to treat their Customers.

  118. I want to bring something to your attention the closing my chase account( as well as other cardmembers ) because I have not used it in over 24 months. Quite frankly I took this very personally as I have been a cardmember in good standing since 1998. The letter I recieved very briefly stated that ” because they noticed the card had not been used , that they believe this may indicate that the account no longer meets your financial needs. With this in mind, the account has been closed” . I called into chase to inquire as to why they would do this as I manage my credit well and do not abuse it ( I have a high fico score ) and the fact that I choose not to use the card should not be held against me. The answer I got from James ( case rep) is sorry that’s your opinion and because of the economy, and to protect my identity they have closed all members accounts that have been inactive. Nothing “personal” well I don’t agree and will never do business with them again. This in my opinion is just bad business and not even sure if they can legally do this. How is this economy ever going to get back on track when large banks are cutting credit to the most creditworthy of customers. I am so mad I think I am going to take Bakunin’s advise and send off some letters.

  119. I sincerely wish that I could somehow contact all of you who are having difficulties with JP Morgan & Chase Bank. As a call center employee, I can tell you that the overall level of service definitely differs from agent to agent.

    My best advice if you find yourself frustrated with the service of this bank or any situation is to first address why you’re angry and place it into words. Grabbing a piece of paper and bulleting the points of notice will help for when you call – List them in order of importance.

    Familiarize yourself with your Cardmember Agreement that states the APR, fee, and general information about each of your cards. Your best defense is to be knowledgeable, and to have that information in front of you.

    Ensure that you’re calling the right department. When you dial the number on the back of your card, listen to the person’s greeting. What department are they in? There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying something like, “I’m calling in about a late fee I don’t agree with, and I would like to please speak to the department that specializes in this.” Remember that your telephone banker knows only what you give to them – only so much can be inferred from numbers on a screen. Be patient and remember that while your situation is frustrating and old to you, it’s new to them and might take them a moment to understand.

    Last but not least, stand your ground. Don’t allow anyone to back you into a corner and hang up the phone – No human being has the right to make you feel inferior without your consent. If you aren’t getting the service you expect, demand, or need from one cardmember, request a manager. If that manager does not meet your needs, demand that the call be escalated immediately, or to speak to another supervisor. Remain firm but calm – it’s your money, and you have a right to be informed and knowledgeable about any part of your account that you are having a problem with.

    Please don’t forget that in many cases, it is necessary for you to take responsibility. If there was one late fee that caused your account’s APR to skyrocket, remember that while things do happen and life gets to us, we’re still responsible at the end of the day. In many cases you can get the Late fee removed, but your APR depends on many factors. if you are ever dissatisfied with your APR and feel you could receive superior service elsewhere, it is always in your power to cancel the account and take your business elsewhere.

    Please refer to for general information compiled by people like you on this company. While this is a difficult time for all of us, it’s pretty clear that Chase bank is going to be around for a while, and our best defense is to remember that where there is no customer service, you simply have to be a customer that they want to serve. A friendly, firm tone and patience will open many doors for you where frustration might be closing others.

    I wish you all much luck on turning your relationship around with Chase or taking a stand and moving your business elsewhere.

    This post was not made in partnership with, on behalf of, or from JPMorgan Chase.

  120. Dear Concerned,

    Bottom line is your CEO Mr. Dimon was just on CNBC telling us he is NOT saying how the $25 billion in TARP funds he “had to take” is being used. This is just flat out wrong and from my stand point and that of others here, Chase is deffinately not concerned about the average “joe”. So they maybe around for awhile but I wont do business with them. I guess choking on all that mortgage mess from WaMU is where the focus is. Only time will tell is Chase will survive.

  121. I have attempted to get off a Chase business card since 2006. I am no longer employed by the business and I am told that I am still responsible for the card. I have written letters, made phone calls, been promised a form was coming in the mail…nothing. The customer service people are rude and lie on a regular basis. I hate Chase Bank!

  122. Does anyone have an address for the head office in Chicago? I looked on and only found a New York addrsess. I will write them about my complaint of Chase and their poor customer service as well. I’m going for William M. *(Bill) Daley (Mayor Daley’s brother???) He’s the Head Corporate Responsibility Chairman. Maybe he will do something, ya think?
    There are still enough banks or credit unions our there, if everyone pulled enough money out and supported their local banks, maybe Chase will do a turn-about on their poor customer service.

  123. I am closing my chase account this week. I have been dealing with poor service and bad attitudes for too long. It seems I spend countless hours every month with inept customer service employees and have been constantly lied to by supervisors. I am happy to take my business elsewhere. When I told chase I was closing my account they didn’t even question my decision or try to persuade me to keep my account with them.

  124. I have the same problems as everyone else on this site. I dont’ seem to be able to close my account. I have been hungup on twice when I was supposed to complete a survey for customer service. Their process for closing a Business account is to go to a branch in person, sign a form saying you have to pay them for any fees “they” think you owe them or they won’t close the account. I finally got them to agree to fax me the form but apparently they are the only ones on the face of the earth that takes them 1 business day to fax a document. They “require” a signature on page 3 which is where you sign that you’ll pay them anything they figure is due to them. I’ll send a letter to the corporation and will –wait— for the fax. When the fax comes, I will “NOT” sign page 3, but will sign where it says I want to close the damn account. This is a company that goes to the government to get bailed out from bad business decisions (or the world will come to an end), rob all the tax payers of billions of dollars to support their big pay checks, then continue to rip off customers as though it is “just the way it is”.

  125. I found this thread because it begins with a call to “Boycott Chase.” I could not agree more. I have created a protest site, Change in, and anyone who is interested can see what I had to say to Chase Card Services CEO Gordon Smith (see the “About” page). I have grown very tired of the lying, cheating, and stealing that these thugs running credit card companies are being allowed to get away with — and I am fighting back!

  126. i agree – chase is the worst bank out there? was charged a late fee and finance charges when they processed a bill late. i will never do business with them again.

  127. I have yet to see it here, but Chase has recently developed a new abusive business practice in attempting to force Chase low interest rate balance transfer holders to abandon their low rates and switch to a rate almost 300 percent higher via a new $10 monthly fee, and increasing minimum monthly payment requirements from 2 to 5 percent.

    Given that Chase has been enjoying billions in federal bailout money, plus the lowest Fed overnight lending rate since the 1930’s, it’s nice to be asked to come up with triple the monthly payment on what was supposed to be a permanent balance tranfer offer–especially during a recession.

    For the apparently 780,000 Chase customers who are affected by this, Chase is, of course, bringing their usual rude and uninformed telephone manner to the inevitable calls from everyone affected. For me, they didn’t even bother with the statutory 15 day notice–a Chase CSR told me that the law required only that Chase say they sent a letter to card holders, not that they actually be able to prove that the letter either went out or was ever received.

    I heartily support boycotting Chase, working to bring much needed federal regulation to the credit card industry, and have already canceled all my other Chase accounts.

  128. I had a similar situation with Chase where my interest rate jumped to 29% because I was a day late with a payment in Dec 2006. In Sept 2007, I called and asked for a lower rate. I was told if I payed on time for a year, I could call back and request a lower rate. So, I called in Sept 2008, and I was told “NO. Just because you pay on time for a year, there is no guarantee we will lower your rate.”
    I felt like a fool trying to be a good customer and under the assumption that if I payed my crazy high interest rate for one year, it would go down.
    My credit rating is good. I bought a brand new Audi in May. My credit report shows no late payements to any of my creditors, and still I get screwed with a 29% interest rate. I closed the account in Sept and I transferred the balance to a Wells Fargo account in Dec.
    I reviewed my chase account online and my account had a zero balance on Dec1. I was elated. I thought I was done with chase forever. Yesterday, I get a bill from chase showing a late fee and interest and fees totally $175. Interest and fees of $143 were applied a day after my account had a zero balance. I claim I never received notification.
    I talked to two reps and one manager at Chase. All said there was nothing they could do; especially since my account was closed. Basically, I am screwed out of $175.
    I discussed with the manager that in 2010, with the new legislation that was passed, Chase wouldn’t be able to screw customers like this anymore. The manager said until 2010, it will be “Business as usual” for Chase.
    Basically, they’re raping their good customers for all they can until 2010.
    It’s not right that they take advantage of customers and then they get bail out money on top of it.

  129. I just closed my two WAMU credit cards since Chase bought them. I will not deal with Chase since they raised my interest rate on my credit card 2 years ago to 29%, I had a 0 balance on the card and had paid them on time and have great credit. Spread the word and lets put them out of business.

  130. Just found out that Chase was increasing the minimum payment on our “4.99% for the life of the loan” offer from 2% to 5%, and to add insult to injury, they’re charging a $10 “rate maintenance fee” on top of it! This actually makes the current APR 6.29%, not 4.99%, and will (incredibly) *increase* our effective rate as we pay down the balance!!

    Their alternate option is to pay 7.99% per month, while maintaining the 2% minimum payment for a limited time (less than 2 years). I think the point of this ploy is this: Someone with a large balance will not be able to pay it off in the alloted time, and will default to a standard rate of nearly 20% (or who know how much by then)! This is a clear case of bait and switch!!

    I am furious. We’ve been excellent Chase customers for many years, paying on time, outstanding credit rating. But that may be the point . . . they aren’t making *enough* on us.

    Sadly, our banking and mortgages were with WaMu, so now we’re stuck with Chase for much of our outstanding credit.

    I’ll be spending time the next several days contacting my state attorney general, the bbb, state & congressional legislators, banking regulators, FTC, Comptroller of Currency, local news, radio, tv consumer reporters and anyone else I can find to complain to.

    Most amazingly, the customer service rep I spoke with told me Chase had no choice, because of the economy. Excuse me? They were given billions in bailouts to lend, not increase payments by 150%. Just because this practice may be legal, it doesn’t make it ethical, particularly in the current economic times.

    Thanks for the forum!

  131. They just offered me an increase on my promotional offer of 3.9% to 13.9%. In case I do not agree to the increase the account will be closed. I said fine, close it. I am also looking for a new bank. We used Wamu but I want to make a bigger Sayonara and park my money somewhere else. If congress can’t get our banks in order, my funds, at least most of them will be taking trip to Europe or Canada. I have enough cash to pay off the balance but what I didn’t know was that they already were sending letters to their other customers while we were recieving these offers last year. Once we got the money we are trapped. Well, sort off. I stopped using all my credit cards. I carry cash and debit card and pay for everything cash. No more 2% for every transaction. Put away the credit cards people and let them know, we mean business.

  132. Chase is raising everyone.s interest and saying the prime rate is 13.99% wall street says 3.25 is prime rate. why don,t everyone stop paying until they stop trying to cheat people out of their money. if everyone stops paying they will come to their knees.

  133. Thanks, gecko840, for your post. I’ve had very much the same experience with Chase, except mine was at 3.99% for the life of the loan — and I was given no explanation for the $10 fee monthly, only that if I paid off the card entirely, I would still be charged $10 each month just to have the card. Same deal with the 2% to 5% hike in minimum payment, and the offer to switch from 3.99% to 7.99% — though I would have until January of 2011 before I had to give up even that, high, rate. I think they’re a bunch of creeps — but my real question is: IS THIS LEGAL??? Can they really do this — or are they breaking the law, and just trying to trick us into agreeing to a rate hike?

  134. I just found this regarding the problem gecko840 wrote about:

    “If this has happened to you, you’ll probably save money if you cancel the card completely and pay it off under the original terms of your agreement. Closing the card will ding your credit, but it will also prevent Chase from sucking extra money out of you—money that could be used to pay off that debt, in fact.”


    I haven’t looked into this further, or verified it, but it it’s accurate, it may be of help.

    Good luck to anybody that Chase has done this too.

  135. Darn, I thought I’d been able to delete my entry (above, which starts: “I just found this regarding the problem gecko840 wrote about”) before it posted. That information seems not to have been correct.

  136. My story is similar. I took out a loan on my Chase Visa two and a half years ago for 3.99% for the life of the loan, to cover unavoidable medical expenses. I have an excellent credit rating, and have never had a late payment. I also have had my minimum payment raised from 2% to 5%, and a $10 monthly service fee added to the account. I’ve been told that my only other option is to switch to a rate of 7.99%, which would be “locked in” only until January of 2011 — after that, it’s through the roof. I have been making complaints to various interested organizations and individuals, and want to post that list here to make it available to others who might also want to complain (and who hope that some good may come of it). Here is that list:

    Filed a complaint with the Comptroller of the Currency’s Customer Service Specialist (This can be done via email or telephone. I think they had a regular mail address, too — but I don’t have it.):
    or call: 1-800-613-6743

    Filed a complaint via email with the FDIC:

    Contacted the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking:

    Contacted the House Financial Services Committee:

    Contacted both of my senators:
    http://senator's last name]

    Contacted my representative in the U.S. House:
    Go to: to look up yours

    Filed a complaint at
    This company gathers consumer complaints from the public, and makes that information available to the press and to lawyers (who might consider a class-action suit).

    Contacted customer service at the company whose name is advertised on my card:
    Mine is an Amazon Visa from Chase, for example. I figured they would be interested to know that Chase is damaging their good name by association. I also wrote to their CEO, Jeff Bezos at: I don’t know how to contact Starbucks, or any of the other businesses affiliated with Chase’s card program, but assume that many of them would be interested, and displeased with this practice, too.

    I am thinking of contacting the newspaper in my area, as well.

    Good luck to whomever else Chase is screwing in this way. Once I can pay off my Chase cards, I will boycott them for the rest of my life.

  137. Well, maybe there is a way to get them sued. Think about it. Let’s say, you pay the amount of the original contract at the low interest rate and continue to do so after recieving the changes. Then they’ll ask you to pay all kinds of fees and trash your credit score. So you call a lawyer and get them to courts claiming that if the agreement that says fixed 3.9% until paid in full doesn’t mean what it says how can you trust that the new note means what it says. Since you cannot afford to borrow at a high interest rate so you have to continue with the payments as you understand them. And what you understand from their letter is that they want you to re-borrow the balance at higher interest rate. You know, play stupid. If their fixed means variable why can’t you understand variable as fixed as well?

  138. I spoke to someone at the Comptroller of the Currency’s office today. She said you could not file a complaint via email — so wherever that email address was posted, they were wrong about using it to file a complaint. Instead, it’s better to call (1-800-613-6743) or use the form at their website ( I don’t expect this to help, though. She said that what Chase was doing was not illegal. I think it should be, but it’s not. It’s still worth contacting people in Congress, though — they’re planning new legislation to keep the credit card companies in line. Maybe something about this could be added to that bill.

  139. Lila (I think you’ve posted on my site — a Wow! was my response); gecko840; Fireweed; George, and others:

    Someone named “Patti” contacted my privately, and gave me a direct link to a law firm that is investigating the possibility of a class action lawsuit against Chase over this evil change in terms notice.

    After checking that link out, of course, I immediately posted it on my site (this is the top post, as of the time of my response here on Joshua’s site, but I set up a whole new category labeled “class action” if anyone needs to find it later on).

  140. Boycott! Sounds like a great idea to me. I had the same problem with this company. I say let them be the next to go belly up and see how they like that! No government bailout here!

  141. Can you believe Chase Auto Finance wants to repo my vehicle over $68 late fees? I told them to come and get this piece of junk. It’s a 2006 Chevy Malibu and it’s crappy. They have a very nasty attitude at Chase. I sent an email to my US Representative because JP Morgan Chase received $25 billion dollars in bailout money. Yet, they can’t help the taxpayers. I hope they sink in debt.

  142. I don’t think you can get them using class action. They are registered under Delaware law and that law allows them to make any changes to the credit card terms. If you noticed, they don’t make changes to your promotional offer. They are raising minimum payments from 2 to 5%, adding fees or increasing interest rate and if you don’t agree they’ll close your account. By doing so they are making you to agree to the new contract. Once you agree to the new terms you’re toast. But there must be something in it because their new offers are spelled correctly. There is no mentioning of “until paid in full” and they state clearly that they can change the terms at any time. The question is: What do their lawyers know that the entire American Bar Association doesn’t?

  143. What they are doing is illegal. Their promotion was at a fixed rate until the balance is paid off.
    In my case, 3.99. The monthly “fee” increases that APR to 5.14, as stated on my statement. Therefore, they are not staying with the 3.99. They tried to get around this by putting the fee under purchases, which will accrue a 19.99 percent rate in my case. There are no purchases on the account. Definitely illegal breach of contract, and in my belief, fraudulent.

  144. If you want to help us then STOP CHASE BANK from hurting the economic recovery.

    My partner has a 2.9% balance transfer for the life of the loan. Last month Chase Bank changed the minimum due from 2% of the balance to 5% of the balance. This changed his monthly payment from $350.00 a month to $1,000.00 a month and this is the minimum payment due. That takes $650.00 a month away from our budget.. They say they are doing this to help people pay down their debt when all they are doing is forcing people to default on the loan or even worse foreclose on their home. All this while Chase has taken 25 billion in our money in the form of a government bailout.

    At this point I have lost faith in this government, our system and most of all the banking system in this country. I think we should ALL quit paying our mortgages, and credit card debt and put them all out of business.

    Thank you for listening.

    Michael Maxson
    Riverside, CA.

  145. Hello, a few days ago I have exp. issues with chase for the first time. I went to two stores and spent around 20$ at each store. At the time I though nothing of it when I personally swiped my card in the reader and pressed enter in both stores. The following day I looked online to see the account balance and noticed that both of the charges were duplicated. I called that day and was told there was no one who could help me, they were at lunch. :) So I decided to go up to the bank and talk with them in person. Oh this was fun. I waiting in line to get up to the teller, she sent me to the manager who then decided to spend the next ten min. not acknowledging that i am even in the room. I then gave up on her and walked over to a banker, she said ok come on in, tell me how i can help. I explain the problem and she said this happens all the time, just take my card and call me tomorrow if the charges have not fallen off. The next day. :) I called because no surprise the charges are still there. This time I was told, and i quote “I’m sorry there is nothing that we can do at this time, you will have to wait 3-5 business days to see what happens with your funds.” I hung up on them. I know that 40$ is not a lot of money but it’s my money and seeing that I did not authorize this addition money to be held, it bothers me that i can not use my money and that they seem to care less. I will be closing my bank account with chase as soon as they give me back my money!!! 02/10/2009

  146. I hate Chase. They are the worst, unreasonable bank I have ever delt with. I just closed my cc account and can’t wait to pay off my HELOC. They are rude and their customer service suck! After reading about all the other experiences from other customers I don’t even feel the need to go into details…CHASE SHAME ON YOU!!!! I hope you fall flat on your face!!! Chase ESAD..can anyone figure out what that says?!!!!

  147. I’ve been watching the CEO’s testimony on Capitol Hill and Chase CEO said “just send it to me, and we’ll fix it” in response to a question about raising interest rates on people with good credit and low interest offers. So, send him a letter and tell your story.

  148. So, you want everybody to jump on the boycott bandwagon because you felt personally slighted? Chase is no different than any other credit institution, they are out for themselves and only exist to increase their bottom line. The last thing they want to deal with is a snivelling asswipe that screws up their account, frazzles first level support, then demands a supervisor’s time. You sir are a liability from their point of view.

    But don’t get me wrong, the whole Chase executive staff deserves anal violation of epic proportions.

  149. I have had two issues with chase with my children. My 22 year old daughter lives in Chicago and from time to time when she needs extra cash, I go to the Chase branch here in Poughkeepsie NY and put cash into her account. The last time I did it fall 2008, I put $400. into her account. The next day it wasn’t showing on her end. I went to the branch and was told there was no record of my deposit, did I have a receipt. I did at home and returned home with it. Lucky I had it. The officer at the branch couldn’t figure out what had happened. There was a muted apology and the person who had taken the deposit was not there. A lot of egg on a lot of faces. I have no idea what subsequently happened but the $400. finally showed up in my daughter’s account in Chicago.

    My son got a chase card with a 1000 credit limit three years ago. He also was sold a payment protection plan and fees were added to his statement. Two years later he lost his job and tried to use the payment protection plan to carry the interest. Never saw so many hoops. The interest went from 12% to 20%. The plan never kicked in and he paid for a while on the card until he wasn’t able tol By my calculations, here’s how things stand. he made about 1000 dollars in retail retail purchases on the card ( my numbers might not be totally accurate) made payments totalling apx. 800. But chase kept tacking on fees: over the limit, late etc. and with the interest, Chase is now coming after him for over 2000 dollars. They call my house night and day. My son no longer lives here. They call his friends, people he has freelanced for etc. They are usurious, egregious. I’ve taken to taping them.

  150. Wow- I found this while looking for a Customer Service # to call Chase. I have long hated them and always tell them that when I get Customer Service satisfaction calls or the banker asks me how I like banking with them. My standard response is “Chase Bank sucks and is the worst bank I have ever dealt with, but I get free miles for every $1 I spend so…” Anyway, my best Chase story is when I went through the drive thru to make a deposit and some slimy banker actually walked out to my car and started trying to sell me on some new deal… in the f-ing drive thru! Classy. That’s Chase for you.

  151. Count me in on the boycott of Chase! Chase screwed me over too. Same thing, $10 monthly service fee/finance charge and increased monthly payments from 2% to 5%. I was suppose to have 3.99% until paid off. I called Bank of America today and they are offering 0% financing until Feb 2010. So I will pay off Chase with B of A. The lady at B of A said she has been getting lots of Chase customers lately that are requesting to pay off their Chase accounts with this B of A 0% balance transfer offer. Maybe Chase will go out of business if we all did this. There are currently 7 class action lawsuits against Chase regarding this issue.

  152. Always made payments (double the minimum).
    Had a baby last November, missed a month, and we got charged over $1,000 deferred interest.
    Think how I feel about this POS Bank.
    We as taxpayers bail out these banks, keep them in business so they rob decent people.
    I pray to whatever God will listen, that Chase Bank be turned into dust, to no longer exist, and everyone who works there better start looking for a job.
    Pathetic, immoral, corrupt bank.

  153. PLEASE be aware that Chase is not the only problematic bank, and be EXTREMELY cautious in putting your “trust” in other banks. I have an excellent credit record, and am now having problems with American Express and Bank of America (my problems also began with Chase, last Fall).

    The banks want to “liquidate” credit card accounts (I suspect for all but the wealthy), or at the very least, provide a much, much lower credit limit than you previously had. They are systematically “reviewing” everyone’s credit and making adjustments. When you try going through their “reasons” in a logical and linear manner, they engage in double-speak and circle around the issue at hand, making it extremely difficult to get a straight answer. I finally did get some answers from a couple of different people at different banks, which is how I learned about their wish to “liquidate” (when I tried to explore this more fully, the rep stammered and would not go back to the topic – he’d obviously unintentionally let that slip).

    I’ve been screamed at by people at the banks when I tried to get a straight answer, and been blamed by several people for a situation which has never even occurred (the possibility of me using a credit card to make my mortgage payments, despite the fact that I don’t even have a mortgage (which they know)); blamed for causing an imaginary future scenario where I can’t make a payment, accepting a balance transfer offered to me by the bank, etc.

    The banks CAUSED the crisis, and they are perpetuating the crisis. They are driving people away…it’s crazy – it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face. I haven’t heard one bank publicly acknowledge and apologize for what they’ve done, nor make any public statement trying to reassure the American public.

    I’m in favor of boycotting ALL banks, as much as reasonably possible, and am in the process of transitioning my financial dealings to Credit Unions. I encourage others to do the same, until the banks give us some reason to trust them…even a little bit.

  154. HELP! We need to do something! ChASE bought Washington Mutual where they acquired their credit card liabilites and assets too. Now I am at their mercy along with others I am sure. My APR rate was 9.9 percent with Washington Mutual. Now it has jumped to 18 percent with the acquisition. THIS IS TOTALLY UNREASONABLE and UNJUSTIFIABLE. Why should I or anyone else who paid their credit cards on time with a low interest rate now pay for a banking industry’s failures and their CEO’s golden parachutes? It’s a double infliction when they are also asking for a bailout from the federal government. What can we do? Please help!

  155. Chase is even worse as a mortagage company they will not answer my phone calls or my email but they took $390 from me and then said they could not refinance at the moment because of the economy.

  156. Chase sucks. I was going to switch banks but then I came to the conclusion that all banks suck. I went to Chase for my mortgage since I’ve been with them for many years and I didn’t believe it until I experienced it for myself, they’re really inefficient. I understand buying a home isn’t a quick process especially in a tough economy, but when you’re at risk for losing a down payment like I was because of that inefficiency, it’s really upsetting.

  157. I applied for a mortgage recently and have gotten absolutely HORRIBLE customer service. I was told we could close a week ago and still haven’t nor do I know were the application sits. Now we will likely lose our house (if it does not close today)and the person we were purchaing from will also lose her new house that was dependent on this loan. When we contacted our loan officers supervisor he said if we were unhappy we should pull our application. Although it is unbelieveable to me, obviously this has happend to many Chase (former) customers. This is how they treat their long-standing customers!

  158. Chase should be the one out of business.
    I had a checking and saving account with them for over 3 years.
    They rob me with their fees. It makes me paying 3 times more than the intertest I earn.
    Have a chase credit card for 6 years. Never earn any rewards or anything on it. After I enrolled in paperless statement and made a first online payment. That is only a $10 balance. So I was thinking uh it save me sometime to go to the branch.I received a confirmation saying that payment was received.
    Today I just found out, there is a $39 return check fee and late fee on my account. That is ridiculous to pay $50 for a $10 statement. That is robbery. I just called them. Reps and supervisors would not wavie the fees.Then I got transfered to the so called “account specialist”, insist that the return check fee could not be wavied. Because it is in the user agreement and decision has already been made.Then I asked him to close the account after 6 years of robbery. Ironically He offer me a “chase perfect card”(3% back on gas). He cracks me up “Do you want to earn some rewards on these fees? I can not do anything about the fees, but I could give you some reward cards.” I was thinking in order to get that $39 reward I need to spend at least $3900.
    boycott them and make them out of business.

  159. They charged me a huge finance charge and upped my 0% rate to 10% when a payment, which was due on 12/21/08 (a Sunday) was received on 12/22/08 (a Monday) and have absolutely no grace period. All their reps are very condescending, and, as stated above, they don’t do anything to rectify the situation. I set up my payments through my bank, which is link to Chase so I can be green and not get paper statements. Apparently, the statements read differently, according to the rep today. He also said I should only bank on the Chase website – why do they link with other major banks then? If you want all customers to only use, don’t allow for other billpays to link into them! They suck, I paid off my balance and and looking for ways to take this upward, because “there are no supervisors above” the extremely rude and unhelpful so-called customer service rep I spoke to today!

  160. Called today to see if I could lower my interest on my credit card. I was told it went from 17.99% to 22% because I didn’t “opt out” in time. Nothing they can do I was told. I even brought up the 25 billion dollars Chase recieved with the bailout. I was outright lied to. “We did NOT recieve one Penny from the Govnt”. WHA WHA WHAT the deuce??? Anyway balance transfer is next for me to another bank. I hope Chase is taken over by the Govnt and then dissolved….Good riddance!

  161. I’m in with boycotting Chase. I’ve had a credit car with Providian/Wamu for at least 6 years with no troubles at all. Always pay full on time every month. This month the online system merged with Chase so it required me to enter my banking account info again in order to pay my bill. I got a confirmation everything is good. Three days later, I checked and lo and behold my payment was returned. I was charged $39 returned payment fee and $29 late fee. I called customer service, found out that the checking account I entered was incorrect by 1 digit. Then why gave me the confirmation that my payment was made?! Then I explained it was an honest mistake and politely asked for these fees waived. I talked to a total 3 “advisors” and 1 supervisors and they cannot waive these ridiculous fees.

    When I gave up and said okay can I pay my balance right now over the phone and then cancel my account, the response was “Sure, I can certainly process your payment over the phone for $14.95 fee” (!), and there is absolutely no attempt to keep me as a customer. Apparently, I’m a “non-profitably customer” because base on my good record, they (Chase) saw that they won’t be making any profit (through absurd fees, finance charges, etc.) of me.

    Take note Chase’s “up-there” personels: this is clearly taking advantage of good customers. And the policy of getting rid of customers (albeit good ones who have good paying records) after they complain of bad customer service won’t help your business in the long run.

  162. I haven’t received statements for a long time and ended up with huge late fees and finance charges. It is my fault that I forgot to update my address. But I paid $350 for $40 purchases immediatelly over the phone when they called me. The representatived who called me promised to reverse me two late fees if I call back in one week and promised she will put a memo so that anyone can take care of it. Guess what, I called back in three weeks, they transfered me from one department to another department. The last women I talked to was very rude to me so I asked to talk to her supervisor. She said no one else I can talk to. Then someone else was on the phone and told me your account is closed and you owe us $8.22 financial charges which can’t be waived. I don’t want to deal with them anyone and paid $8.22 right away. But it affected my emotion so badly and I couldn’t understand what has happened. I googled and found this post. I felt much better because I am not alone. You all have experienced the crap serviced from Chase. All I want to say now is to boycott Chase forever. They should go out of business.

  163. Chase bank use to mean something just as the name JP Morgan but all it stands for now is fraud, greed, and coruption. I have many credit cards but none as ruthless in company policy. Chase bank just got a contract to service government employees, I have to use it to travel, but am in the process of a petition to stop the use of Chase bank in an effort to serve the American people’s interest and not that of a bad company’s will. It is God who will judge these people and their ways of conducting business but I will try to make it very unpleasant for them as long as I live. What I have learned over years of dedicated service to these companies is that some appreciate you as a user of their products and some don’t. I can use examples as in Discover, Citi they are good companies who appreciate their consumer and the interests in getting the America back on it’s feet.

    In July 1996 The Chase Manhattan Bank was purchased by Chemical Bank of New York, which had acquired Manufacturers Hanover Corporation several years earlier. The name Chase Manhattan Corporation was retained, as the name was better known globally, although the state charter remained that of Chemical Bank.

    In December 2000, the combined Chase Manhattan completed the acquisition of J.P. Morgan & Co., one of the largest banking mergers to date. The combined company was renamed JPMorgan Chase & Co. In 2004 the bank also acquired Bank One, making Chase the largest credit card issuer in the US and JPMorgan Chase also acquired Bear Stearns & Co. and Washington Mutual in 2008. After closing around 400 branches of the combined company (less than 10% of the branches), Chase will have around 5,410 branches in 23 states as of the closing date of the acquisition.[6][7] According to data from SNL Financial (data as of June 30, 2008), this places Chase third behind Wells Fargo and Bank of America in terms of total U.S. retail bank branches. With this being said people should ban together to stop Chase from conducting bully tactics, first by closing their accounts and services with Chase and starting new accounts with Wells Fargo or Bank of America and then only using CITI or Discover, or the above mentioned companies that have interests in American People and not Chase bank.

    On January 13, 1995, Chase Manhattan Bank issued a research report on Mexico, written by an academic consultant, commenting on the small-scale guerilla uprising in the Chiapas region of Mexico and expressing the view that “While Chiapas, in our opinion, does not pose a fundamental threat to Mexican political stability, it is perceived to be so by many in the investment community. “The government will need to eliminate the Zapatistas to demonstrate their effective control of the national territory and of security policy.”[8]

    Responding to criticisms of the report, Chase Bank spokesman John Anderson responded on March 13, saying that the statements “in no way represent the views of the Chase Manhattan Corp.” In challenging this response, critics have pointed out that the report had been printed on bank stationery and distributed by the bank.[9] Critics also note that the memo was distributed two days before Mexican president Ernesto Zedillo ordered a military crackdown on the Zapatista rebels.

    Chase bank is being picketed today by the Stop the torture in Mexico Committee because of the role it has played in encouraging the Mexican government to launch an attack on the population of Southern Mexico (Chiapas).

    Why does a bank help finance the slaughter of innocent people as a practise of good investment business, Why would they put pressure on foreign Governments to destroy their own citizens for money. Is Chase Bank that corrupt? Yes they are..They are a part of a large scale takeovers to destroy people of the world through Greed.

  164. I just spoke with a representative from Chase Bank regarding their new policy on sending quarterly coupons for your loan payments. They say it’s to save paper. I need to photocopy every single coupon now so I have a record. Where’s the paper savings there?? When I spoke to the rep, she was snotty and said go on line then if you need to look at your account. I told her this is why the banks are in trouble today because of this type of attitude. She told me, were doing good with a “so there attitude”. I told her next car loan or credit card, Chase is not on my list. She said that was fine. And to think!!!!!! We have to bail these attitudes out with our tax payers $$$$$$$$$. Obama, what were you thinking.

  165. I totally agree CHASE IS THE WORST bank ever. Customer service is horrible! I opened 4 accts with then and thank god I closed them asap. What a waste of time and hidden charges. I would not reccomend JP morgan chase to even my worse enemies, I hope they close soon!

  166. IT’S Very funny to hear people complain about one if not the biggest banks out there. You people dont understand its about making money, not losing money. get a clue. Yes customer service is huge to keep customers however when you have people charging off on ccs left and right. you manage accts differently. how do you think we got into a recession because of ignorant people taking loans they cant afford. So get a clue and open your eye’s.

  167. Atown, your right, it’s about making money. The big question is this… How do you make money if you make your customers angry and they take their loans elsewhere? Most of these people are like me. Paid their bill on Friday and it gets posted on Monday…tada LATE FEE. While all the other times you paid on time and paid more than the minimum. I hope Chase sinks. I’ve been a very good customer for several years and as of tonight not anymore or ever again beacause of $39.00. BYE BYE CHASE…BYE BYE

  168. I can’t stand Chase bank. I opened an account with them after they sent me an incentive check to do so. It has been a horrible experience. I am closing my account and will never work with them again. All the negative things posted here about the poor customer service and bogus fees are absolutely true.

  169. My son was approved through Chase bank to buy a car. the dealership let him take the car home. He kept the car for about two or three weeks before signing the contract. He got a message from the dealership telling him he had twenty minutes to get a recent check stub to them or they were going to come get the car. Well, they came and got the car. The funny thing of it all, he had signed the contract and they had took his down payment. I can’t understand why Chase bank backed out of the financing. Please give input.

  170. I truly believe that when Chase acquired Washington Mutual, they took on Wamu’s poor customer service legacy. Due to some screw ups on the part of the I.R.S. my account had a levee put on it. I squared everything with the I.R.S. and they released the levee, however Chase is telling me it is going to take three days and they are charging me $100.00 to basically hit a button on a keyboard that releases the account. As far as I am concerned this is embezzlement, they call it an “Irreversable Service Charge” So they put an official sounding name to the charge and now it is legal for the bank to steal money from the customer. These bank executives that make these policies think they have us by the short hairs but they really don’t. Banks need customers to survive, if you move your money and investments from one bank to another, you may not get better service by the one you are going to but you are definitely making a statement to the bank you just left, and that statement is that we have a choice. That is what I am exercising right now, my freedom of choice, I am moving my money to Bank of America, and if enough people do that, go to whatever bank you want, keep your money in mason jars or in your mattress, but if enough people send that message and leave Chase, guess what…there will be no more Chase. If in the future Bank of America treats me poorly than I will move my money to another financial institution, and I will continue to do so until I find a bank that knows how to treat customers in an honest and respectful manner. Let us remember that Washington Mutual had to be bailed out, and someday Chase will also if they don’t stop fleecing customers.

  171. They are the worst in customer service. They will take everything they could get from you and don’t want to hear it.
    They start with the best offer to suck you in and then they’ll do everything in their power to take it all away + adding fees on top of fees, they are merciless!!!!! Don’t fall for anything Chase has to offer. They are greedy, greedy, greedy!!!! They don’t care about consumers.


  173. I have had the same experience with Chase Bank. I was a loyal, good-paying customer with Providian, which was bought out by WaMu. I always paid on time, more than minimum, and my credit rating was >750. When Chase Bank took over the account, I paid off the balance except for $1.44…..I then charged something for my nephew for $900 and when he sent his check to me, I went online to pay the balance off entirely. There was an additional $39 late fee assessed on the $1.44 because I was 2 days late. I emailed Chase requesting an abatement of that fee and I was paying the balance off. I received an email that fee was assessed because I was late. So, I emailed again ?? on $1.44 balance?? and, after venting about being a good customer, etc. etc., I stated I would pay the balance and close the account.

    I receive another email saying they were sorry my expectations were not met and I can close my account by telephone or letter to Chase Bank with the address. Then 4 days later, I receive a letter stating my account was past due and I should pay $61.44. OK, where did that amount come from? ($1.44 was past due and an add’l minimum $60.00 was due April 16th – 2 weeks away). THEN to top that, they called my work 3 times before my receptionist put them through stating I was late with my payment and I could make a payment via telephone. I couldn’t talk at work — I am in a cubicle and to say the least, it was embarassing so, I told the lady “I am at work and I already took care of this.” When I got home, I called Chase Bank and wanted to know why I am being harassed for $1.44. I was again told I needed to pay $61.44. BUT, $61.44 clearly states on my statement that it is due on 4/16/09. I told the lady I am sending a check for the balance, my creditcard and a letter to close my account!!!!!

    Guess what, I received another call at home at 8AM the next day asking for payment of $61.44.

    I figured it out — Chase Bank can’t get money from unemployed, financially strapped people SO, they decided to harass the employed, financially sound people. It worked, I sent them $952.54 in total and closed my account. I have an American Express card now. Thanks for letting me sound off here. The whole ordeal was frustrating.



  176. Ditto to all of the above – 12 year customer did not receive bill last month – $39 late fee no one can waive – end of relationship. Guess they don’t need the ones who pay the bills any more…

  177. Chase bank..i just rec a letter from our Senator Debbie of Mich.i doubled dared her to call the customer help line i provided her with.up to 5 times in a row & ask what state shes talking with this time..or country….and to look into Chsaes bull s–t. fee hikes…..fraud,scammers,crooks,etc,,we shall see..i do not, will not quit…SG

  178. i just rec a letter from our Senator Debbie of Mich.i doubled dared her to call the customer help line i provided her with.up to 5 times in a row & ask what state shes talking with this time..or country….and to look into Chsaes bull s–t. fee hikes…..fraud,scammers,crooks,etc,,we shall see..i do not, will not quit…SG

  179. I just had my mortgage taken over by Chase and I can’t even get customer service and I wanted to blog about it!! I’ve spent 1 hour trying and 1 hour waiting. All I want to do is set up an automatic deduction account and I can’t get through to the bank!! They could put bailout money to work by putting people on the job in steqad of that insane automated message and help the economy that way.

  180. Chase is the worst!!!!!!! They are rude and they don’t even try to be helpful. They made numerous mistakes with our checking account and never once offered an appology. They caused us to bounce at least 10 checks while we were with them. I know what some of you are saying right now but it the 30 years that I have had a checking account and the 28 years that my husband has had his, we have only had one check bounce for each of us (when we were both very young.) Chase constantly messed up things. EX: charging us everytime we ordered checks for our FREE checking acct/checks????????????? They have also flat out refused to help us when we were having trouble. They told us “well I guess you will just lose your house” Horrible People I just wish they would go under.

  181. I wish I had found this string before! I’ve had a bad run-in with Chase when I went to paperless statements. They simply stopped sending me anything and expected me to note to myself to go online on the 10th of each month, look up my balance and pay it. (This was their suggestion). I cannot believe how much time I have spent on the phone trying to get this remedies. A person in their IT department finally told me that because my statement date coincided with the date they run system updates, my statements never get sent out.

    Resolution: my financial advisor said cut up the card but leave the account open. That way it won’t adversely affect my credit rating.


  183. Chase bank decided to put a float on my payroll check drawn on a local bank as I made a deposit. THe only problem was they did not tell me until after they made my deposit. I ended up with 3 checks being returned because they placed a 5 day hold on a check drawn on the bank across the street from them. The check cleared the bank the following day. A couple of days later, the online balance of my account was -99000000.00. Obviously, I went to a local branch and the teller did not know why so she called someone at the main circus de Chase Bank. THis was the beginning of conversations with 13 or 14 other clowns. Eventually they came up with some idiotic reason, although I still don’t have any clear understanding other than they are braindead. Finally, we found out that the bank was holding my money for another 10 days and then another 5 for them to send me a check because the account was going to be closed. My check was deposited on March 29 and I still cannot get it out of the bank. THe last conversation I had after the branch manager gave the the wrong phone number determined that I should have a check from some mystery branch in Texas in about another week. I am outraged that this kind of thing happens and that Chase continues to take advantage of their customers. I hope they fail bigtime.

  184. I paid my balance $196 in full before the due date and closed the account (see my post above of 3/17/09) and thought I will never have to deal with Chase again. Well, I’ve still been getting emails from Chase about promotions and what not, but ignored them. Today however I got an email saying my statement is ready. I went to my online Chase account and found I have a finance charge balance of $1. I called customer service to ask why is there a balance on my account after I paid full and closed the account? They gave me some bs reason that this is the interest rate I accrued. I told them this does not make sense as I PAID IN FULL BEFORE THE DUE DATE last month and CLOSED THE ACCOUNT!!! Yet they can’t explain to me why I have $1 balance.

    I’m fortunate that I’m aware of this $1 balance, or else they would charge me late fees on top of interest rate (which is 93% because I closed the account) on the late fees. So please be aware of your account even if after you closed it. Horrible bank!


    I called in the other day because I did not receive my bill. I called in several different times and got several different stories. First, a bill was mailed out and apparently it was not their fault I did not receive it. I called in again to find out that my statements had been changed to paperless and therefore I would not have received it in the mail. I called once again to find out that my bill indeed had gone paperless, but they also mailed a paper statement to me. Because of this dilemma I was charged a late fee. I told the them that I never changed my statement and therefore should not be liable to these charges, and each of them were not helpful at all. Hence, I asked to speak to the supervisor and she HAD THE AUDACITY TO SIMPLY CLOSE MY ACCOUNT IF I WAS DISSATISFIED WITH THE SERVICE. DAMN RIGHT IM DISSATISFIED. The power of that choice resides with the customer; the company should not be rudely turning away customers and not help to resolve the problem. I was shocked and asked if I could speak to an higher authority and was told that I should simply close the account again. Consequently, I asked them how I should file a customer complaint and she said I would have to mail or fax them a formal letter, with which a response from the company could be as soon as 48 hours up to 30 DAYS.


    P.O. 15298
    Wilmington, Delaware




  187. Chase is hoping they lose enough customer’s they get to stick out their hands like all these other multi=billion dollar failure’s because YOUR government’s setup to reward multi=billion dollar failure’s by “bailing them out” with billions more.

    Does anyone in government have a bit of common sense, or am i delusional? Because it seems to me that if a multi-billion dollar corporation has taken their multi-billions of dollars and failed, handing them billions more is NOT going to make them successful…

    but what do I know….i just get to pay for these failure’s until the day I die with absolutely no reward coming my way…

  188. In Short: I Agree with the Boycott of Chase Bank Share your horror stories with as many people as you can- hopefully it will get their attention and results!
    For what its worth, here is mine.
    Bank One checking account holder for 10 or so years before Chase bought them- so account holder for about 15 years now. I was assured at the time Chase acquired my account that it would be grandfathered in with zero changes. The account is 100% totally free checking, no minimum balance requirements, no direct deposit, no monthly service fees, no spending requirements etc. FREE in every essence of the word.

    My accidental life insurance policy, which was originally offered and set up through Bank One is taken out of this account. This is the only thing I use the account for- nothing else. $16.50 auto withdraw every 3 months- $20 deposit every three months to cover it.

    Evidently Chase was unhappy with not making monthly fees so according to them they notified me in January 2009 on my statement that the account would be changed to a $500 minimum balance account or a $10 fee would be charged. I never got that notification as I get online statements- I am requesting a hard copy at a local branch today to see what the alleged notification actually said. But just because you are notified doesn’t make it okay to do anything they want. Years of account history informed them that the account would not have $500 in it nor would it have more than the one transaction every quarter.

    The account had $3.40 in it when they wanted to take the brand new $10 monthly fee out in February. So they took every last penny in February leaving a zero balance, it was just days after my auto withdraw had hit- otherwise they would have gotten their $10 and I would have not had the funds to cover my insurance. I am sure that would have triggered massive overdraft fees etc… After 60 days of a zero balance, the account is automatically closed. I show up to deposit my $20 for the life insurance policy and am notified that I no longer have an account.

    After going in and talking to the c/s rep and asst. mgr.- the bank manager calls me to inform me that I can have the account back as is for the $10 per month or $500 minimum balance or I can ‘upgrade’ to a new account for $6 per month. How is it an upgrade from $0 per month to a $6 fee per month? I guess in her mind that is better than $10, in my mind its still $6 per month more than I had been paying.

    I told her that I was getting royally screwed for $120 per year or worse for $72 per year. She didn’t agree that changing an existing free account to a fee account out of the blue is screwing anyone. So after 15 years, Chase has zero monthly fees from me (other than the $3.40 they took) and one massively unhappy ex-Chase customer vs. the option of zero monthly fees and a happy Chase customer. No wonder all the banks are having so many issues, they all suck at serving their customers. They all only think of the fees they can bleed from each account holder.

    What recourse to we have? What can the little people do against the greedy giant banks? I guess this is the only thing we can do- warn each other that they are scheming, money hungry, heartless, fee charging machines. I highly recommend not using banks at all, but definitely not any bank with the name Chase on it or that has Chase as a parent company. It will only be a matter of time before your specific raping will occur. As found all over the internet, Chase is evil and cares nothing for those that keep it in business. Good luck to you.

  189. I 110% in agreement to boycott chase bank. The service this place gives is the worst I have ever came accross. They change policies without telling customers and when you call them, they give you real attitude. They doubled my interest rate to 29.99%, will not accept a payment as on time if you phone by phone after 4pm. When they took over my account from WAMU, they did not even send me the terms and policies. And yes, the rep. told me,”since you are so unhappy with the service, why don;t you close your account”. That is the most insulting statement a bussiness could ever say to me. I think we as customers have the power in our hand to boycott this bank. This is big time robbery and no one stands up for the customers. We work hard and pay taxes to get them out of trouble and thats the same people they step on. Every credit card I have that do not accommdate me I closed. If I do not have the cash, I do not buy it. I SAY BOYCOTT CHASE BANK!!

  190. I’m joining the club – BOYCOTT CHASE BANK! I’ve never had such bad customer service before. Apparently I deposited a check at an ATM and it never appeared on my account. So I open up a claim dispute and asked to clarify what happened to the check. They kept asking me for a copy of the check but I told them I don’t have a copy and the check issuer would not issue a copy of the check because it is their policy not to provide copies of the checks that have already cleared the bank.

    So now I’m stuck in the middle and don’t know what to do. This is not the first time I’ve deposit a check at an ATM and these kinds of things never happened to me before. I trust my bank that they will credit my account when I deposit a check. But this is just nonsense.

  191. you want action!!!! e-mail the Better Bussiness Bureau!!!!! in Deleware,Elgin to Rose Hawkins, you will get action againts Chase Bank..i did.after that i did not have to put up with there reps or stupid supervisers who are rude & jerks!! any more.even call 888-622-7547 thats the excutive office of line.i caught them stealing fees which they HAD to put back on my C,C. ACC.and re lower my rate.


    They do financing at dental,doctors offices. My wife had a root canal and 3500$ later we were signed up. Good news it is interest free til Dec. 2010. Bad news if you do on line bill paying, they delay the transaction. Most CC companies get their money the next day, from my BOFAmerica Acct. With Chase health advance, One Week!! Send your money early or your screwed! If you’re 1 day late-39$ Pay over the phone 24.95$ or Western Union 10$ They probably get most people to pay the 24.95$ ripoff amount for convienance sake! Watch out California-Chase is coming in. Garbage-eaters!

  193. I found this site when I Googled how do you like chase bank. I wanted to see what it was like since I too was a WAMU member whose is now being drug into this mess of a bank. I will be looking for a local Credit Union or Savings Bank. I used to bank at US Bank and moved to a Credit Union near where I worked because I was tired of dealing with a huge bank who couldn’t care less about one customer. When I lost my job due to becoming disabled, I moved my account to WAMU because the credit union was 35 miles from my home. now I am going to have to move again. It seems every time I am happy with my bank and invest in the buy 4 get 1 free checks from one of the discount check companies, I end up having to move my account and shred boxes and boxes of checks. Just can’t win. Time to warm up the shredder again.

  194. Wow, after reading all these horror stories I can’t believe my “friend” financed my car through Chase. Let me explain.

    My “friend” is a car sales person who was suppose to help me get a pre-owned car good enough for me to commute. She got me into a Mercedes Benz 2003 S430 which had a sticker price of $35,000. Her like most car sales people wanted to “help Me” out.

    So she dropped the price to $20,000, this would bring the balance to about $30,000 which included a $10,000 forwarded balance from my trade in.

    She tells me that my payments would be about $900 x month. She claimed that the amount was high because I would pay off the car in about 3 years.

    It wasnt till about 2 months later I found out that the finance was for 5 years and that my apr was about 23%. So the payments were high because the apr not because of a 3 year contract.

    I was furious but there was not much I could do now. well after 6 months I got laid off from my job. I started sending in my payments 10-15 days late and of course this was to CHASE BANK.

    The phone calls started to come in from 7:00am to about 8:00pm. Asking when I would be sending in the payments. I let the reps know that I had gotten laid off and that as soon as I started working everything would be back to normal. The rep in response said that the only thing that mattered to him was the payment and not my personal problems. I was stunned to be dealing with Jerks so un-sympathetic to peoples problems. I would think that they would understand and give me a small break just like Capital One did on my other car.

    Well guess what? today is the May-2nd-2009 and my car payment was due on the 25th of last month. So I was about 7 days late on my car payment and this got picked up today by a tow truck. I was surprised on how soon it got repossesed. But again I don’t think Chase cares about the customer but on the bottom line.

    If there is anything I can do to make sure Chase goes belly up just let me know.

    BTW: My kids were playing in the yard and came in running when my …. “the car” was being loaded into a tow truck. I didnt know what to say when they asked me why was our car being taken away.

    Im sure I will loose my newly found job as I needed to car to comute 45 minutes away. I did inform the rep from Chase I would be paying my balance in 2 weeks.

    Oh well I guess I will stop caring about my credit score…. we should reset this for everyone and level things off… :P

  195. Wow, after reading all these horror stories I can’t believe my “friend” financed my car through Chase. Let me explain.

    My “friend” is a car sales person who was suppose to help me get a pre-owned car good enough for me to commute. She got me into a Mercedes Benz 2003 S430 which had a sticker price of $35,000. Her like most car sales people wanted to “help Me” out.

    So she dropped the price to $20,000, this would bring the balance to about $30,000 which included a $10,000 forwarded balance from my trade in.

    She tells me that my payments would be about $900 x month. She claimed that the amount was high because I would pay off the car in about 3 years.

    It wasnt till about 2 months later I found out that the finance was for 5 years and that my apr was about 23%. So the payments were high because the apr not because of a 3 year contract.

    I was furious but there was not much I could do now. well after 6 months I got laid off from my job. I started sending in my payments 10-15 days late and of course this was to CHASE BANK.

    The phone calls started to come in from 7:00am to about 8:00pm. Asking when I would be sending in the payments. I let the reps know that I had gotten laid off and that as soon as I started working everything would be back to normal. The rep in response said that the only thing that mattered to him was the payment and not my personal problems. I was stunned to be dealing with Jerks so un-sympathetic to peoples problems. I would think that they would understand and give me a small break just like Capital One did on my other car.

    Well guess what? today is the May-2nd-2009 and my car payment was due on the 25th of last month. So I was about 7 days late on my car payment and this got picked up today by a tow truck. I was surprised on how soon it got repossesed. But again I don’t think Chase cares about the customer but on the bottom line.

    If there is anything I can do to make sure Chase goes belly up just let me know.

    BTW: My kids were playing in the yard and came in running when my …. “the car” was being loaded into a tow truck. I didnt know what to say when they asked me why was our car being taken away.

    Im sure I will loose my newly found job as I needed to car to comute 45 minutes away. I did inform the rep from Chase I would be paying my balance in 2 weeks.

    Oh well I guess I will stop caring about my credit score…. we should reset this for everyone and level things off… :P


  196. FOLLOWING IS MY EXPERIENCE WITH CHASE BANK MORTGAGE OVER THE LAST 24 HOURS. I sent them this message on their secure site. Let’s see if they respond!

    Does Chase have any idea how badly customers are being treated now?

    On March 3, 2009, I applied for a loan modification as directed on your site. Since then, I have called 4 separate times and cannot get anyone to give me an update on this request. Last night I contacted 5 separate numbers trying to get some answers as follows:
    1. Called 1-800-848-9136 – referred me to
    2. 800-446-8939 said they could not help and referred me to
    3. 800-550-5705 Opt. 2 – same run around and referred me to a number of the assigned rep. at
    4.800-848-9117 X0209. The number answered and informed me that the person was no longer replying to any voice messages and not to leave one! Referred me to 877-419-6492. I have been waiting for an agent for 20 mins when someone came on and asked me if I can hold!!! Like an idiot I agreed and here I sit 10 minutes later.
    5. Spoke with an agent who said Chase can’t help because I an CURRENT ON MY MORTGAGE!!!!!!! Referred me to a mortgage specialist at 866-766-2165. Same on hold run around…on hold for 10 mins. now. EXPERIENCING HIGHER THAN NORMAL CALL VOLUME. Been on hold for 78mins now.

    Catering to deadbeats and idots while ignoring good customers will not serve you well in the future. No wonder the banking industry is in the tank. You guys are in good company

    I am simply looking for a status on my loan modification request sent to you on 3/3/09 so I can make a refinance decision with a bank/lender who actually cares and has even a clue!!

    Please, please, please respond to me with a status on my re-mod and other re-fi options under the Freddie Mac re-fi plan.


  197. I Despise Chase Bank!!! I will do my best to keep this short but there are sooo many bad things to say! The “Little Hitlers” at Chase are the rudest, disrespectful, hateful, inconsiderate,nastest, forms of life that ever walked this earth. These forms should be ashamed to even call themselves Chase employees. They have no scruples at all. Now that having been said, I have done business with this Consentration Camp of a bank for several years. If it weren’t for the ultra wealthy, Chase would not exist! It has no concern for small business or the working people. I have had one bad experiance after another. I am in the works of closing the last account with them. We, my husband and I have pulled our company accounts. They would not let our employees cash their paychecks drawn on business account. (Yes, there were funds in the bank). A 26 yr business and still strong. They wanted two forms of id to make a straight deposit-no cash back, into my company account. My checking account checks came back wrong TWICE- I gave up and used them, I had bills to pay. And they manage money!!! My debt card expired and I did not recieve the new one. Wish you could have heard this conversation, I basically stole my own card (which was never activated because I didn’t get it) and they were going to charge me for another one.
    Chase employees made some nasty coments to my husband when he took out a large some of money. They implied that he was going to Blow the money on unlawful things. WHAT!!! First, ITS OUR MONEY!!! Second, WE WORKED FOR IT!!! Third, NONE OF THERE DAMN BUSINESS!!! I tried to cash a small company check drawn on Chase bank, they wouldn’t let me! I showed my license and a deposit slip for my personal account with Chase. I told them that I would deposite it into one of my other banks and he said,” Sure, I don’t care what you do, and turned his back to me! They want small accounts to leave, it bothers them to have to work with “the little people” as one of ther employees once said. Think about that statement for a minute, There are more working people (little people) than say- large(wealthy) people. Anyone that stays with this bank are idiots. And need to be treated like crap. Chase bank and its employees can go to Hell. There are tooo many other banks that will be happy to have the “little people” and respect them!!I know this for a fact!
    Thanks for listening,

  198. I started my Chase Bank Credit Card Protest site a little over a month ago and just now discovered this site.

    My website is called

    Daily-Protest means I protest one hour a day at a chase bank of my choosing. There are days I can’t protest, but on those days you be sure I have done internet research about Chase Bank and the result will be new stories about just how evil Chase bank Credit Card division is.

    You can help without even lifting a protest finger!

    All you do is make your own sign and put it where others will see it, such as in a store window, a bulletin board, or a countertop.

    I’ll do the rest.

    I want to keep growing the awareness against Chase bank and the credit card industry. Their punitive methods are hurting hundreds of thousands of americans. Incentive based credit card programs would be much more successful and actually help americans and straighten out the economy

    The economy WILL NOT bounce back with the amount of credit card debt that exists at such high interest rates.

    Please visit once a day and lets make a difference.

    -Alessandro Machi

  199. I just got off the phone with Chase having had a similar experience as everyone else! My APR rate was upped from 10.24% to 29.99% due to ONE late payment. FYI I wasn’t informed that my APR had been changed. I called customer service and asked how come my APR was so high, she told me politely yet very cold that I’d been late on my payment…I explained why and of course no reaction or sympathy. I asked her what my options were and guess what yes she suggested if I wasn’t happy I could always CLOSE my account. Amazing! Well I just made a purchase before noticing my new APR rate, which made me even more frustrated as now I have to pay 29.99% on a purchase of $500!!! Anyway I hung up, you reap what you sow, called the store where I made my purchase explained my dilemma and guess what, yes they did, the store actually cancelled the purchase and I was able to repurchase my gift with a different credit card (not Chase). Now that is what I call customer service!!! Now I’m going to get back on the horn and call up Chase and close my account per their suggestion. Well let’s hope they’ll keep continuing encouraging the little people to close their accounts as one day they are going to realize that we’ve all left the building and they can start kicking themselves in the rear!

  200. WOW! I am pissed off too! Over 20+ years of loyalty as a customer and they do NOT respect that! I was ALLOWED to go over my credit card limit so they can collect a flippin $39.00 FEE! Why can’t they deny a charge if it’s going to make you go over your limit? SO THEY CAN COLLECT THE FEES!!! I was told I have to request to be notified if I go over my credit limit BEFORE it goes over!!! Why should you have to request that? That makes NO sense! I’m with all of you BOYCOTT CHASE BANK!!!! I’m looking into another bank myself!

  201. I’ve never missed a payment or paid late. They sent me a letter notifying me of an interest rate increase. I called on March 18 to close the account and lock in my previous APR. When I received my next statement I noticed I was being charged the higher interest rate. I called them to ask what happened and they denied that I had closed the account. Now it’s too late. They treated me like shi@. I asked to speak to a supervisor and “Carleta” said her supervisor didn’t like to be contacted. I’m sure the supervisor would have treated me like shi@ too, so good riddance. I’m closing all chase accounts and former WaMu accounts (WaMu had good customer service before the takeover) and transferring this balance to a better rate. They have lost my patronage for life and I’ll tell everyone I can about it.

  202. we had the same bad experience with our credit cards and have closed the account. please do not do business with chase of any sort.

  203. I also had a bad experience with Chase. I opened a business savings account at Chase for my business by transferring funds from my personal savings with Chase. Chase treated the transfer as a cash transferred and assessed me $60.00 for opening a business savings account with their bank. I couldn’t believe it. When I called to complain, I was told that there was nothing that could be done. I am now looking for a new bank to use.

    If you are planning to open a business account with Chase – DONT! You will be killed with hidden fees and other gimmicks to make money. I am telling all of my friends to reconsider their use of Chase. The more of us that leave Chase, the stronger the message. They need to know that they can’t push around the little guy!

  204. Check this out:
    I opened a credit card account with Providian a few years ago. When they went bust, they got bought out by WaMu. And then WaMu went bust and now Chase owns my account.
    As soon as Chase got ahold of my account they raised my APRs from an acceptable 19% rate to a ridiculous 27.24% rate!
    My overall credit score is in good standing and I’ve never even made a late payment, so what gives?
    When I called them, they told me that I would have to establish an account history with them. I asked if they still had my records from WaMu, and they said they did. Why do I need to establish a credit history with a company who has full access to my account’s credit history?

    As soon as I get the chance I’ll be closing my Chase account and never doing business with them again. What an awful company.

  205. I’m sharing a letter I wrote to Chase, and will update as to the outcome. Great site.

    [I have disputed your “Bill Payment: Monthly Service Fee” since 2008. Most recently (in March of 2009) I spoke with a service rep and their supervisor stressing that I wanted to close my account since you kept charging me even though I wasn’t using the service. I assumed they would actually do so. Instead, I see fees and subsequent overdrafts and service fees piling up ON A $0.00 BALANCE!

    It should be obvious that I’m not using online bill payment services since my balance is $0.00. In fact, I have not used these bill payment services at all since early 2008, which was my original reason for leaving Chase. You continue and continue to charge me fees for nothing.

    Needless to say, I will not pay you the -$34.90 you claim my balance to be. All I want is to have the account closed, period. You have taken enough $4.95 “Bill Payment: Monthly Service Fees” from me in 2008, when I failed to check my online account since I switched to a competitor of yours (I did not even dispute these, just wanted them to stop).

    I know in the current environment of government bailouts and failure of many of other banks leads you to place 0 emphasis on customer service, but I expect a simple request of closure of account be carried out. CLOSE MY ACCOUNT like I asked for in March, and do not expect a dime from me to do so.]

  206. I do agree that in some cases, that customer service sucks at Chase. A suggestion would be to try calling during business hours so you can get an American rep (as opposed to a rep in India or the Philippines). If you do not get an American rep, ask them to transfer you to your branch (all credit cards are assigned to a branch). Typically, Chase will refund a customer once or twice. When it becomes a pattern, they will not refund fees. Period! It has to be understood that Chase is a private company. Fee income is an integral part of business. One suggestion is to actually go into a branch. A Personal Banker can quite often get the fees reversed. If they cannot, absolutely close your account. Chase has a continuous policy of aquiring new business. There is no focus placed on retention. Basically, if your account is not profitable and several fees have been reversed, Chase WILL suggest that you should close your account. Chase will have apathy if you control your emotions- I know this from my own customers. If you call, pissed off, screaming at the rep and threatening to close your accounts- guess what- Chase will close them!It sucks, I know, as an employee, I had the same issue with the Wamu credit card conversion- but I closed it. I do not agree with all Chase policies but I am tired of customer abuse. If the fees are reversed, the employee will get berated from their manager. The reps must follow policy, especially in a soft economy. They all have jobs and mouths to feed. I can only assume that everybody reading these posts are pissed with Chase. So basically, the point that I am trying to make, if you feel unvalued as a client, you should take your business elsewhere. I must stress that the grass may not always be greener on the other side of the fence. In my long carrer, I have worked for several major financial companies, and I can guarantee that all of them have the same issues.

  207. I forgot to mention- next February, Chase will have to comply with the credit card legislation passed by Congress. Expect to see many new credit card products and new policies aimed at protecting consumers. The deregulaton of the credit card industry in the 1980’s has come to an end. Now consumers will actually have rights when it comes to credit cards. Finally, Congress has passed legislation aimed at protecting American consumers- not protecting lobbists and big business!

  208. I was also a WAMU customer, got a notice today that my credit card is going up. This is a direct quote from the letter “maintain profitability on your account”. It’s not my fault that they screwed up, and I’m supposed to pay for it?? I’m going back to the credit unions.

  209. Chase is thee worst bank ever. I completely agree with you that they do absolutely NOTHING to rectify a situation. Most credit card companies are money-hungry, but at least they try to kiss your ass to keep getting the money. But Chase..oh no! They just try to Chase you away because they don’t care. I hope they tank. Chase is the perfect name for this craphole of a bank.

  210. Today is June 10, 2009, For about two weeks I am asking the online banking of WAMU now Chase to send me a copies of my transation way back in 2004 to 2005 as Chase Bank decline my loan because of late fees way back then. They also rip me off of a 750 application fee after telling me I got approved and also telling me of the date I will sign the contract and get my cash out. After waiting for the date for the signing and getting my cash out, havenot heard from them only after the date passed by then they told me the underwiters decline my loan.
    Chase is only after your money, they already screw up the reputation of WAMU. CHase SUCKS.

    For so many calls and transfer to so many department and telephone numbers at Chase Bank and talking to an automated machine for the whole 2 hours I did not get no where as the automated machine telling me that they cannot recognized my mortgage account and social security number., bwahahhahaha…

    BOYCOTT THE CHASE BANK AND do all your business some where else like community bank, they are much better now handling my account.

  211. chase s too much. I called to report my atm card damaged. The back stip wasn’t always reading. In the past when I did this with WAMU they just issued another card. I would be able to use my damaged one until the other came in the mail.
    The CRS said no problem. I later took my son out to get his grad. cap and gown. I went to an ATM and my card would not work and the slip that printed out said ‘lost or stolen card.’ I was not happy. I again called chase. Was told that I had cancelled my card and I would just have to wait for the new card in the mail. Let me tell you, my account is out of state. So things deteriated from there. The young man was rude. I told them I hadn’t canceled my card I just wanted another sent to me. Still the young man didn’t show any concern. I asked for a supervisor. Someone else came on the line. He said that the CSR who orginally handled it made a mistake and apologised….imagine that he knew the words ‘I’m sorry.’ But again nothing could or would be done. I won’t lie…I was hopping mad. I hung up to gather my thoughts. It was getting later. I called the next morning, calm. Told a female CSR what happened. She appologised, and offered to connect me with the person who could expedite my new card. I was happy to get someone nice and thanked her. The next woman who came on the line was OMG horrid. I told her what had happened. She looked up the origanal request and promptly told me I canceled my card. I told her I didn’t that they had made an error. She said ‘it doesn’t mention an error on here.’ I told her concidering how badly I had been over the last 24hrs I would have been suprised if it had said anything remotely like admitting mistake. She then told me she couldn’t expediate my card because I was the one who made the cancel request! Again OMG! When I again told her what happened. She said ‘well that just isn’t true.’ I was beginning to see red. “Are you calling me a liar,” I said.
    CSR ‘No ma’am but that just isn’t true.’
    I asked for a manager. She got really rude, told me managers do not take the calls, that they call customers back the next day. I said fine…she asked my number and tried to get off the phone. I stopped her and asked her name and ID #. Oh man was she mad, she told me and again tried to get off the phone. Again I stopped her and asked the name of the woman and ID # who had transfered me to her. After I had that Information I told her ” thank you, I going to say nice things about her.”
    BTW I got a call that afternoon from a ‘manager.’ I assumed this was bull. So I called back and lodge a complaint and wrote and email also. I assume someone somewhere may see this.

  212. I am a WAMU customer in AZ. I went today at lunch to a Chase bank to use the ATM and got a transaction denied can not despense cash from that Chase ATM. I decided to go to WAMU right down the street to see what had happened and try to pull out the money at that location. I went it to do my transaction and they would not let me because Chase had already pulled the funds from my account but never gave me the money. I was then told I needed to go back to the Chase bank since it was their ATM and it just happened they would have to shut the ATM down and do a count and I still had the receipt. So I went back to the Chase bank on 44th and Thomas to talk to them. I was given a very nice lady that wanted to help me. She called the ATM Sales lady over and I explained the situation and she told me that they do not ever take their ATM machine down to balance it unless they have a dispute. First of all that is SO wrong. Anyway I told her I was disputing this but since I am not technically a Chase customer yet she couldnt help me I needed to call the dispute line because she has no way of knowing if i just took the money and said I didnt get it… this is why they are supposed to take the ATM down at this point. So we called the CHASE dispute line and they couldnt help so we had to call the WAMU dispute line and now I have to wait 5-7 business days for anything to happen. As soon as this is resolved I am closing my account because I WILL NOT become a CHASE customer. I am also going to make sure my son and everyone I know that has an account closes it and goes to a more reputable bank. This would not be such an issue but I am talking about a LARGE amount of money. The ATM lady and the Branch Manager were VERY rude and not willing to help at all. I will NEVER go back to another Chase bank even if that is the last bank standing!!!!

  213. After a recent experience I had with Chase, I can firmly state that I will never do business with the company again. Long story short: My personal integrity was attacked on multiple occasions by multiple employees and I was basically accused of trying to scam the company over a $100 promotion. When I proved that my position was correct, only one person (of the 6 I spoke with) even bothered to apologize for attacking my character. One of the employees who (in so many words) called me a liar was even from the “executive” offices in Texas.

    It wasn’t the absolute worst customer service experience I’ve ever had (that goes to Charter Communications, a company which reigns as king of customer dis-satisifaction)but it was in the top 3.

    Chase will never see another penny of my money. Period.

  214. Just as soon as I finish using Chases’ free balance transfer money…. I AM BOYCOTTING CHASE! I’ll put my money under my mattress (j/j) before I make another deposit into this bank.

    Chase has the worst, inconsistent, customer service I’ve personally experienced from a financial institution. As a prior banker (Bank One) I am inclined to believe I have a little personal insight on the inner workings of a bank.

    If you’ve come across this blog, searching for a new bank… PLEASE, do yourself a favor, DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO CHASE… TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!

  215. I got stuck with Chase after they took over Washington Mutual Bank. I was always happy with WMB but I’m not happy with Chase at all. I’m closing my account tomorrow after the 24hr hold on my funds expires so I can get it out.
    Here’s what happened today to piss me off enough to close my account.
    I walk in with my $650 check from my employer intending to deposit $600 and get $50 cash. As I’m filling out the deposit form I notice there are more boxes than numbers needed for my acct#. Well, I found that confusing so I left it for the teller to fill out. Then I was looking for the date posted somewhere in the building and there was no date displayed anywhere. I found that rather annoying too. Finally, I go up to the teller window and attempt my transaction when the teller informs me that I cannot get $50 because I only have $46 in my account. But I’m depositing $600!
    What a joke this will not work for me. I’m looking for a bank THAT WILL CASH CHECKS! I THOUGHT THAT WAS WHAT A BANK WAS FOR! CASHING CHECKS!
    So tommorow after the 24 hr hold on funds I’m going in and I’m going to take out my money and close my acct. CHASE SUCKS and I don’t want anymore to do with them.

    PS I asked about the date not being displayed and the teller informed me they needed “the approved” calender hahahaha WHAT A JOKE! when having “the approved” calender is more important than having the date displayed for your customers it’s time to really think WTF are you doing?!

  216. Chase Disney Visa member since day 1(six years). Credit limit of 25K. Charge on the average of about 35K for goods and services. I disagreed with a recent finance charge of $21.13. When I asked this “you are wasting my time and I do not care type supervisor” a question, his response was, “I am not going to play your game. I am not doing anything for you, but is there anything else I can help you with?” I know since I pay my bill off monthly, I am a bad customer to them, but you would think they make some money off the merchants I frequent. I thought I was worth more than $21.13. I will pay off the card and will try to never use it again. I will keep it open simply not to affect my good credit rating. I plan on telling others about this sight. Strength in numbers!

  217. My payment was due April 5th – we use online bill pay to pay our bills and the payment took longer in its processing than normal. They received the payment on April 7th. Was never late before and have not been late since. My once pleasant APR is now 29.99%. They were ‘nice’ enough to reverse the late fee but refuse to use any common sense or good judgment to retain a historically and present GOOD client that actually pays her bills and readjust the APR.

    Went through two ANTI ‘customer-service’ agents who touted the company line well and finally got to their ANTI ‘customer service’ manager, Tristan, who soundly touted the same borg-like, “we-can’t-actually-THINK-and-make-GOOD-business-decisions” line and then quite finally hung up on me. Mind you, I never used profanity or raised my voice to these people. I simply was presenting a strong argument they had no reasonable recourse for so they just had to hang up. Nice one CHASE. Will have that account paid off next month and will never, EVER, use CHASE again.

  218. I agree with you 100%.
    They charged me over $200 in overdraft fees. Something that I am extremely aggravated because it wasn’t my fault to begin with.

    I have been with Wamu for almost two years now (I know a newbie) and I have never gotten an overdraft fee. But with the conversion to Chase I’ve had 5!! That’s just outrageous and shocking!

    I’ve argued for a hundred back already and I’m going to go back to argue for the other 100. Either way I’m closing my Chase account within the next couple of weeks.

    Chase angers me!

  219. I have had similar experiences with them. I had a credit card with them that I always paid on time for years. They jacked my rate up anyway. When I called to inquire why, I received a similar reaction that you experienced. Banks can get too big – you become nothing more than an account number. Use smaller banks instead – they will value your business more.

  220. Check out your local Credit Union-Much Better customer service & better rates.I left Bank One (JP Morgan Chase Bank) about 8-9 yrs ago & never looked back

  221. This is a note I just sent to Chase customer non-service. I think that this bank is in trouble in spite of the bail-out money they have received from U.S. tax payers.


    I just received a notice from Chase that the minimum payment on this account is being raised to 5% of the balance from 2%. As you might expect, I am not happy. A brief search of the internet shows that there is more than a little rage by a large number of people over this move by Chase. You can count me in that group. I apparently have no recourse other than to pay of the card balance along with my other cards and then be done with Chase. It is interesting that about 10 years ago a Customer Rep at another bank refused to issue be a refund for incorrect interest charges. I finally wrote to the president of the bank requesting the refund. I got no answer. So I closed my account. Many months later I finally got a response and the refund I had requested with deep apologies from the bank. But it was too late. Since that time the bank has lost at least $100,000 of my business (in credit card charges) and I take every opportunity I can to speak ill of them. I will never do business again with them. You may know of this outfit. It is called Capital One. Chase is now in the same boat. I can only wish that your ill-conceived move will result in many bankruptcies, lawsuits, lost customers, etc. which leave you in a far worse position than you would be without this stupid move. Certainly you will have a nice PR problem for a while with the internet used as the forum. I am now part of that forum starting with this note to you. I have always been against banking regulations. The government shouldn’t be telling business how to deal with their customers. But now I will make an exception and will be supporting more regulation on companies such as Chase and its ability to raise payments 250% in one month.

    Have a nice day.

  222. I recently paid off a revolving balance with Chase and was horrified at how difficult they made the process. One thing I noticed when trying to pin down an exact number for remittance is that they routinely sent email alerts for new statements at least three days late. This lets the interest on revolving balances roll over into the next billing cycle which was something I never followed when making regular payments on the balance. Realizing this was the case and that I owed them more money after my initial payoff, I called in order to get a correct total. An extremely rude CSR was evasive about what this number would be, saying that she could not get this number until the system generated my new statement. To be clear: she actually claimed Chase to be unable to give my balance in real-time. I asked if this made any sense to her, considering they tally up these charges in real time, which is their benefit of course. I have just paid off the third straggling interest payment and requested a letter to be mailed confirming the close of my account.

    I will also add that their rate, at 29.99 when I closed but as high as 32 in previous statements was the HIGHEST by far on any of my accounts. I related that figure to a friend who said it qualifies as loan-sharking at that point. It does.

    Furthermore, I closed a revolving balance with American Express and had absolutely no trouble. They were also able to provide a real-time balance, so the idea of a big company being unable to provide this service to a large number of customers is just a lie.

    While I have worked in customer service and understand that there is the inevitable abusive customers, I would like to make clear that I was never hostile on the phone. Still, I was routinely disconnected and condescended to. Chase Bank is a nightmare; I am happily doing business with a small credit union.

  223. Hi Everyone! I too have experienced my own Chase issues with my minimum payment resetting to 5% in August. After a review of those corporate executives who serve as directors on the JP Morgan Chase board, I have decided not to spend one more penny with any company or corporate executive associated with Chase. I am personally boycotting all companies associated with JP Morgan Chase in any form or fashion. There are executives on the JP Morgan Chase Board of Directors that are the CEOs of many consumer driven firms. I am personally going to boycott KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers, A&W Root Beer, Johnson and Johnson products, Comcast, Anything to do with the New York Yankees or the Chicago Bulls, Spring Industries Inc., Honeywell, No donations to the University of PA from me. Some of the directors on the JP Morgan board have individuals on their corporate boards from consumer driven firms or they serve on the boards of other organizations such as Home Depot, ATT, Sara Lee, CVS, UPS, Tyco, Pepsi-Cola and National Brand Beverages ( I will be drinking Coke!) In my mind, Chase’s bad deeds become their bad deeds by association! It is all about their pocketbooks! They see dollar signs not hurt feelings or ruined lives. It is all about money! You can whine and complain all day long to Chase and that will have no effect. The consumer still has ALL the power. They simply have to realize that fact! I am going to let my money do the talking for me. I plan to send a letter to the aforementioned companies letting them know that I will no longer be doing business with them due to their association with JP Morgan Chase and its blatant disregard for the its customers. Cheers!

  224. I’ve got one for you guys –

    We were royally screwed when Chase recently bought our bank (Wamu). Our debit cards suddenly stopped working in Kathmandu, at night during a monsoon, with no hotel (because we couldn’t withdraw cash to pay for our room) We spent the last of our Nepali Ruppees calling Chase, who incidentally has a policy not to return phone calls to their customers – even during emergency situations. So, after 25 minutes of being passed around from operator to operator, they had no solution and we were now officially broke & homeless. We had no access to our cash for 3 days. Then finally they realized that the fraud dept never received the message from Wamu that we are abroad. So, they never made the little note on our account that we could be making foreign atms withdrawals over the next year.

    Here’s the best part: New ATM cards are being sent out in a few weeks. Our current WAMU cards will become invalid. They can’t tell us when. And they will not forward a new card until the old ones are have been sent. After 6 days of begging and pleading with the on-line service manager, they finally agreed to send one out – of course a charge will be added to my account. I gave them an address in Kathmandu of our hotel. To which they replied that the cards cannot be shipped there because there is no valid zip code in the address I provided. I explained that Nepal does not use zip codes. Zip codes do not exist. They then told me that they can’t send the cards. Wow, this is once messed up company. Can’t wait to go home and switch to a credit union next year!

    WAMU, we miss you!!

  225. Oh boy…I have a mortgage with Chase now that Chase bought out Washington Mutual. I made a payment that was supposed to be posted to my principal, it was missapplied to interest on 5/28/09. I called them about it and they said I was one of many and they would get it corrected within 72hours. It is now the end of June and it is still not corrected. In all my years of banking I have never had such a terrible experience. I will boycott Chase as soon as I can get their meat hooks out of me.

  226. I guess I mistakenly drank the CHASE KOOL-AID myself. In the form of a British Airways Visa card. My first bill came in today, I was billed a late fee. Even though I only activated the card two weeks earlier I was charged a membership fee over a month earlier. (According to them.) Also (According to them.) I should of received a billing statement with that information a month earlier.

    I encourage everyone here like myself with a complaint to do as I have done. Cancel your account with them with a letter that explains why. Write to the BBB and your State Attorney General.

  227. I too am a victim of the increase from 2-5% monthly payment! There is no way I will be able to pay this amount. I will be writing to my State Attorney General as well as to each and every one of my Congressmen and Senators!

  228. If u want to be rip off by your bank so CHASE must be your election, a $2.25 dollar coffee has became a $100.00 dollars coffee, I’ll explain, I overcharge my debit card with $2.25 coffee from dunkin didn’t know that there is a fee for overcharging a debit card, needless to say that I work as a server and I go for over 20 credit-debit card transactions every day, when people don’t have enough founds in their credit-debit cards the transaction can not be posted, however GM Ben Angon called me IRRESPONSIBLE for not checking my balance, I thought that debit cards worked as cash, when you don’t have money left in your account you can’t use it, is not the case, so I gave GM Ben Angon the choice of waive those fees or closing the account, He’s chosen to close my account, Way to go Mr. Angon.

  229. Oh, I’m not the only one?

    I went through almost the same thing. They took over my bank, WAMU, and jacked up my two years at zero interest card to 9% without warning. They also turned off my email alerts on my WAMU card (but not my other Chase cards), so I missed my payment by two days and they slapped me with a penalty.

    I called and very politely explained the situation and they very politely said they’d have a case worker call me within 24 hours.

    36 hours later and no one had called.
    I called them again and they told me it was impossible to help me because I was delinquent on my payment.
    I said, OK, may I please speak to someone who has that authority? No, no one can help and there’s no supervisor.

    Well, to make a long story short, I got the supervisor.
    He wouldn’t give me his name – and it got worse from there. He was a smug, snide a-hole. Oh, he had no supervisor, either – If I wanted I could snail mail the president of Chase.

    My whole life I’ve had one bank account, the one Chase took in a hostile takeover forced on WAMU by our government, and this is how they treated me. I want to see class actions, I want to see pitchforks. Oh, Mr. No Name supervisor, karma’s a bitch, we’ll see how smug you are when you meet her.

  230. Here’s what they’ve done to me over just the last few days

    step 1 – Lowered my limit to below the amount of money I had on the card
    step 2 – given overdraft charge because of it
    step 3 – whoops this guy is overdraft! raised rates to 29.99%
    step 4 – raised from 2 to 5%, impossible amount to pay. an extra THOUSAND dollars a month.

    To quote the Iraqui Information Minister from several years ago “their stomachs will roast in hell”.

    I called Chase Bank on their Modification department and ask for this program and they told me to go online and print the form and fill it out then fax it. I fax but no way to find out if they got it as they did not responsed to my note to e-mail me if in case they got it. I weint to local Chase BAnk and ask if I can do my modification over there and this jerk loan officer told me that if he do my modification, he will charged me big. I said *WHAT*??? I thought modification is free and it says that on your website and he said * nothing is free* OH… I see… So Chase is only saying it is free but later on it is not..

    Please any bank there or any Investor there please…please… refi my loan from Chase get me out of this Bank… I do not want to end up loosing my house with them…and please do not bank with chase….or get a loan with Chase they are Sharks………

  232. I’m definitely boycotting Chase. I’ve experienced all of the above negative credit card experiences with this most awful of banks. They deserve to go out of business. As soon as my credit card is paid off, I will never do business with them again.

  233. I have chase for my mortgage, back in nov I was very ill and contacted chase because we feel behind a month and wanted to put it at the back of the loan. well chase is useless. and threatened forcloseure. and there goverment help is b.s. If you call the girl incharge you get a voice mail. and it clearly states if you leave a message your call will not be returned. seriously who is in charge of chase? they need to look into this. this is not customer service. I would never recomend chase.

  234. June 2009 Chase charged me $10 fee misc. I called and they said I didn’t have 5 debits in the month. I asked do I need 5 debits, is that new? He said yes. I counted, I had 6 debits. he said oh its a mistake. I said a mistake? He removed the fee. Wow that was easy.

  235. I just had my Chase Credit card account closed by Chase. They did the same as I read here, jacked up my interest rate, lowered my limit and then closed my account. And I always paid the card off in full at the end of the month and have been doing so since it was with WAMU for about 3 years now. How stupid can they be to get rid of a paying customer! Boycott Chase!!!

  236. For over 10 years, I have paid faithfully, almost if not more than the double minimum payment, on time, and they’ve been making at least $50 a month off me from interest for the past few years. Even when we went through some financial difficulties, we still paid our card on time. Then a couple of months ago, our car got totaled by an uninsured driver who still hasn’t given us a dime for it. We didn’t have enough savings to buy another car, so we figured out our budget: by cutting back to paying just a little over the minimum payment on the Chase card for the next year, we could make the payments on a decent car (after that point, if we don’t lose our jobs, we’d be able to go back to paying double the minimum payment and pay the card off quickly).
    Having carefully planned our budget, we got the notice that the minimum payment was going up from 2% to 5% of the balance. When I called, they said that no, there was no opt out on this; even if I closed the account, the payments would be that high. But they were giving us a chance to find alternate courses of action, or we could pay the higher amount and reduce our balance! I said that wasn’t an option. I was told that I could contact a Consumer Debt Counseling Agency, which would require me to close my accounts and work out a plan to pay off my debt. Implication? That *I* had gotten myself into this mess, and they were quite happy to get rid of my account and the $50/month they could continue to make off me. I didn’t make a mess, THEY did, and they’re passing it on to me.
    Thankfully, I DO have one more option available, to transfer the balance to another card ($0 balance right now), and carry on with my carefully budgeted plan to get it paid off. Oh, and close the account, because they charge me a $60 annual fee, and since I’ve gone to paperless statements, I’ll never know when that comes in.
    If it weren’t for the fact that I have an excellent credit score, I would so love to declare bankruptcy so they get, at best, 10% of what I owe them. Sweet revenge, but too costly to myself.

  237. Just want to explain something here about bank credit. The money they “loan” you didn’t come out of the bank, they created it on the spot. It’s called fractional banking and monetizing, which are fancy words for legal counterfeiting.

    When you charge $100 on your card, Chase creates $100 in the merchant’s account. They didn’t transfer the money, they didn’t spend money, they created money. The 3% or so in transaction charges means that whether you ever pay off your cards or not, they’ve already profited because they never spent anything.

    You see, inflation isn’t mysterious. It’s depletion of the dollar on a massive scale. It’s stealing. It doesn’t matter if you pay the bank the credit charges or not, the money is already stolen. This is why banks will give credit to poor risks who pay off some of the card – it’s all profit.

    It’s the golden rule. He who has the gold makes the rules.

  238. Chase credit card changed the terms on my payment interest rate from 2% to 5%. I have the promotional interest rate of 3.99% for the life of the loan. I have a balance of $28,500 and my payment went from about $ 550.00 to about $1,400.00 a month. I have always paid my payments on time. Do I have any rights at all? If I do not accept these new terms can I close my account, and still keep my original term payment of 2%?

    I called Chase yesterday, and they said they will review my account, and change my terms to one of the two: Change my interest payment to 6% ( taking away my original 3.99%) and keeping my payment interest rate to 2%, and they will close my account. The other options is change my interest payment to 2% ( from the 3.99%) for 5 years, and not sure what he said about my interest payment, and also close my account.

    I know what they do will not benefit me, but them of course.

    I will never do business with them again.

    This is what you can do if you have a complaint with Chase.

    Go to and make a complaint. Also, call to make a complaint to who regulates Chase credit cards @ 1-800 613 6743

    The more people complain the more we will be listen to.

    Good Luck!

  239. Like many already, I’m among the Chase customers:

    – whose like-able bank was bought out by Chase
    – who was perplexed by the “you don’t owe us a credit card payment this month” announcement in December ’08 (I paid anyway)
    – who was notified recently of an increase in APR from 13% to 17%
    – who decided to cancel the cc account rather than accept the new terms
    – who accidentally (honest!) missed a payment and was immediately dinged $39 and given the gift of a new APR: 22.24%
    – received a harassing, snide phone call about said late payment
    – went around and around the phone tree (although I *did* speak to a real manager)
    – informed that after 6 months good repayment on the card that I could be reconsidered for a lower APR
    – who was then informed that because my account is now closed that I was actually not going to be eligible for that reconsideration, so I’m stuck with the new APR for good.

    Dood. I realize my credit sucks. And I take full responsibility for the debt I’m in. It’s just hard to believe that real live human beings can treat each other like Chase employees do customers.

    Know what really burns me? While I’m eating Ramen in the kitchen, some (expletive deleted) is eating caviar in his jet. On my freaking late fee.

  240. Providian now Chase is absolutely 100% criminal. I have excellent credit score of 780. Providian/Chase raised my interest rate to 27.95%. Then now they closed my account. F’n assholes! I have balance of $7,000 on a 10,000 credit card. That interest rate is loan shark rates and closing down my account will hurt my credit score. I know they are doing risk management in a tuff economy, but this RIDICULOUS. The customer service is all off shore based. Terrible English and no supervisor to talk too. Absolutely the worst company I’ve dealt with in ANY industry.

  241. I just closed a a half million dollar investment account, and all they said to me was, ” You want one or two cashier checks.” I ask for all HARD cash, but I guess the bank doesn’t carry that much. I banked with them since bank one days, and never had problems until the take over. Truth of the matter, they have accounts with Walgreen, walmart, and other HUGE companies that your our petty little deposits don’t matter, and right now they are begging people to close their CC accounts to start getting bad assets off. I now bank and small FDIC banks in my state, F$ck this large banks.

  242. Chase bank hounded and harrassed my sweet little 73 year old mother after her husband of fifty years passed away. The local good old boy lawyer didn’t tell her to notify the credit card of her husband’s death, and her children didn’t know she had that card. It was used while my dad was dying of cancer to buy his medicine. She continued to pay off the card, and was called one day by someone on behalf of Chase bank who insisted on immediate shutdown of the account. My mother was treated like a criminal. This is a lady who spent her life helping others! She is uneducated and knew no better than to listen to people on the phone who told her she would be put in jail if she didn’t pay up. She was terrorized into immediately taking out a two thousand dollar loan from her bank and is still paying on it. She lives on social security and is diabetic. She cannot afford health care or house insurance. Insurance premiums were paid for many years on her credit card, but said bank wouldn’t honor this, even after she had paid the premiums for three years after my dad died! The very least they could have done was refunded those 3 years of premiums! Good job, big bank, trampling little old ladies. Chase bank is a despicable monster as far as I’m concerned. It is not run by people.

  243. Run to your local credit union as fast as you can. This kind of “service” from Chase is common. They are not interested in keeping their customers so I say let’s oblige them. Everybody pull out and let them go under. They “lose” payments, “never receive” payments (EFT and provable)and they are not interested in addressing any problems. And there is NEVER a supervisor available! I took them up on their offer to close the account. Who needs these thugs?!

  244. I have had the same experience since my account was changed to chase. When I called in to talk to them about an increase in my APR they told me if I was not happy to close the account. When I asked why they would offer a new customer a lower APR they a customer of over ten years that always made payments on time and more than the minimum I was told those were just teaser rates to get them to join. I took that to mean as soon as they can they will raise those rates also.
    Since I called and complained sevveral days in a row before I could actually speak to a supervisor who wasn’t any more knowledgable then the service reps they have dropped my limit by $5000.00 which is fine because that is the card I will pay off and no longer use again.

  245. I wish I knew how horrible Chase was would have been pointed out to me a long time ago! I recently paid off, in full mind you, a high balanced credit card through them. Then I get a bill a week ago that I now have to pay more because they wanted me to pay for finance charges between the end of the billing cycle and when I paid off the debt. If I still had a balance on the card I wouldn’t complain, but what is the point of paying it off if they still plan to charge you? Don’t call “customerless service”. You’ll get yelled at, talked over, and told you can’t ever talk to a manager because it’s a bank policy and nothing that can be changed.. Oh ya, don’t forget every bank runs like this.AHH! Call back and get a manager who is conveniently gone and never returns a call, and don’t bother to email the bank because they will ignore you as well all way to ruining your credit and causing you even more unneeded stress. No wonder they’ve gained a profit. If I screwed over every customer and extorted money from them I’d gain a profit too!

    After reading all this I cannot freaking believe these thieves are still in business. What in the hell do we have to do to protect ourselves and others from dealing with this??

  246. We are making a documentary about how Chase/Wamu has screwed it’s customers- If you would like to be a part of this, please write
    We will contact you back asap so we can get this done!
    thanks so much

  247. I’m with you on what a “dirty player” Chase Credit Card is. They just spanked me with a 27% rate because I was one month late on a 17k balance, that translated to a $1,700.00 spanking over the term of a year which is what they say I must ride out the 10% penalty increase with no late payments and they will lower the rate to 15% B.S.

    Little do they know they are now going to get a 17k spanking after they denied lowering the rate back down to where it belongs.

    I’m so glad legislation is stepping in on these bad palyers, greedy players, they deserve a burn.

    More detail to follow later….


  248. My advice to anyone reading: Never, ever, ever, ever open an account with Chase, JP Morgan Chase, anyone that has the name Chase in it. They will take your money, not tell you were it went and then you have to talk to 7 people to get an answer.

  249. Never been late with good credit score of 715. My Providian that became WAMU and now fucken Chase! Interest rate jumped from 12% to 27%. Spoke to 7 different people from India. 1 of the supervisors laughed at me with his coworkert I complained to him.
    My final call went to the Phillipines. Get me some dam English speaking people.

    Now the reduced my credit line from $15K to $11K; then closed my account yesterday.

    My credit score will go down because I had this card for over 8 years. To add insult the credit score will have higher debt to credit ratio.

    ASSHOLES! Lower my limit, cancel my card, screw my credit score, and leave me with a balance with 27% interest rate.

    I know BofA and WellsFargo has problems too, but this is fucken ridulous. Who is the best bank and credit card.

    Run fast if you hear rumors of Chase buying out your bank.

    The work company in any industry PERIOD!!!

  250. Let’s hope they end up like Enron…because this new mentality of total disregard for customers and LOW level employees needs to stop….Wall Street and these banking institutions are are just Al-Qaeda and Kim Jon-il in WASP flesh—the ultimate destroyers of the USA….an yes I am a WASP too
    Remember one bad credit posting screws up your credit score … one should just go for bankruptsy at that point

  251. Had the same experience as many of the others here. Minimum payment raised from 2% to 5% after never being late and having earned a low ratefrom my good credit score. Mananger would not budge one inch.

  252. Customer Service is Paramount, there are a few bad customers I’m sure but overall everyone should be given a level of respect especially >10 years aboard and people they have made interest off of to grow. I’m the one that was a day late on my monthly payment and they jacked me to 27%, I contacted them and they said after a year they might lower me to 15%, that’s a $2k spanking over a year. Just not right when you pay your bills but the economy is tight instead of helping they stick you. I was going to stick them for the whole 17k and after some careful research I was persuaded to turn it over to a .org and they would force them down to 6% over 55 months. If they had been any type of fair player they could have made an easy 15%, this is greeds payback “touche”

  253. IF your here to BITCH about CHASE read This
    Chase is a great bank I have Credit Cards and Checking/Savings not one problem but you know why because I PAY MY BILLS ONTIME and STAY UNDER MY LIMIT all of you complaining about your APR going up well NO SHIT you PAID LATE its what the CONTRACT says TRY READING IT now CHASE is a bank that only wants RESPONSIBLE customers they don’t put up with you people that PAY LATE and GO OVER limit they wont WAVE your FEE’s know why? Because all the banks that you guys probably came from that CHASE bought out were banks that had all the LOOSERS that were always LATE and were use to calling in and saying ill CLOSE MY ACCOUNT and BLAM !!! the FEE was waved well guess why that bank is no more and a strong bank like CHASE bought it and the second you try your SHIT with them guess what they say YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT wonder why ? Because they don’t want your SORRY ASS ! Now for the person with the PAYMENT PROTECTOR…. LEARN 2 READ ! The contract tells you that it takes 2 billing cycles for payment protector to start taking over payments. For the person with AUTO PAY… LEARN 2 READ the contract tells you that you have to keep making your monthly payment for 2 billing cycles before auto payment starts making your payments. For the person with CREDIT LINE DECREASE keep your credit score up if your credit score is going to CRAP I would do the same thing to you. All im saying guys is READ the Damn CONTRACT, PAY YOUR BILLS ONTIME and you will not have to come to this WEB SITE to WASTE 10 MINUTES telling us how you fail at CREDIT CARDS because your to LAZY to READ or keep your BILLS in line, I always pay my bills a WEEK ½ before they are DUE I have the same great APR and have never had a PROBLEM and when I call they are VERY VERY nice to me because well GUESS Why….. I’m NOT CALLING in to BITCH about a LATE FEE or OVER LIMIT FEE, so I hope you RETHINK your LIFE and be more RESPONSIBLE with CREDIT.

  254. Customer service is VERY expensive. Taking a phone call from a customer costs Chase money, as much as $3.00 or more per minute. Consequently, rather than let the cost of a customer service phone call continue to grow the service rep attempts to get it over with as quickly as possible. Being curt and rude tends to cut down on “small talk”. People with problems make more customer service calls so Chase is more than happy to close “problem” accounts. They actually save money.

    Want to drive Chase nuts? Pay off your account, leave the account open, don’t use it – then call as often as possible and just talk. Even if you can’t pay it off, call, call, call.

  255. The have NOT changed – I have made my payments with Chase on time – However, my limits have been lowered on all of my accounts recently because that’s just what the banks are doing to people who’s houses have suddenly lost over half of their value. No problem with the lowered limit or the canceled account. Their interest was too high anyway, and I had been paying them off first. They canceled my account after I brought it down to less than $200 – The thing I thought was ridiculous was that they immediately disabled the ability to use the reward points that the card had earned. The amount was not that large, but, I have heard that other banks give you 30 days to transfer or use your rewards points. Yes, customer service is expensive, but, as this blog shows, lack of customer service can be even more expensive. The economy is showing signs of improvement now. My stocks have already come back to a level very close to where they were before the crash. I expect the value of my home to increase. I will never use Chase again. I agree that Chase should be boycotted. If you are an employee of Chase reading this, I suggest you find employment at an institution that can afford honest business practices and customer service.

  256. AHH! After emailing this pathetic bank twice and getting no response, I went to the local branch. Yes, it is a $14 charge, but what’s to say they won’t up it or continue to charge me? So, at the bank, which is in the middle of a super store and I really hoping to make a huge scene, he pulled me into an office and I begun to explain about my situation. He ended up calling customer service and I was told nothing could be done because I closed my account. Really? I told him that that is great. Of course she was willing to close my account, as so many others have stated, she knew my problem could have been fixed but by closing it I would get screwed. If only I would have went to the bank to protest, it might have been fixed. Lucky me, I have more cards to pay off and will have to go through this again.

    As to the chick that was “not here to bitch” You stick with your wonderful chase bank. I can’t wait to see how bad they screw you over in a few months. Good luck sister!

  257. TO Misled Zakkiel –
    Yo fool, my credit score is 792 and I have never, I repeat never, been late for a payment in 42 years and I probably make a lot more money than you, Zakie.
    I defended Chase to The Lucifer of Banks—Bank of America and then they pulled the 2% to 5% after having upsold me to transferring all of the money to this bank. The greed of the corporate SS Enron mentality is single handedly destroying this country more effectively than the Taliban, North Korea and and Ach My Dinner Jacket.
    “It’s hard out there for the banks, tryin’ to get the money for the yachts”….

  258. LOL Madi Z! Zakkiel is a retard. It not happening to EVERYONE, but definitely effects many. Banks are all doing “complex” risk managment. Meaning creative ways to screw you. I never been late and my credit score is 715 to 800 in the last 25 years. They want to reel me in and lower my credit line…that’s fine, but how can you justify raising my rate to 27% then closing my account! Closing my account hurts my credit score. Perhaps they can freeze my account to prevent further purchase. No! They close the account so that they can manage the write offs.
    Been a great customer for 15 years, again never been late. They made plenty of money from interest in those 15 years. No they close out a good customer. Chase is doing this to California the most since unemployment is the highest here.

  259. On 7/25/09, I went to purchase a toy gift for a baby’s 1st Birthday. At the register, my chase/wamu would not go through. Being puzzled, on the next day, I called Chase Customer Care line 800-945-2000 to find out what the issue with the card was. I spoke with an (Supervisor) who told me that they closed my account due to a credit check and an open balance. Okay if that being the case!, then
    My issues with that are:
    1. The open balance in question was present on my credit report (being and still being disputed) before they decided to opened my account. Why not decline me initially..?
    2. I made "NO" late payments on this card, not even once; and back in April of this year, I paid off all open balances at that time. NEVER DELIQUENT
    3. According to Chase, they randomly closed my account on 7/21/09 and mailed a letter on that date, which as of 7/26/09, I still HAVE NOT received by mail. So I had no prior warning or notification.
    4. How am I suppose to build my credit and become a better citizen of the United States, a country of "change" and opportunity if the credit card company just decides to close the account of a good paying creditee..?
    I’ve done all I can and work hard to make my payments in the time frame alloted and it’s discouraging and heart-breaking for a company to close your account when you’re making ALL the payments on time and staying within the guideline(s) the credit company provided.
    PLEASE, let me know if there’s anything that can be done. My attempts are to speak for those citizens of this country, who are hard working and pays there debts on time, BUT still fall a victim of this corrupt credit system. IT IS NOT FAIR and ONLY benefit the "Elite". I thought this was a country for the people..!

  260. I just got a letter from Chase today cancelling my credit card for the following reasons:
    *One or more accounts have high balances compared to credit limits
    *Too many open bank cards with high balances
    *Too many active bankcard accounts.

    They gave me no prior notice, and they don’t say when this is effective, I guess as of today.

    I’ve had this credit card for nine or ten years. It was first a Providian bank card. Then they sold to Wa-Mu. Then Wa-Mu sold to Chase. I haven’t missed a payment or been late in all that time. I always pay more than the minimum. Most of the time I pay the full balance or close to it each month.

    The interest on this card has went from 13% to 30% during the time I’ve had it, for no apparent reason, certainly not because I have in any way not kept up my end of the original deal. It was the first major credit card I ever got, so I kept it.

    The credit limit on this card is over $4,000. I only had about about $600.00 charged on it at the time they cancelled it.

    About six months ago, I applied for a different Chase credit card (not yet knowing they were merging with Wa-Mu) and wanted to transfer a $5,000.00 balance from a competitor’s higher interest credit card to one they were offering with a low interest rate. They issued me a card with only a $500.00 credit limit, so I told them to just forget it, and I never activated the card. Two months go by, during which time I had received no billings from them, then I get a call from a credit collector threatening to sue me for non-payment of this card. When I invetigated, I found they had transferred $250.00 from the other company’s credit card without telling me, then added $150.00 in various fees. The only reason I didn’t make my payment was because I wasn’t aware the card had even been opened. I immediately paid the balance in full and asked them to cancel the card. The next month they charged me another $9.50 fee, although I had a zero balance. I had to request online and in writing two more times before they finallly cancelled it. Then they reported me to the credit unions for late payments and my credit score dropped a whopping 200 points. I sent an explanation of what happened to the credit bureaus, but it did nothing to help my credit score regain the lost points.

    In the same batch of mail that contained the cancellation notice for the Chase credt card, there was another letter from Chase offering to give me a new loan for a $5,000.00 check to use for whatever I want!

    In the last two months, Capital One said I had to either agree to a 10% hike in the amount of interest I pay on their card or cancel it, so I cancelled, and Household Bank and AppliedCard Bank have both cut my credit limit in half, altho I’ve never missed any of their payments, either, and always pay more than the minimum, and was less than halfway to my maximum charges allowed. Coincidentally, they both lowered my credit limit to $50.00 more than what I owed on their card.

    I think all the banks are crooks, we should all go back to keeping our money in a sock under the mattress.

  261. I hope Chase will fail. My local WaMu branch has been completely turned upside down. They fired the manager for “lack of experience” and that particular person went on to become the regional manager for another local bank. The person they replaced him with is a complete moron. She struggled to open my business account and then come to find out a week later…she opened it wrong and I had to go through a huge process to get it fixed.

    The 800 number is worthless. I got in touch with the area manager and they were worthless. This bank is full of people who don’t care about the awful level of customer service that they offer and everyone in management is too lazy to take these complaints seriously.

    They came in and got rid of damn near every employee, leaving only the incompetent ones and then hired even less competent people to replace the ones they fired. I hope people wise up and stop banking with Chase. They DESERVE to be the next bank failure.

    I have since closed my accounts…how fun it was to sit there and be patronized by the manager telling me what a mistake I was making in leaving them…desperate much?


  262. I have never been treated so disrepectfully by a banking institution. I have closed my account and am now a Wells Fargo Customer.

  263. This is the biggest scamming bank I have ever heard of. The service is pathetic, they claim payments made after 4:00pm poast 2 days later charing you 2 months of interest for no justified reason.

    After 10 years, I am closing my bank account, cr. card, and mortages with them. I hope they fail so badly. They are a bunch of legalized criminal running the show. FAILURE TO CHASE. Never user them for anything, pass it on.

  264. If you are not happy. Then, yes you should just close your account and move to a bank where they treat you a lot better. I am not saying what Chase did to you is alright. But whining about it and then keeping your account there is counter productive. Just change to a bank that better suits your needs. It will make you happy and Chase will lose a customer. And after they lose 100 customers like you, they will realize their ways need to change. But if you are just going to keep your account, you’re just reinforcing the fact that they can do anything and pretty much get away with it because your not going to close the account.

  265. Fractional Deposits

    Chase is able to loan money based on deposits. If you are truely unhappy about the WAMU credit card fiasco, yes I received a letter cancelling my card, move your checking or savings immediately. For me, I have 2 businesses, one that runs between 50 and 250K, and a startup that is starting sales. I received the letter Friday. Monday I am going to the bank and going to talk to them, and tell them I refuse to allow my checking deposits to be used by them to loan out or finance credit cards, because they are true hose bags. I have available credit to move the balance from the new 18% to 1.99%. I am lucky, but pissed off at those f&#(#$s. So if you complain and do nothing shame on you!

  266. Change in Chase Bank Credit Card Policy:

    I just received a statement from Chase that states:

    “Your minimum payment due will increase from 2% to 5% of the ending balance on your monthly statement.”

    This will increase my payment by 250%!! Is this how Chase is helping the economy? Is this how they treat customers?

    How does Chase respond? “We are responding to the economy. If you do not pay the 5% payment you will be in default. We can not help you. If you have a problem, go see a credit counselor.”


    P.S. For the record, my account is current, with no missed payments.

  267. Im closing all my accounts with Chase. The customer service is the absolute worse. Im a bit bummed since I want a card with Continental miles but I hate them so much Im not going to do it! Monday closing my savings and my two credit cards. They fing deserve to go under the bastards and yet we get to bail out this shithole of a company with our tax dollars. I guess thats why they can treat us like crap since no matter what they stay afloat. Im moving everything to Bank of America. They have much better service. One woman stayed on the phone with me an hour to try to resolve an online banking screw up that was my fault. Now thats service.

  268. My card was a Wamu card when Chase took them over. I have had this card for over ten years. As soon as Chase took it over they raised my intrest rate and cut my credit limit. Now mind you I have had this card for over ten years. I never missed a payment never sent a late payment and always sent more than the min. due. I had been saving my rewards with wamu I had 36000 points I was planing on using them to fly my son who is in the millitary and his family out I have not seen my grandkids in almost two years. Last time I checked with wamu I had 25000 points and that gave me $750.00 twards airline tickets. It took me at least a couple years to save them. So I was all happy when I got my sons leave date I called to use the points through Chase with 10000 more points than the last time I checked into it with wamu I thought for sure I would get a good amount.
    My Chase points where worth only $360.00 towards airline tickets. So now I cannot fly them out. All I have to say I Chase SUCKS. If you do not use them do yourself a favor and dont!!!!!

  269. I have been telling all my friends and relatives, neighbors and people I meet from places that I go to (whom I start with friendly day to day conversations). Chase is THE THEIF BANK OF AMERICA ran by Lucifer himself. If you work for Chase, your soul is in great danger!

  270. I once had Chase for my car loan. Bastards repod my car right after I made a payment on the phone to even out the balance. I was behind one payment for a few months but always paid each month, just didnt have enough to cover the difference. lied to me on the phone. bastards!

  271. Joshua, its tough to believe they treated you that way – I have an account with them but have never had your issues in over 10 years now. If they treated you like that then they dont deserve your business…give it to businesses that will treat you right…

  272. I just wanted to share my story. I have a Chase Card, It was a providian to begin with, and by poor luck is now Chase. Well I had my interest raised to 29.99% for making my payment late once by 3 days. After several phone calls to customer service and months of huge interest charges, one of the customer service managers told me to write a letter to Jamie Dimons. I almost didnt do it, because at this point I was so discouraged that I didnt believe it would make a difference. Yet I did it anyways and mailed it out with little hope. Just this week I finally received a call from Chase. They informed me that they had lowered my interest back to its original rate and also refunded the difference in my interest charges do to the rate hike, they even refunded my over the limit fee, and told me if I am ever having trouble making a payment I can call and have my due date extended. It was a huge hassle dealing with them, and the lousy customer service people hated me after all this was done and over with. So anyone with the same problem dont give up, and dont cancel your account if you have a balance or youll be stuck with the high interest rate until its paid off, dont be discouraged, just do it the old fashioned way:) Pick up your pen and write a letter!

  273. Chase has just recently increased the minimum payment from 2% to 5% which increased our monthly payment by $571. They told me that they sent us a letter in June about this, which I never received. We just came back from a 3-week vacation to find our next monthly payment is $1,000.

    How do they expect someone who has been paying $400 per month to start paying $1,000 month; even if they did give a month or two notice.

  274. I am infuriated by Chases lack of customer service. The employees are hamstrung by corporate policies dictating what they cannot do. Its like the cartoon of a family in beach attire with umbrellas, rafts, blankets, swim fins and beachbags, reading the beach rules sign:
    1. No fire arms allowed
    2. No litering allowed
    3. No campfires allowed
    4. No alcoholic beverages allowed
    5. No running allowed
    6. No cursing or ofensive language allowed
    7. No digging holes in beach allowed
    8. No coolers allowed
    9. No eating on beach allowed
    10. No chairs allowed
    11. No blankets allowed
    12. No swimming after applying sunscreen allowed
    13. No playing games on beach allowed
    14. No footprints in sand allowed
    Have A Nice Day At YOUR Public Beach

    Chase adopted the coporate policy of Us first, you . . . well, whenever we get to you policy. They truly do not gave a tinkers cuss about the account holders.

    Case in point: An Arizona Chase branch bank issued a cashiers check to me for an amount slightly less than $8,800. I wanted to cash it and use the funds to buy a used truck to get me to work and back. A Chase branch in San Diego, CA refused to cash it. They wanted me to deposit it and wait until it cleared. Why? I asked, are you not able to cash it? Chase wrote the check; Chase has the funds. So whats your problem? I got the double speak about Chase Washington Mutuals computers not able to talk to each other. In other words, this Chase branch couldnt verify availablity of funds with the issuing Chase branch. Then pick up the phone and call the issuing branch to verify the availability of funds, I reponded. They did, and STILL WOULDNT cash the check. The teller told me I had to have the funds available in my account first! Hell, iI wanted crappy service, then Id stay home and ask my teenagers for help.

    Boycott Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. My recent statement indicated an effective APR that was 7% higher than the previous month. When I inquired as to why, a rude woman with poor English skills, said that I had not responded to a “change in terms” letter supposedly mailed to me in May.

    Since I had not received such a letter, I asked her if it was sent by certified mail. She said “No, it was sent regular mail.” As I inquired further, she quickly became impatient and began accusing me of arguing with her. Then she had the gall to suggest that “maybe someone else saw it and threw it away.” (Her “blame the customer” customer service technique was pretty lame, even for Chase).

    For the record, I personally bring in the mail on a daily basis. Neither my wife nor I just flippantly sort through it and chunk it in the trash–she even opens junk mail. Chase just assumed that I received the letter (and didn’t really care if I DID, as long as they could legally say that they notified me of the change–but they can’t prove it).

    This technique is typical of the unethical way Chase does business. They make you reply to their “invitation” to be have your APR jacked up (which any normal person would obviously decline), or they jack up your APR with or without your knowledge. Seriously, who would willingly agree to have their APR increased 7% for no reason at all?

    There was no specific cause behind the increase. I was NOT late on a payment; it was just ARBITRARY.

    I am supposedly being sent another notice to decline the change in terms. We’ll see what happens. Every day that this remains unreconciled I am being ripped off for the difference in rates. Will they refund that difference? Don’t bet on it.

    Chase is simply too big to care. They deal in volume. So, if you expect a favorable resolution to your legitimate grievance, don’t be shocked if they refuse to do the right thing. You’ll likely have to take your business elsewhere.


    The first time Chase tried to increase my rate involved the money-grubbing policy of “Universal Default.” While taking a stack of bills to the post office, one of them fell between my passenger seat and the center console.

    This was a gasoline credit card that I used about four times a year (just to keep it from going dormant). I didn’t discover the bill until it was already past due. Chase’s response was to try and raise my APR 7%. When I refused, I was forced to close the account.

    Now mind you, the balance due the oil company was a whopping 40 dollars which I paid in one lump sum plus the late fee (fair enough, the fault WAS mine). So where does Chase come off thinking that they get to stick it to me when the late payment did not involve THEM at all?

    What Chase does is legalized loan sharking. Have you ever considered that they have a lot of overhead, and that all of their copious TV, radio and print advertising is paid for by you?


    Now that Chase, like a cancer, has bought out WAMU I will have the pleasure of closing three bank accounts plus my credit card account. I will not do business with these people ever again.

    Awaken people! Chase isn’t the only bank or credit card issuer around so find a small state bank in your area.

    In conclusion, I would suggest the following general guidelines to avoid credit card hassles:

    –Live within your means.
    –Use debit cards instead of credit cards and don’t overdraw your account.
    –Set aside money each week for unplanned contingencies such as: car repairs, home repairs, etc.
    –If you must have a credit card for car rentals or business expenses, pay off the entire balance every month.
    –Remember that they cannot charge you interest on a balance that doesn’t exist.
    –Do not “live” on credit even if you have to do without something for a while.
    –Do not be deceived by introductory “teaser” rates that give you a great APR for the first six months and then jack your rate up to a high level (over seven or eight percent).
    –When comparing issuers, don’t major on the “perks” and pay a higher rate. Obtain the lowest fixed rate you can, preferably seven percent or less.
    –Do not give your business to any credit card issuer that engages in the policy of “Universal Default”.
    –Read ALL of the fine print before applying (especially fees, long term penalties and change of terms options reserved by the issuer).
    –Avoid Chase. Even though they behave like they’re the only game in town, they do have local competition.
    –Learn from your mistakes, and don’t repeat them.
    –Conduct a Google search for the best low interest credit cards, and read ALL of the fine print.
    –If you have good credit, check out places like Simmons for low rate cards.

  276. Chase is horrible! My credit card was stolen in 2006. I called them to let them know of the situation and they transferred me over 20 times. I had to repeat the story over 20 times. It was plain ridiculous. Most of their work is out sourced, so I had a hard time understanding many of the reps. Now, 2009, I ran my credit report and found that chase did not do anything to the stolen card account! So, now I am calling again and receiving the same bad service and incompetent reps! Chase, shame on you!

  277. Never use Chase, as it is just worse version of WAMU.

    Taken from my statement-

    Transaction Type: Service Charge
    Account: FREE BUSINESS CHECKING – xxxx
    Posting Date: 07/31/2009
    Amount: $10.00

    Note the How you pay… and FREE BUSINESS CHECKING;

    Frustration only increased when I called customer service. NEVER USE CHASE!

  278. Wow Im blown away by all the stories. I heard my two sister had received the letters of having their minimums increased to 5% and since my bank was bought up by Chase (Wamu), I went and asked if it would happen to me. They told if not by now then no. I was moving my IRA to chase and decided not to keep it there. They just notified me that they had cancelled my credit card because I had to many open lines of credit, even thou my credit is perfect. They had raised the limit to 25% which I am disputing since I didnt get a letter. I am pulling all my business and Investment from Chase and will never use their bank again. What else can I do? Any suggestions? thanks

  279. Customer beware, if you do any kind of business with Chase Bank, you will be sorry. My story is sick! I have a mortgage on an industrial building with Chase, it originated with WaMu. I am forced to sell my building, because my small business can no longer maintain the payments, etc. and I also desperately need working capital. I have been really hit hard by our horrible economy. My loan with Chase has a prepayment penalty called yield maintenance, you have to have a PHD in math to calculate the amount. The formula is based on the treasury yield which has tanked, because of the recession. My mortgage balance is $940,000.00, Chase wants me to pay a prepayment penalty of $210,000.00 on top of it. I have been trying to negotiate with Chase for the last 5 months, to either have the prepayment waived or reduced, their answer is a very firm NO! I had what I thought was a good solution, find a buyer to assume the loan and there would be no prepayment penalty. I found actually 2 buyers, the first buyer Chase scared off. The second buyer is hanging in there, they have stellar credit and really wants to make this deal. Chase is refusing to allow them to assume the loan, unless they have a down payment which equates to approx. 60%. I, my broker and everyone I know have never heard of anything so rediculous. I HATE THIS BANK!!!!! Their commercials are a farce and they should be sued for false advertising.

  280. I am so stunned right now! In July 09 — I opened a savings account with Chase and deposited $100.00. I had my primary bank wire transfer $500.00 to my Chase Savings account (my primary bank charged me $10.00 which has made me very upset). I will have to close them next as that is the only way they transfer money.

    After a month went by, I checked my Chase account and noticed they charged me $15.00 to receive it! That is a rip off! They charged $15.00 to receive my money they will either invest or loan to someone else for a profit.

    I decided I was going to tranfer MY money back to my old bank. Chase has a rule where they debit and credit money to an external bank before you can transfer and it takes 2 days. They tansferred .63 cents to my other account over a week ago and it is still pending. That means I can not get my money out.

    I received an ATM card over a month ago, but no pin number. I called the operator and was told they would have to mail the number to me. I asked if they could email it to my CHASE email account and she said it would have to be sent thru the post office. Basically, they are holding my money hostage!

    Keep in mind that I have put $600.00 in that account and have never taken out one cent. They on the other hand just charged my account a $5.00 monthly maintenance fee. To date they have taken $20.00 from my account. I am furious and asked how much they are going to charge me for closing my account, because there is no way that I will be a customer of CHASE. The reply is $25.00 if I decide to close it between now and the 4th of October 09. I failed to read the rules & regulation that say’s you have to maintain an account for 90 days or pay a $25.00 fee. Along with this information, they included in their email that anything below $300.00 in a saving account will be charged $4.00.

    Please keep in mind that I have only put money in CHASE and not taken any out. By the time, I close this account, they will get another $10.00 ($5.00 per month for maintance fee).

    I opened a saving account with them and for doing so, I had to pay $30.00. The interest rate on my savins is 0.01 percent. What the *&^%% is that? I received nothing–not even a pin number for my ATM card, and they on the other hand kept my money hostage for 3 months.

    I will now and forever discourage everyone I know from getting a CHASE account. They are a HUGH disappointment.

  281. CHASE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I moved from wamu and all I can say is Chase is the WORST bank ever!!

  282. Hey Chase! Thanks for tripling my monthly payment on the 2.99% till paid in full balance transfer that YOU SENT ME. I was smart with my money, always paid you on time and even paid extra. Now, you raise my “minimum” to 5%. Not so great when I transferred a car loan to it. I will bad mouth you till I die or the feds shut you down!

  283. I was so mad at chase this week i just googled “chase bank sucks” and found your blog.
    I have a disney chase card that I'm supposed to be able to charge the cruise and pay 0% interest over 6 months. however I've tried 6 TIMES to get a copy of my card so I can use it. 6 times I've been told “it's in the mail” and each day after I call in to get the tracking number for the “expidited card” just to find out that a new card was never ordered. I had to use another card and lost the ability to pay for my cruise over a period of time. I want them to be out of business for the horrible way they just smile and apologize and then do NOTHING to make it better. I actually had to tell one rep “I'm the customer. I'm the one with the problem. Stop telling me all the things I did wrong. Stop talking and LISTEN to my problem.” In those three sentences, she interrupted me 6 times!

    unbelievable. I'll never use them again and I hope they go out of business.

  284. I had an unbelievable ordeal with Chase today over my mortgage payment. They are not accepting payments at this time because they are upgrading their system, and their operators don't have access to account information. I talked to 4 people and got 4 widely varying instructions about how/when I could call back and attempt to pay my mortgage. I got different grace periods, some termed as “a couple of days””, and one told me there would be no grace period even though they also would not accept my payment. I could not get any of them with username/password for the website, nor could they note on my account that I had called in an attempt to pay my mortgage. One person told me that if I called back in two days there would be so many other people calling that I would be waiting forever so I might as well wait until next week to call back. I asked to speak to a manager and was told, “My manager won't take any calls”. Gee, I'd like that job! Maybe I should go to India and get one of these nifty call center jobs where you can say whatever you want to people and don't have to be accountable. If I handled callers that way at my job I'd get fired.

  285. I was a wamu customer way back and then they ended up as chase. My interest jumped real high on my credit card. I had a balance of about $4,000.00 on it at the time and I was sending in monthly payments of $200.00 or more. When I got a chance to sit down with the bank manager she got on the phone and after she hung up with whom ever she spoke with told me there,s nothing she could do for me. I told her I was going to pay off my balance and close my account which I did. Later on they asked me why I closed my account and tried to convince me to open up a credit card account. I thought they were crazy and full of it after they treated me like crap just a couple months earlier.

  286. Could not believe this bank wanted to charge me $6.00 to cash a personal check
    from thier bank, because I don't have an account there! I will never do business this company again. The guy at the party store only charged me $2.00!

  287. I am outraged at the all the banks that make me press one to get English. My family has spent over a hundred years in service this country. These people do not consider the feelings of us legal immigrants and are just after the illegal immigrant's business. They have no consideration for the people that built this country with their sweat so that the a-holes running the banks can make obcene profits. From a logistical standpoint if they made English the default language they would have one more laguage choice button available for the illegal aliens from Mongolia or the moon…

  288. this is to Zakkiel,YOU ARE THE ONE THAT WILL BE WRITING IN BEFORE LONG!! YEP,THEY WILL GET YOU TOO,MR.PERFECT!! Do you actually think all of us writing in are MORONS?? Get your head out of your ass and read other websites,we all can't be wrong.I pay my bills on time,read the fine print AND haven't used this credit card in over 4 years in order to pay it off.I signed up for 3.99 interest for the life of the loan.THEY did not hold up their end of the bargain,I HAVE! By the way MR.PERFECT i still have an $11,000.00 credit line with Chase.(i am no deadbeat)of course there is no way in HELL i would give them another penny,of my money.I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY,ASS-HOLE!!

  289. FYI,the BBB is of NO help.been there,done that.The only thing they did was to “transfere”my complain to another state.Haven't heard a word.(been a month)! Try the class action law suits on-line.One day Chase will meet their maker!!!

  290. My personal mortgage on my home has NEVER incurred any late fees. My due date is on the 1st of the month and my grace period gives me until the 17th. When needed I choose to use my grae period and EVERY month I do I get numerous harassing and abusive calls from Chase representatives demanding back payment for my debt… I mean on the 2nd, the 3rd and every day thereafter up until they see it paid… even though it was still not late! I have had my Mortgage for over 5 years and managed fine doing this with no LATE fees. This all started after last years financial mess and ever since then the abusive harassing calls start on the 2nd of the month. I HATE CHASE. I can't wait to refi and leave them

  291. I am so so infuriated with CHASE. They really should be reported to BBB. Instead of declining someone's card when the have insufficient funds, they just let you keep on making purchases and charge you insufficient fund fees. I used my debit card, so that transactions would be automatically deducted from my checking account. But that is not the case with CHASE. They hit you with insufficient Fund Fees. Every other day I've been transferring my money from Savings to Checking. I pray to God that I have nothing more pending in my checking account. I can't wait to go down to their branch and close my account out and pull whatever savings, if I have any left from what their monsterous fees. I don't have any more to give. I guess I should be grateful that they waived one fee. But I wanted them all waived, due to never having insufficient fund issues with WAMU. Thank God I don't have a Credit Card with them! The supervisor was not very helpful. And the tellers and platform people are not helpful either!

  292. chase hiked up my interest without sufficient notice from 6% to 27% taking advantage of the fact I had just got off active military service after two years of deployment! they continued to add outrageous late fees on top of that and they REPEATEDLY refused to waive any of it even with the knowledge of my situation as a recently returned soldier untill I was FORCED to default! their reps AND supervisors alike are completely indifferent and often arrogant and rude! my letters to them including one that was addressed directly to their INCOMPETENT vice president for customer care were routinely ignored! yet the government has the nerve to bail out those UNAMERICAN CAPITALIST SCUMs with MY money! unbelievable!

  293. I have been a Chase customer for many years – we paid off all of our Visas and kept Chase because of the 3% interest rate. We were paying $600/month on it. They raised the MINIMUM payment to $1,000/month. We took a loan on our home to pay off our cards so we could build up a cushion and then came Chase to bombard us with a huge payment. It is going to be very difficult to pay this every month, but thanks to our home loan, it's at least possible, but it will take food out of the mouths of our family members. When I called to see if we could have a break and just pay $600 a month for a few more months so we could have a cushion saved up, they basically told me to eat shittttt. After this is paid off, NEVER AGAIN. Worst customer service EVER!

  294. When Chase bought WAMU, they moved the deadline for online transfers from 11:59 PM ET to 8 PM ET for the transfer to post that day. Because i live on the West Coast, that's 5 PM!! So when I get home from work if I see that an account is charged against over the balance, there is nothing I can do about it except to receive the overdraft!! Or, babysit my accounts from work on worktime. I'm sure Chase is making millions on this scheme.

  295. I did report them to the BBB and didn't expect a response but lo and behold about a week later,i got a phone call from Chase.Yep,a nice lady that informed me the only way i could get my 2% back for the loan was to have my interest rate raised to 7.99 until Dec.2011! And what happens after 2011? I can only imagine.Anyway,i declined her “generous” offer.I took money out of my money market to pay these morons off! I know they will close my credit card but they will be doing me a favor.I will never have my name attatched to anything with “CHASE” on it.I am sure they don't care but i am determined not to give them another $$$$ in interest.The only thing i am worried about now is them closing my account and ruining my credit.Of course they said that wouldn't happen.We will see.I hope they loose every account they have,then the last laugh will be on CHASE!!!

  296. I had WAMU and was completely happy with them. Before, I had Wells Fargo, and they were horrible. Then CHASE eats up WAMU…and I am back to horrible. They 'play' with my transactions, arranging them to their advantage; I now print up the way my transactions go through one day, and the next day they are all re-arranged, NOT in the order they originally came through! Wells Fargo did this. Also, WAMU would put through my auto-deposit right away, Chase holds my auto-deposits an extra day. Fishy. Time to STOP THE CHASE.

  297. ………….and if you call CHASE's customer service, they have a very heavy accent (hard to understand) and just patronize you. They go around and around in circles and are of NO help. They play stupid…or maybe they ARE stupid. Oh how I miss WAMU!

  298. They raised my interest rate 5 points then closed my account. So I complained and guess what? 2 weeks later my Khol's account owned by Chase gets an interest rate hike? Amazing coincidence. Meanwhile my other cards all drop apr's due to my fico score improving by 140 points in the last year. Gotta hate the greedy corporate mentality. Borrow money from the working man so the rich can get their bonus.

  299. Chase bank SUCK'S!!!!! I have never delt with a company that is so shady, and forget about customer service they are just rude. They have screwed me over and probably millions of others. My last straw with them is actually because of what they did to one of my good friends. She has good credit, has never made a payment late to them, and with out reason or notice they dropped her credit limit from $6000 to something like $2000. Without knowing this she went out and purched a new computer thinking she had about $4000 available credit with a 7.9% interest rate. She bought the computer and Chase approved the transaction putting over $2000 her credit limit. I few weeks later she got a letter stating that she was over $2000 over her limit and had to pay it off within the month. She called customer service and they just said sorry there was nothing they could do, and if she didn't pay it she would be reported to the credit bureau, and also because she went over her limit her inerest rate went from 7.9% to 27.24%. WHY WOULD CHASE EVEN APPROVE THIS TRANACTION? She doesn't have the extra money and told me this story with tears streaming down her face. CHASE IS THE DEVIL AND THE CARE NOTHING OF THEIR CUSTOMERS. I decided to do a little part to get back at them. Maybe make them lose a little money that they steal from millions. I am selling anti- Chase bumper stickers non-profit. I had them custom made and am selling them for $2.00 only to cover the cost and postage and envelopes. My only goal is to make a stand against Chase and save someone from being hurt or screwed over. If you are interested in contributing you can contact me at

  300. This is absolutely the most inane bank I have ever done business with. It's as if they don't understand simple economics. Case in point, the bank is slow to process an electronic payment, and so they erroneously mark my payment as late. I call and ask to have the $39 late fee removed, and they essentially tell me to get lost, and yes, were very eager to cancel my account for me, despite my always paying on time and earning them much more than a measly $39 in my years of doing business with them. I realized that they need me more than I need them, so I told them to get lost and that I would never do business with them again. I guess they stopped requiring high school diplomas for upper management over there.

  301. I am 25 days later on September payment. Chase just called to tell me that I not only owe 753.00 and late fees but they charged me 112.00 for an inspector to come to my home to see if I was living here (what????). I know owe 1021.00 for September. I hung up this middle eastern lady named Nolo Nomen at 800-788-7000 as she was so condescending and dismissive that I was nearly in tears. This is a 10 year old mortgage and I have not only had breast cancer with a 10,000.00 deductable but then job loss. She wanted nothing to do with my reason. Did not listen to my story. BOYCOTT NOLO NOMEN 800-788-7000 AND CHASE. In fact, every company I am doing business with is hitting me with such substantial fees and penalties that even after my new job, it will take a year of struggle to return to my prior status – that is if this stress doesn't kill me first. I HATE YOU CHASE CEO!

  302. Hello again Chase haters!!! I just posted one of my stories a few days ago about the worst bank in the world. I took a chace an invested some money an made ANTI CHASE BUMPER STICKERS that I am selling non profit. $2.00 to cover the sticker, envelope, and postage only. I have 100 now and already a couple buyers in just a couple days. I would love to get thousands out there, and put a nice dent in their profit. PLEASE HELP ME TO CONTINUE MY PROTEST!!! You can contact me at
    Thanks, Jaime

  303. Chase is the worst. I had accounts with WAMU for twenty years in Florida. They “chase”d me out. I'll never do any more business with them.

  304. I just had the same experience….I had a Chase Visa since 1992. I called because every year they would wave my membership fee if the account was active. This year, the customer service rep. said it could not be done. So, I asked for a supervisor and she informed me that they no longer will wave the fee. I said “I've been with you since 1992.” She basically said too bad, this it what we do to keep APR low. It's tough times she told me. I told her it was tough times for me when my tax money goes to the TARP Chase got so they can turn around and screw the customer.

    Well she claimed they never took any TARP money, which is a lie. I cancelled my account and I am encouraging others to do the same. I agree that it seems like they are instructed to close accounts. Thankfully, I have many other choices without ever having to deal with Chase again.

  305. Ha ha ha – you know, I am a chase hater as well. I had a chase credit card a few years back, and closed it after i got tired of dealing with the stupidity and incompetence of “big bank customer service” – i don't recall the details at the time, but it was vaguely like “we can't accept your payment for some reason, but we're charging you late fees since you haven't paid” – it felt like a scam to get money out of people – basic extortion really – but the kind of extortion that is driven by incompetence, not intent – so I closed my accts with them and moved to a small bank where I walked in and met everyone i charge, in person.

    well, chase bought that bank and I again became a chase customer. i left. then chase bought the bank that had my mortgage. i refinanced. they bought that bank too and i refinanced again.

    avoiding doing business with chase, has, ultimately cost me a few thousand dollars. but hey, that's the price of not doing business with them, right? where else in the world do you have to pay someone to leave you alone? That's criminal behaviour. Chase behaves criminally.

    anyhow – that was all a few years back and i've been happy “avoiding” chase since then. in fact, this kind of “corporations run america” and “citizens are consumers first, people second” kind of attitude inspired me to leave the states, and I've been happily living abroad (with excellent, affordable health care, enormous amounts of time for my family, little advertising, etc.)…. but i digress….

    so i was surprised when chase came back into my life. they apparently had bought a bank where I had a lingering acct with about $50 in it. i had left the acct open with this nominal sum on the books – it was a 100% electronic acct, and it was too difficult to close the acct from abroad, but then the company was leaving me alone, so i let it slide. then chase bought the bank.

    i started receiving threatening emails about my acct. they were insisting i sign up for their online services or they were going to start mailing statements to some address. i called them up and found they were intending to send my statements to some address I lived at, maybe 10 years ago – i have absolutely no idea where they got this address. and the security screening to get to talk to someone showed that they knew an awful lot about my life – yet not enough to avoid sending my personal information to a temporary apartment i lived at for a few months over a decade ago (and not one involved in the acct they purchased, either).

    i asked them not to. i said, “can we just close the acct?” – the answer was “no!” – they refused to close my acct. in essence, chase was threatening me to “be their customer or they would start sending my personal data to random people” – and there was nothing I could do to stop it, except to become a customer. Now threatening people and forcing them to do business with you is criminal. Chase again has walked into my life and started behaving criminally towards me.

    i begged them to keep my $50 and just “never contact me again” – i actually offered to pay chase to *not* be their customer. they wouldn't have it. they said they could only close my acct if I established an address in the u.s. to which they could send the final check (they wouldn't sent it internationally). i asked if they'd pay for some temporary relocation so I could get the $50 – not more than $5K would be required. in a rare act of Chase sanity, they recognized that was a stupid option and said no.

    i asked them to send it to a charity, or send it to the white house to help pay for the banking bailout, but they refused. they insisted that they send the check to me at a domestic united states address. i asked if they could send it to a family member and they refused – they said it had to be “my address”.

    after spending about $80 on international phone calls – and arguing with bratty, snotty customer service people – the kind of little brats you would just love to slap – I finally got through to someone who simply said “why don't i just close your acct and perhaps I could send the check to your family”. I don't know if it was the threat of a class action lawsuit, or other threats, or why that time was different – but that's what we decided. After I had spend several hours on the phone, and far more money than it was worth. I would have ignored the whole thing except for their threats to send my personal banking information to random people in the u.s.

    i figure the only thing that we really can do about this is go on the offensive. a terminal class action lawsuit that forces the company to be dissolved would be great. I find it completely unacceptable that a company can come into your life, demand that you act and spend your time, money and resources, and refuse to terminate the customer relationship. they come in, with guns blazing, and force you to dance a while – whether you want to be their customer or not.

    this is assault of some kind. the mental anguish that has ensued for me has been significant – i'm still pissed enough that I wonder sometimes, how we can stop monster corporations like chase. i wake up in fear at night wondering if I'll ever be able to return to the u.s. or has it become completely unreasonable to live there unless you “get into the corporate fold”.

    perhaps i can charge the board of directors with attempted murder – after all, i have clearly established that I never want to hear from them again, and that their contacting me is considered a form of intentional assault, and perhaps, (if i go back through my records) i have a case that their intentional assault was not aimed at simply discomforting me or maiming me, but actually depriving me of life. here i am, a few weeks after the incident, and still it drives me to research ways to respond – enough is enough and I have a personal moral and political responsibility to terminate chase (peacefully and legally of course).

    who is the punk in charge of chase these days? is it that james dimon fellow? i feel like if I hired someone to track him down and blow his kneecaps off with a shotgun, i would get in a lot of trouble. yet his hired goons tracked me down and assaulted me – yet he walks away untouched – he's rich enough not to play by the law, right?

    so as much satisfaction as it would give me to shatter mr dimon's kneecaps with a crowbar while asking him how it felt to have a customer relationship he didn't want, clearly i can't do that. the only thing that us little folk can do against the likes of monsters such as mr. dimon and the evil that he commands are “class action lawsuits”

    with luck and good fortune, we'll find the right people and be able to kill this corporation, redistributed it's assets, and chalk up one tiny victory in the fight to get the u.s. back in the hands of it's people and out of the hands of corporate stooges like mr. dimon.

    (p.s. name and identifying information withheld because of the references to kneecaps, etc. and let's face it – america is not safe for you unless you've got a few million in the bank)

  306. The below is an email I sent to Chase a few days ago. I am totally shocked by how incompetent they are.

    I am not even sure how to begin this email. After two frustrating days of dealing with Chase in Arizona, I find myself not even sure what to say other than I will begin to look for a new credit card of choice.
    Let me see if I can clear this up. Since this is a secure email, I am assuming you can look up my account. You will find it spotless. You will find excellent credit, etc etc.
    Last Wednesday, my wife and I picked up a check from one of our investments for $230,000. I didn't want to carry it with me for the week in Phoenix, so I visited one of your branches to set up a business account (here in Ohio with my Ohio business address). After about 10 minutes a bank representative came in and told my wife they couldn't do it. I asked why? They said we need authorization to do business in Arizona. I stated we weren't. Didn't matter to the bank representative. As my wife can tell you I handle things very professionally and said thank you and went down the road to an USBank location and they more than graciously accepted us and our $230,000.
    On Friday of the same week, I called my Presidential Plus Chase World MasterCard phone line. I asked what my cash advance limit was. The representative stated $6000 and their would be no problem advancing me $5000. Well . . .
    After visiting the first Chase branch and being declined, even though I was on the phone with one of your representives and she said it was fine, the system locked everyone out. I was then told to go to a second Chase branch. They laughed at the first branch and said no problem. PROBLEM! They were also logged out of the system. Said they couldn’t do anything so sent me across the street to a Wells Fargo location. Well the wonderful people at Wells Fargo only give no customers $3000. So down the road and across the street to Bank of America. Wonderful people. Said the only thing that limits them is the card itself. So while I am on the phone with one of your representatives, put on hold numerous times, asked what color are my eyes, if I used to own a certain car, if I ever lived in a certain house over 17 years ago, your person cleared the transaction. Even talked to the Bank of America teller. Re-ran the transaction and lo and behold, denied again. I then put your representative on hold and pulled out a Bank of America Visa. Asked them how much I could take out in the form of a cash advance. Ran my card and said $17,000. Deal done. I only needed the $5000 which they gave me gladly.
    I picked up my phone and your rep said everything was fine now (two hours later). Don't know or care if it was.
    Long story short. I will be dealing with other banks from here on out. I will never recommend your bank or cards. I am an Ohio resident and try to use such banks. But not in your case.

  307. Joshua,

    I am so incredibly happy with your post!! I am boycotting Chase also. I will not recommend them to anyone and cannot believe the crap that was done to me as well. I say GOOD FOR YOU and I am right along side of you!

  308. I will NEVER use Chase again. I am a real estate broker and there are 200 agents in my office, and they wont use chase either. I will just give you a couple examples. I have perfect credit and have never run my card up. All of a sudden, without notice, my credit card interest rate jumped from 9.9% to 19.9%. What a joke! So I cancelled that card. I have also been dealing with a lot of foreclosures and short sales since I am a real estate broker. All the other banks I have dealt with have approved short sales from 2 weeks to 2 1/2 months. This short sale with Chase has been going on since early June and here it is early October, and STILL no approval or word on whats going on! I have an approved buyer. The buyers bank has already totally approved the deal and Chase just drags their feet. What idiots! This buyer is ready to walk away. And the thing I dont get is that Chase is getting a great deal for the home.

    And yes people are right about the customer service. They are horrible! I used to deal with Chase all the time with mortgages and they gave me problems then. NONE of the 200 realtors in my office will use chase ever again! I promise you this!

  309. Yes wow I am amazed at all the posts Chase has really went downhill as a long time customer I deposited a CHASIERS check and called the next day to make sure funds were available they were so shopping I went, only to find out at the 2nd store I was declined… why I have the money well chase put a hold on the check to not go thru for 11 days!!!! when I said but the funds were available this am whats goin on not only were the people i spoke to unhelpfull 2 over the phone 2 in person they seemed to find humor at my annoyance and sais the bank which issued the check would not confirm it… so i called the bank that issued it and they did not know what the problme was either… so here i go back to chase with all the info they needed to confirm the check oh so and so will call u back tonight…no call so I did oh I will call you by this time 2 morrow….still no call so I call again oh I didnt get to it so it will have to wait untill monday???? I am so thrilled noone seems to know what they are doing, making empty promises screwing up things and blaming someone elese oh byw even tho the fault lies with them they cannot guarentee they will take the overdraft charges off my acct 10 days wirth of em this id def no longer a bank for reg hardworking people.

  310. I was discussing my Chase (WAMU) credit card and the need to make arrangements since I went from 56 grand a year to 12 grand. The man with a heavy accent was so rude, I ended up being rude to. The next thing I knew my CC was closed. I now refuse to talk to anyone who is not from N. America when it comes to collections.

  311. i have 3 different offices i work in, and on every desk i have a sign that reads “ask me about chase bank”. i want to make sure everyone i come into contact with knows about how chase screws its customers… even long time excellent cutomers. i have considered having bumper stickers made as well, and after reading these other posts, i think i'm going to do it. have you noticed that when news coverage is about credit card “theft” (yes, stealing money from your customers is called theft), chase bank is always the culprit? i love the negative press… it's full of truth!!! save yourself, and stay far away from chase bank!

  312. My husband and I are first time home buyers and have been customers of Chase bank for 8 years, so naturally we went to them first to apply for a mortgage. Not only was the mortgage representative rude to us, he was also unfamiliar with some of Frannie and Freddie's new laws requiring a limited review to be done on certain condo purchases. He then proceeded to call the seller's agent and tell them that he was not going to approve us, and then asked them for their personal information to “see what he could do.” You can imagine how much trouble this has caused for us. How morbidly unethical. We went to complain about this behavior, only to find out that he is head of the mortgage department. Thankfully, other mortgage companies have competent employees working for them and we easily filled out a limited review request and were approved in no time. We are set to close on Oct. 30, no thanks to Chase Bank.

  313. Just spent an hour on the kphone with Chase reps, from customer service to managers because they wanted to raise interest rate to 12.99% from 7.99%. Same situation as above. 11 year customer with good payment history. According to Chase increase is due to “market conditions, new federal laws and their increasing costs.” All throw-away phrases with no serious explainations. Fed rate, LIBOR rate, inflation, real estate, layoffs (at Chase) and large dollars from TARP funds at historic lows or highs as to what may benefit Chase. Seems that Chase should be reducing interest rates

  314. I hate chase! I had a CD with WAMU and when chase bought them I was angry. I once had a credit card with chase and called to pay it off and they told me it would be a ten dollar fee so I said fine just let me pay the balance and they said no the ten dollars will appear on the next bill. I said I wanted it paid now, they said no and next month when I call to pay the ten dollars they would charge me an additional ten dollars ( I don't receive paper statements). So basically I will never pay the card off. They are rude, mean, and can care less about helping you.

  315. I had the exact same situation with that company – the name 'chase' is apt – they chase customers. My payment was one day late – an error on my part and they refused to compromise, telling me that they have no intention of removing the late fees and interest charges. The next month they add more charges saying that because my payment was one day late, and they had not factored in that in the previous bill they were now billing me – a long convoluted story which did not make sense – and the rude sales rep – whom I believe they trained to be that way, told me I could cancel my cc if I did not like the service.

    I was with WAMU but got shunted to these 'chasers' in the meltdown…

  316. Following the death of my mother-in-law, who had a number of accounts with WaMu, it has taken Chase *over 18 months* to actually register her as deceased, despite the fact that we have sent a number of letters and paperwork. We would go without replies, spend hours on the phone to polite but clueless 'customer service' reps who were not permitted or able to transfer us to someone who knew what they were doing. Furthermore, they lost the notarized legal documents we sent them needed to close the accounts, and are asking us to send them again….

  317. I hate the day I ever activated my chase credit card. I had an interest rate of 8.99% for over four years. I forgot to make a payment online and it was one day late, and they nailed me with a $ 35.00 dollar late fee, which I can accept. I have had this card for over four years and have never been late, before my mental lapse. They found a way to sneak it in on me; they jacked it up to 27%. I have called them every week asking them to change my rate back explaining to them that I'm human I make mistakes; it was like talking to a dead person they don't hear you. I asked if I could talk to a supervisor and every person I've spoken with say there's no supervisor available. This company should have never been bailed-out and I let them know it every week I call. I will be calling them every week when I get the urge to harass them because they'll be doing the same thing when I get fed up and decide that I want let them continue to screw me without the vaseline anymore.

  318. Buckeye, they did this to me too. PERFECT CREDIT. If you call back an ask for options they CAN offer you 7.99 for 18 months at the 2% minimum payment, and then it goes to 18% plus. They are still holding the gun to your head but switch to a knife for a couple more years.

    Try a home equity line of credit, that's what I did, and it's deductible. You can pay it off somewhere between the 20 months they just stuck you with and the 48 months you had. I have a LONG memory. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS.

    Friends don't let Friends use Chase Credit….pass it on…

  319. They did that to me too, TEN year plus customer with perfect credit. Call and try and negotiate a rate to get the 2% minimum payment back, probablby 7.99% for 18 months and the 18% plus. Get it paid off somehow and DO BADMOUTH CHASE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

    Chase are predators, DO NOT let them open branches in your town with taxpayers money and tax credit.

    Friends don't let Friends use Chase Credit….pass it on

  320. BS Zak. I have 750's and NO late payments and they jacked my minimum without warning. OK. WE HAVE A VERY LONG MEMORY.

    Friends don't let Friends use Chase Credit.

  321. EXACT same thing happened to me and my credit was in the 750's and I had
    a 4.9 rate. Settle for 7.9 for 18 months at the 2% minimum balance and then 18% plus but I will have paid off long before that. You can't trust these people, Chase ARE PREDATORS.


    Friends don't let FRIENDS use Chase Credit… pass it on…

  322. I'm with you. Without going into all the details, I had my last straw with them this morning. I'm going to close my account with WaMu/Chase!

  323. If you think poor phone service from Chase Bank is a turnoff, you should try dealing with them about credit card payments when your company has gone bankrupt and you are collecting unemployment. I offered to pay them $100 a month until my house sells, at which time I would pay my balance of less than $5,000. They replied that they could not offer me a payment plan because I do not make enough money.

  324. Chase banks are only here to scam customers out of their money. i had slightly overdrwan my account 50cents an the same day i made a deposit through the ATM. going by what was on my reciept it covered the overdraft and i thought i was out of the water.. 3 days later they charged me the 30 dollar over draft fee anyways. i dont think this is fair.. if i made an attept to cover what i overdrawn the sameday it happend, Like the Chase Rep told me to do, and my account was current why was i charged?? i feel like reguardless of where you deposit your money inside or at the atm .. it should be posted.. espically if the money is no longer in your possesion and is in the banks possesion.. my chase account is gonna be shut down today .. the only reason i was keeping it open is because of a CD account that i have there.. other than that .. i never really use the account for anything… but i can't take it anymore … CHASE IS HORRIBLE!!

  325. They changed a fixed apr they had on a balance transfer they did…
    I mentioned to them that, I did not receive the change of terms in the mail, they increased my rate from fixed apr from 6.99 to 12.44%.

    No late payments, nothing like that, so I talked to a Manager today Gail, and told her that I would like to increase my payment instead of paying more interest, they told me that there is nothing they can work out.

    So closed my account today and will no longer be banking with them.

    Anyone thinking about using their fixed APR prmotions!! Please be aware!!

  326. I had a late payment in april on my citi card. How late? 1 day. Needless to say rate went up to 20 something %. This oct i called to get my rate reduced,because other then that 1 day late ive always paid on time for the last 6 years. So they drop my rate to 7%. Get this, i get a letter in the mail 1 week later dated ONE day after they dropped my rate now telling me my rate will now be 29.99% and i can keep my card and they will “do me a favor as a loyal customer” and offered me 24.99% as if it was a great gift or something. So my choices are to get raped on my debt, or close my account and take a hit on my credit score. Not much of a choice imo.

    When barney Frank or any politician says when they enacted the new credit card laws this summer and gave them 9 months before those protections and laws went into effect that ” We didn't think they would use the time to raise rates” …. Really? What a bunch of bs. A 4th grader could have predicated this.And now 2 months before it goes into effect now you wana freeze rates till laws go into effect? Whats the point? They already raised most ccholder rates across most banks. Stop pretending you are trying to protect us. Stop making it look like you are here to rescue us from the big bad banks. You sleep in the same bed.


  328. They are scum! They just did the exact same thing to me. I had charges lined up as pending for days that should have cleared. Then a big check came through and on that same day they cleared the check, and then all the other charges that had been sitting there. I ended up with 7 OD fees at 34.00 a pop. When I asked them why they did that they said they always put the biggest amount through first. I told them they were literally stealing money from my account by doing that. I am going straight to my local credit union and switching all my business to them. Chase is horrible!

  329. Chase Bank is on of the worst credit card companies along with Bank Of America, both banks support lying and deciept as part of doing business over the years and lately is much worse. The are raising 2% minimum monthly payments to 5% which is over double the payment-then they offer you a much higher interest rate as an only option to lowering the minimum monthly payment. If this is not criminal behavior then what next. We see lawsuits and there portfolios going down the tubes.

    What is wrong with these people and companies it seems that greed prevails in every walk of life and is making it much harder on Americans. If you are smart you will put these companies and there rude employees out of business once and for all.



  330. I received two letters from chase bank saying here’s some checks with a limit of 10,800.00 use them to pay off your debt so I decided to use one of the checks at 0% interest to pay my debts after I deposited the check they sent me a letter saying they lowered my limit to 500.00 and now I am over the limit and bounced a check this is not right!!! I will not be victim of Chase Banks deceptive, and unfair business practices!

    I don’t think this will look good in court Chase vs. Widow!

    I am not the only one other Chase credit card users report that their cards are being unexpectedly canceled and or the terms are being contradictorily changed one day they send you a check and the next they cancel your card.
    This is a serious unjust scam it is unfair!


    THE NEXT STEP IS PEOPLE VS CHASE BANK! And trust me after reading the comments of outraged customers online I have faith the People will win! Here‘s a just a few outraged customers there are many more.

  331. I payed my credit card balance off $2000.00 two months ago in full. I was unaware there was a “credit Keeper” fee attached to my account monthly. I looked at my account balance and saw this charge and quickly contactacted Chase for assistance. They were helpful in getting this fee to stop occuring. Last night I received a notice that my rate was going up to Prime +26.99% because I had been late with my $14.99 (full balance). I contacted Chase sure they would see the pattern and the steps we all took to correct the issue. When they offered no reversal and I voiced my unsatisfaction, the representative asked me if she should close my account!!! She asked me this 3 times. No BITCH YOU MAY NOT CLOSE MY ACCOUNT>>> I WILL JUST NEVER USE YOUR DAM CARD AGAIN… I asked to speak with someone at a higher level. This representative informed me there was no one else but her. REALLY….

  332. Talk about BAD Customer Service…Someone should give Ms. Patricia Baker a good “remedial” talking-to. She is evidently an SVP in the Executive office.

    I have used Chase Online banking since it began and received an e-mail in my regular e-mail account which prompted me to login to my Chase account and pick up an important message. (What a way to communicate with so many spoofs going on today….like 3/4 of the people receiving this probably trashed it.)

    However, I logged in and found there was a message which informed me that Chase had made an ERROR processing their online payments over a certain period and that when they sent out paper checks for the payments they had used the Payee “Nickname” (like you might call your Long Island Lighting Company …Electric)…instead of the proper Payee name.

    OK…people DO make errors. However it is the next part that is absolutely amazing…”If the two names do not closely match, your designated Payee may not be able to process the payment. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR RECIPIENT TO SEE IF YOU NEED TO RESCHEDULE THE PAYMENT.”

    ME???????? Chase made an ERROR and they want ME to track it through the recipient to see if they posted it. WOW…Supposed the recipient didn't post it, and my account goes past 30 days…then it shows on my credit report and then I spend another 11 hours trying to unscrew that!

    ME????????? Let's see, perhaps a better customer service approach would have been to say that they had made this error, but not to worry because they were immediately contacting all of the payees where this occurred and informing them and, if necessary, would phone them to insure that the checks they had mailed with the wrong payee name would be properly credited…OR…they could have stopped payment on those checks and reissued the correct ones immediately.

    Ms. Baker would certainly not qualify for a job in MY bank and gets an F from me for a real insult to many customers who keep large balances in her bank.

    Chase gets a black eye due to some bad judgement!!

  333. I Hate Chase. I'm a customer of theirs through inheritence. I was a happy Wamu Customer. But ever since they became chase all they do is nickle and dime you. I share everyones pain. All they care about s getting as much money as possible, they don't care if they lose loyal customers. I tryed to get a $39 returned payment check reversed and all they did was tell me it was my fault. They do nothing to prevent it like tell you theres something wrong with the transaction, The account was linked to my checking with plenty of funds, and they have the nerve to tell me I forgot a number in the account number, the account links automatically! I had nothing to type. I know the fee isn't much, but what effects me is that no one cares. Banks don't want to help people anymore, they just want to get as much money as possible in as little time as possible. I have multiple accounts with them, which will be colsed by the end of the week. I'm going to shop for a bank that actually cares about about people. I know the objective is to make a profit, but 70-80% of customers are repeat customers, if they lose one of two loyal customer, they lose a lot more through word of mouth. The horrible thing is they will do nothing for you, no help whatsoever, I cannot believe what my back has become. In the good old wamu days they would waive overdraft fees, and tryed to help you at least a little bit. Now! Its better luck next time. Too bad for you. I don't care. I just hope my new bank does not screw me over like they do. Down with Chase! Let them Die! They don't deserve our loyalty. We a all good people who are imperfect. It is obvious that chase doesn't care what kind of customers they have, as long as they get there money.

  334. I am in the same boat. I've never been late on a payment and am now in the process of selling my property for a $300K loss only to discover the prepayment penalty, resulting from a yield maintenance calculation, is $165,000+. This was never discussed with me other than when I asked the loan officer to explain the “greater of disclosure” and he dismissed the penalty as “1% or possibly less.”

    While the loan officer is long gone, his assistant still works for the bank (formerly WAMU and now Chase). According to her, the loan officers “would say whatever was necessary to close the deal.” I suspect this was standard practice for WAMU loan officers and if there are enough complaints/potential defendents that a class action could be invoked. I am currently in the process of having my attorney draft and file a complaint, however if it appears this was a standard practice for the WAMU lending group and the potential claim is in excess of $5M, well, strength in numbers as they say.

    If you believe you were deliberately misled or WAMU failed to properly disclose the potential yield maintenance penalty then please contact me if you are interesting in formally protesting this practice: Mark:

  335. I was told by the woman with a foreign accent that my mtg was charged 200.00 because this is what they had to pay to have someone drive by my house and see if I still lived here. I have since realized she was joking. But she sounded very serious on the phone. I have since refused to speak with anyone but those from the United States. Regarding my Chase credit card, the man with a foreign accent was rude when I told him a postdated check wouldn't be happening and he closed my charge card down.

    I feel a bit better knowing I am not alone.

    I really do sense that we are being patrionized. I have this to say to those who do this: Your day will come!

  336. I have been a loyal customer of Chase for more than 15 years. I have never once missed a payment. I always pay double the minimum payment and I really do mean always.
    This month the raised my interest rate from 9% to 14% for no apparent reason. Their response “well then find another credit card”. This simply has to be the absolute poorest run credit card company on the planet.
    I agree – boycott any and everything associated with Chase.

  337. I am unemployed so I automatically have a Chase card even though I do not want one. I cannot go to a local branch if I have trouble I have to call 866-865-1273, no choice and I have to go the through 3 minutes of menu and putting in my card number and pin in order to talk to a person. These parasites are making money off the unemployed and treating us like crap.

  338. I have had a real run-around with them and customer service is certainly not their goal. After the WAMU switch, one of my online bill's account number and address was changed. I paid someone else's bill! It was their fault. Guess who had to fix it! Me. They really suck. I already switched to a reputable credit union, where the money belongs to the community not the Rothchilds and Rockefellers!


  340. just wanted everyone to know to stay away from sears visa mastercard.they raised our payment where we can not make the payment any longer. They will not work with us at all.After calling them 4 or 5 times,we have to cut down on putting food on our table for our kids.we had no other choice.we told them we might have to file bankrupcy and they told us that was our own choice. so please everyone stay away from SEARS VISA MASTERCARD

  341. Just got a notice from Chase to raise interest from 12.50 to 26.99. This is after the last increase when they took over the WAMU account. That time they raised me from 11.25 to 12.50 automatically upon taking it over. They stated in this last letter that the reason for raising my rate was to MAINTAIN PROFITABILITY ON MY ACCOUNT. I have never been late in paying, have never bounced a check, always pay more than the minimum. I paid the balance in full ($466) and will never carry a balance on this card again. I have applied for a visa through my local credit union and will stop using the Chase card as soon as the new card comes through. A nice thanks from JPMORGANCHASE to the very same people who bailed them out.

  342. Chase and other banks want to close the small, unprofitable accounts. Banks are again (19th century) for the wealthy. Not for the common people.

  343. Another thing they screw up is their bizarre form of security in terms of “suspicious payments”. I have had my account frozen 4 times in the last 3 months when making payments outside the US. The first 3 times were when I was on vacation in various places, which I called and informed them of weeks in advance. They still froze my card and couldn't (wouldn't) fix it the entire trip. I had to use my AmEx card the entire time, thankfully Europe and Asia have no problem with it. Now, I just applied to a University in Canada (the 2nd in a week, and there was no problem with the first payment). It is my top choice university and they froze the application payment because it was “suspicious”. Yes, I'm sure the first thing someone does when they steal a credit card is use it to apply to a University. I've had it with Chase, and the minute I find a bank that does VISA I am switching!

  344. I completely agree. They are the worst company ever in terms of customer service. I just found out they reduced my credit limit on one of my credit cards by $4000. The credit limit was originally $8000 and has been for years. It was fine when that card was close to being maxed out, and I was paying them loads of interest every month. But I recently was able to make a large payment on that account and bring my balance to $0. A month later they decided to slice my credit limit in half. And every Customer Service Rep I talked to today (including 2 so-called supervisors) just repeated the same information over and over like robots. I'm considering cutting up every single one of my Chase cards and closing my Chase checking because of the awful customer service. They are TERRIBLE!!!

  345. This is just the blog I've been looking for. I just got off the phone with Chase from yet another dissappointing experience… This time reflected their unwillingness to support 9 years of dedication and excellent credit… here's the essense of our conversation:

    “How can I help you?”
    “Yes, I'm living abroad and on occasion need to make a rare cash advance, but see that I am paying 26.89% interest. I pay off my credit card every month and have been a good customer for 9 years. What can we do to lower the interest rate?”
    “I'm sorry, sir, unfortunately we're not lowering interest rates at this time.”
    “Other credit cards do and you have in the past, but then it tends to go up again… can't you lower the rate for long-term, dedicated VIP customers?”
    “I'm sorry, sir, we cannot.”
    “Hmm, that's too bad… I have other credit cards here with lower interest, I guess I'll just have to stop using my Chase card.”
    “And perhaps it's in my best interest to consider cancelling, even after such a long time.”
    “I'm sorry, sir.”
    “It's a shame… thank you for your 'guidance.'”
    “Thank you, sir, you have a good day.”

    I don't know about you… but something just doesn't seem right. No suggestions, no alternatives… just a big wall to keep sticking thumbtacks into… why not a window of opportunity?

  346. … and I'm sure the first thing someone does when they steal a credit card is pay their rent. I've had the same series of endless experiences of having my account frozen, especially when traveling abroad (which I do every month). It's been frozen in Europe, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Nepal. To help, Chase asked me to call and leave a note on my account before I depart. I have, but it was never 100% full proof and I still got blocked. On one occasion my curiosity got to me and I called back after leaving a “note on my account.” I talked to a different service agent and asked them to read my note back. Guess what, the previous agent hadn't recorded my note, it was all lip service (mind you an agent did record one note from 3 months earlier).

    A credit card should be reliable and offer a sense of security when traveling. Chase does not. Who wants to call to unfreeze their account when the tour bus is waiting? What if they can't call and have no other means to pay? It's both inconvenient and frightening. Chase just doesn't get it and it never got better. I've since changed to American Express… the annual fee is a bit high, but at least it's reliable abroad.

  347. And if you're like me, the computer never could identify me from the last for digits of my account or the last four digits of my SS#. I always had to wait for the customer service rep to come on to know that I really did exist. Funny thing is, I had to call so often due to so many issues, that I began to take record of my experiences with the “3 minutes of menu.” Guess what, not putting numbers and waiting is actually much quicker that messing around with the key pad… it only takes 30 seconds to get into the customer service line. I wrote a bedtime lullaby out of these moments that makes my children both laugh and cry.

  348. I had been a loyal WAMU customer since August of 2000. I had two checking accounts, 1 savings account and a credit card. In March of 2008, the promotional APR rate of 8.99% on the credit card had expired and it was increased to 14.99%. A year later, March of 2009, Chase hiked up my interest without any notice from 14.99% to 15.24%.
    Two months later, May of 2009, I received a notice that the APR of 14.99% (which as of April 17, 2009 per their notice) will be increased to 18.24%. I guess they didn’t know that my APR had already been hiked up to 15.24%. Anyway, the notice goes on to advise that I had until June 22, 2009 to close the account to hold the APR at 15.99% or I would be charged the higher rate. Unfortunately, I was so busy trying to find a better rate that it lapsed by two days and on June 24, 2009, I contacted their customer service dept to see if I could close the account and hold the interest rate at 15.99%.
    I must have been on the phone 45 minutes in total, I had spoken to several customer service reps each time having to repeat myself that I finally got so frustrated I escalated the call to a supervisor and literally pleaded with them to not raise my APR. I explained that I had been a loyal customer, to check my account to verify that 90% of the time the payment was made in full, and those times I couldn’t, I always paid much more than the minimum payment due always paying online a week well in advance of the due date and sometimes making more 2-3 payments a month. It didn’t matter that my credit rating was 762, that I had a great payment history, that I had been a loyal customer almost 10 years, and gainfully employed. In fact, I had a bonus coming in August that would pay off the full balance due yet they denied my request to keep my APR at 15.99% so I closed the account and my APR was hiked up to 18.24%.
    In November, I paid the entire balance due however the payment was received one day late. The following day, I was charged $37.95. Again, I called customer service and pleaded to waive the $37.95 finance charge and their response was “sorry, we cannot”. When I told her I would be closing all my accounts, she simply said “Is there anything else I can do?” I told her I hated Chase and I hung up.
    Today, Dec. 18, 2009, I went into the branch and closed all my accounts—WHAT A RELIEF! When the rep asked why, I told her I HATED Chase for all the reasons above and her response was all the banks do it… BoA, Wells Fargo, etc… I took my money and ranted all the way out shouting to patrons to take their business elsewhere. And, if you don’t think it can get any worse. I just got off the phone with a customer service rep to dispute a charge of $1.53 “finance” charge when the account was closed, paid off last month, and a zero balance as of 5pm PST. I distinctively remember asking them “are you sure? This is it—right?!? Are there any other hidden fees you’re going to charge?! Tell me now because I want you out of my life”. “No ma'am you only owe $37.95 and tonight I find that I am being charged $1.53!!!! Needless to say, she reluctantly credited the account though it will take until the next billing cycle and I was directed to check back in 3-5 business days. I have it on my calendar to check this account daily- they CANNOT be trusted!!!! I will NEVER do business with Chase again. I did ask the rep if Chase was that hard up for money and only hope my account doesn’t become a target of identity theft.


    I started a checking account, savings account and credit card with WAMU back in 2004 and had been very please with their service since. Once I heard Chase was taking over, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to last, and I was right.

    First off, I now have to have a hold but on all my checks when I deposit them even though I am in good standing with them, THEY DO THIS TO EVERYONE. Secondly, I used to be able to transfer funds from my savings to my checking instantly online to back my account when funds were low. I tried this with chase and for some reason had to wait two business days for the transfer to go through. What?? Two of my own accounts in the same bank and it takes two days?? What the hell for, its electronic!! I check my statement 2 days later and still no transfer. It wasn’t done 3 or 4 days later, it was 5 days later!! Yeah, 5 days, which was a day after a charge I made caused my account to dip into the negative and create an overdraft fee. After going to the back to get the overdraft charge removed, they tell me that the charge I made didn’t cause my account to go under, it was my automatic checking to savings transfer! WHAT??? I have $50 a month go into my savings account from my checking just to save a little money. With WAMU if there was not enough in the checking account to transfer to savings, then it wouldn’t go through, makes sense right. Well, with Chase, if there isn’t enough in the checking account they go right ahead and do it anyway and just charge you an overdraft fee!! What a bunch of bull. I told them they needed to take the fee off, as it wasn’t my fault. Finally, after going through 3 people and explaining my story 2 times, someone chased down the branch manager who told me he could credit it but it was not their fault, it was because I didn’t understand Chase’s practices. Well I’m beginning to become all too familiar with Chase’s practices. And this wasn’t my only problem.

    Next was my chase credit card. Back in April of 2009 I made an online payment. I came to find out in May that there was no payment posted according to my statement and they had charged a late fee. I called in with the confirmation number of the payment and because it was their error they credited the account. In October, I made a payment 1 day late, by my own oversight. It was my fault so I didn’t call to argue. A month later I received a letter stating since I had been late 2 times in 6 months that my rate would increase to 25.99%. I called in, irritated but calm and explained my situation. They immediately said there was nothing they could do. Despite the fact that the first late occurrence was THEIR fault, they said there was nothing to show on my account that it was indeed their fault. They also did not care that my last late payment was only a day late and that the two late occurrences were EXACTLY 6 MONTHS APPART. I was infuriated at this point and she simply stated that if I disagreed with the changes that I could close my account and keep my current interest rate. I then asked to speak with a supervisor and she told me that my situation was NON NEGOTIABLE and I would be told the same thing. I didn’t care and wanted to speak with a supervisor anyway and she simply said there WAS NO SUPERVISOR AVAILABLE! What?? You mean to tell me that these people can just do whatever they want and have no one to answer to? Come on. She told me I would have to leave her supervisor a message and he would call me back. Well, I did, with my name and number and account number and guess what. I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL. I closed my account the next week, still requested a supervisor, still had to leave a message and still have not received a call back. What a joke.

    If you have Chase, get rid of them because if you haven't yet had a problem, you will!!!

  350. I pulled my money out of chase bank today because they stole 24$ of my money because i didnt keep a minimum of 300$ in my savings account. The statements are rec'd quarterly and i didnt look at the October 09 one but realized they were slowly draining my savings a month at a time in January by that time 24$ WAS GONE AND ONLY 6 CENTS OF INTEREST. They wouldnt correct the mistake, made no apologies. Their service STINKS. it takes them minimum of 30 minutes to cash a check and they treat you like a criminal for withdrawing money from your account. They never have enough tellers to service you ..Often only the drive in window tellers are available and you are forced to wait until they are free. I totally Hate this bank and their attitude and the way they STEAL your money.

  351. Do not fall in to coupons with case bank they will get you. chase is totaly ripoff. they will send you coupans when you open the account they will not pay you for the coupon and make some reasons which they did it to me. Then I got enrolled in there points program and ordered some BP gift card for those points, its been two months they haven't sent it to me.
    “Chase is RIP OFF if you want some good advice Dont open occount with Chase bank”

  352. You right. This stinkers have no limitations on scams and ripoffs.
    They make a 1.50 whatever fee to make my account overlimit and then charged me 39.00 overlimit fee for that.
    I cut their cards in 10,000 pices.

  353. I HATE CHASE!!! I got a cashiers check for $2,500 for an account I hold with them. It turns out I did not need the check after all. I went to Chase and to deposit it back into my account. Two days later I checked my account online and the cashiers check was still on HOLD! I immediatley called Chase and they told me their policy is to hold checks over a certain dollar amount! I lost it!!!! 1. The check was a cahsiers check! 2. The check was drawn on their bank! 3. When were they going to tell me his infomation! I had to call them! Thank God I worked in banking for a few years and was able to talk through BS they were trying to shoot me! All the sudden the check no longer needed to be on Hold and the funds were majically released. I was on the phone with them for a total of 2 hours and I just kept going up the ladder!!! Finally, they wanted me to call the bank where the account was opened and I told them NO! If you want to talk to the bank you call them and I'll hold. That's what did it, all of the sudden, they no longer needed to speak with the bank and the funds were made available immediatley!

  354. Holy Cow they are the worst!!! I had Wamu (who I really liked) and Chase took over raised my interest drastically 10 points to 29.99%!!! for no reason and now won't come down at all. On top of being super rude on the phone. They said I could have opted out during a certain time frame (I think a couple months) yet I never received this notice in the mail. They should have had this option for more than a couple months. This is the lamest thing I have ever seen. I have a Wells Fargo card and they are a savior compared to Chase. The sooner I pay Chase off and close the account the better off I will be. Nobody should have to deal with this bank. You will get screwed one way or another even if you don't do anything wrong. Please Boycott Chase!!! So hopefully they will start listening to their customers and helping them like a good bank should.

  355. Oh my God! I can't believe that this is happening. I have been a chase customer for 10 years now too but I haven't called them lately since I don't have any problem. Nevertheless, this is something REALLY REALLY WRONG! Business are supposed to go after their customers and not drag them away…

    Now, it made me think to call them and check things out. If this will happen, I will pull out all our investments in this bank. I am going to record the conversation so I can spread it. Let's find out what will happen then!

  356. Chase bank is a JOKE! I have been trying to motify my house loan with them and for the first tried I was denied. But then I was contacted by a supervisor about a free trial period they put me on were I'd pay interested only untill another decision was made. Sounds great right? Well I came to find out that for the past 6 months that I was NEVER on this “free trial period.” The supervisor that talked to me pretty much did something complete out of the ordinary and wrong. And still after this mistake all of the employee I spoken (about 50 of them) would tell me that everythiing was fine, all the papers were submitted correctly and all I had to do was wait for the decision to be made by the Under-writter. Come on!!!!!! Why are they playing with people's life? It is my house on the line here and nobody was able to correct this mistake for 6 months?? What kind people work for them? Who hires these idots to tell lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This company should be punished! All of those that told me inaccurate information should face serious consequences! I would have not been disgusted with them if they were sincerer on their responses to me but this company has no remorse towards their customers! The government should be aware of this and I am sure I am not the first one screwed by this incompetent animals!

  357. I am going through a bunch of crap with Chase as well. I was a WaMu customer, and my WaMu card, along with my Cabella's card was transferred over to Chase, plus I had a Chase credit card. I always paid all my bills on time, and more than the amount due. One day, for NO reason Chase closed my one card without even having the decency of telling me. I called them, and they said there is nothing they can do. So, now I go online to pay my card payments, and all my Chase payment due amounts have more than doubled! To try to talk to them is useless, they have NO feelings. Now, even though I have done nothing wrong, I can't afford this huge increase, and my good credit is about to be ruined. I HATE Chase, stay FAR away from them.

  358. I was shocked about CHASE and its customer service. I have never used their service and the promotion sounded pretty good, so I applied for a credit card….having had many credit cards with different banks, I have never had an issues…..In my whole life, I have never experienced this. I applied online and a week later, I received it, I called to activate the card. To my utmost surpise, having answered some questions, they declined to activate my card. I asked to speak to the a supervisor/manager, she said that there isn't one. Now, if they think I am a fraudster, why do they bother sending me a credit card. As well, the lady couldn't speak English and trying to hear what she said was a challenge, so did I make a “mistake” giving an answer ? If so, at least try and find out more….This is not the strategy to prevent fraud…but sending out a card and not activating it..and not having a supervisor to discuss what was really the issue, I think there is an issue there…..

    So why are they sending out a $10,000 credit limit card to someone and then say they are not going to activate it ?

    The Rep said ” you will have to apply again..” “NOT” I am just glad that I experienced early, just don't bother with them, maybe they will ask to get free money from governments to stay open…….

  359. I was receiving calls from an 800 number that I was not answering. After googling the number I discovered it was the CHASE fraud dept. I called the number on the back of my card and sure enough someone was attempting to use my card. After denying the charges with the automated system they sent me to a real human. (On a side note as soon as selected the option that the charges were fraud the automated voice returned in a significantly higher pitched and frantic matter which I found odd). The human I spoke to quickly advised me that she could do nothing as their computers were being upgraded and to call back in an hour. She was completely unsympathetic about it and rude.

    My other gripe is they gave me a Freedom card which if freedom means being raped with an outrageously high interest rate then they have succeeded. I am paying down the card and will cancel it as soon as possible. I didn't have a problem with CHASE prior to their overtake of WAMU. I feel very bad for you WAMU customers who are screwed by their horrible service.

  360. Update: called back and now am advised to call back tomorrow, not in an hour as previously advised. So frustrating. Thanks for allowing me to vent!

  361. I agree Chase has turned into a terrible company. I had a credit card with them for several years. My account was always in good standing, never a late payment or over limit on my account. I paid off my account in full in January of 2010. I received a letter, in the mail, one week later saying that my account had been closed.

    I contacted the company to inquire why and was told they had the authority to close an account at anytime and were not required to provide a reason. I said I wanted to redeem my account points that were approximately 11,100. I was told that I was not entitled to them due to the closing of my account. I requested to speak to a supervisor and was told one was not available, but that they would give me the same information.

    The consumer has little recourse other than filing complaints with State and Federal Agencies. The greatest recourse we do have is to stop doing business and request family and friends do the same-with regards to JP Morgan Chase.

  362. WOW! I too had WAMU. Chase should take some hints from their CS. Everything is fine as long as you don't have an issue to resolve. Their CSR's are the most unprofessional, rude, uneducated, disrespectful, uncaring, unsympathetic, unempathetic (if there is such a word), and ignorant people I have ever dealth with. I will never use their services in life again even if they are the last bank on earth. I will do without. The worst part is the Executive Escalations department who had the audacity to sigh out loud, as if I was boring them, when I was trying to resolve my issue. There is no recourse and no listing of VPs, no supervisors, and no one returns your calls. Now they are calling me everyday and harassing me. I sent a letter yesterday requesting to opt out of phone calls. If they continue I will file a complaint. As a matter of fact, I will anyway. Check out their BBB report. A disgrace!I hope they fail and everyone who needs a bank finds this and the other blogs online. I think I'll look for or start one on facebook as well. Other banks have failed so it's not impossible. I'm praying on it.

  363. I am a former WAMU customer. I hold a classic checking account and a cc account with Chase now, due to the buy-out…I recently went into my local branch to order a new debit card, (the card became de-magnetized with frequent use).
    I was coerced into signing up for a new rewards business debit card, which come to find out, after reviewing the fine print, charges an annual fee of $25.00, (not disclosed upon signing up for the account), along with other hidden fees.
    Today (7 dys later) I went into the same branch/same “personal banker”, whom was extremely rude, and condescending, said he would close the account but there would be a fee of $25.00 to close it! Not only did he blatantly lie in front of the so called “supervisor”, but I felt like I was being bullied by both men!
    So, I decided to pull all of my money out of my accounts and move it elsewhere. No thank you Chase bank, I expect more.
    I shall open an account with TD Bank in the morning,
    even though I will have to travel a bit further to do my everyday banking. I’d rather put up with the small inconvenience of not having the bank right around the corner, to be treated with respect and as a valued customer.

    F.Y.I Customers are dropping like flies, I just convinced 3 of my friends to drop Chase and move over to TD with me.
    The power of ‘word of mouth’ should not be underestimated JP Morgan!

  364. From all the comments above and the clear disregard for customer service, Chase bank are certainly trying the patience of their customers! Maybe we should all bank elsewhere.

  365. Have a mortgage through chase(was bought by them), and now they try to rack on late charges on the 2nd of the month. My statement says after the 14th is late. The CS guy I talked to was a complete jerk. I hope this bank fails, and goes bankrupt. I feel for the people who would lose jobs, but something has to happen….

  366. Chase customer service…is not!
    Just received monthly statement indicating I had a missed payment and a $39 late fee. But….wait a minute, I’ve paid monthly several hundred dollars over the minimum payment. Turns out I paid my February payment on January 30 and it can’t be counted as a Feb payment. Chase customer no service said too bad, you get late fees for early payments as well as late ones. Needless to say the account has been closed.
    Bite me Chase.

  367. Well just in case anyone was thinking this was an old story it’s not. I got one of the credit card checks in the mail last week. I had a very high limit on my card and had just happened to be between paychecks when I had my taxes done. So I paid the accountant with the Chase check. After all it was only a couple hundred and I had thousands available on my card limit. So three days later I get a call from someone giving me some really weird company name which I had never heard of, when I asked her to repeat it she gave me the script about being recorded for quality…. I said thats not what I asked, again who are you? She gave me the funny name and started in oh her script. I stopped her and said I’ve nver heard of you and I don’t do business with you so I’m hanging up when she finally said I’m with Chase bank. So I asked why didn’t you say that? Without answering she launched into the fact that she has canceled my check and it will likely bounce and that they are closing my account because I don’t spend enough. I’ve been a paying customer for years. She further said that they will be placing a comment on my credit because I don’t use my cards enough. I asked for the supervisor and was repeatedly told that no supervisors work after hours (she called about 7:30 PM). I said if I get a bounced check fee I expect them to pay it and will be forwarding them a bill. She said if I do that they will sue me and I’ll have to get a lawyer and that they are bigger and I will loose! Unbelievable customer service. I still owe them a large amount, if they are going to mess with my credit I may as well stop paying them anyway on the card I still carry a balance with. I have been a good customer for years but if this is how I’m treated for my good works I see no reason to try and act in good faith when clearly they are not.

  368. I am encouraged daily to do my banking online so most of it i have learned to do. I have been a loyal washington mutual customer for over ten years and loyal to chase. I have 3 checking accts and saving. I have never had a overdraft and keep a positive balance on all of my accounts. I decided to write out a check for rent to my landlord he deposited it in his credidit union and it was returned back to him witrhin 1 day as a NSF he called me to ask what the h__L is going on and i told him that the funds are there and went to my chase bank and they said they tried to call me once 1 time to verify but nobody andwerted so they rejected it saying it was out of sequence the chek and a couple hours later when i asked another employee she said it was cuz uf the sinature not matching, Bottom line is my rent was grossly late after the dust settled and i could meet up with my landlord and pay him the rent oh let us not forget the $90 late fee and $5 return check fee. I called chase officaials and voiced my stern complaint about there protical to stop my rent from being paid on time as it states in the memo for rent. I cursed a bit when all they can do is apoligize but when I asked them to “Help” pay for the late fee they laughed it off and were rude and because i was swearing into the phone they closed up all of my accounts snap!

  369. Okay I can tell you “some” of the stories here are exaggerated, leaving out late payments ect.

    However, most of the stories are 100% factual. I’m an attorney and have 760 Fico score average. Never pay anything late. Almost all my payments are online monthy “automatic pay”.

    I had a 10 year card with Providian, that was purchased by WAMU, and now owned by “Chase”. Providian was bad, WAMU was a little better, but Chase is absolutely the worst company in ANY industry.

    My CC limit is over $15K @ 7.99% with a balance of $7K. I have always paid between $500 to $750 per month. Quickly got it down to $3K when Chase sent a letter saying “they want to increase my rate to 24.99% unless I call them.

    So I called them and ask why would anyone on God’s green earth would I choose 24.99% over 7.99%. The ass wipe from India says “Iam sorry sir and we will keep the 7.99 rate for you”

    Month later I find through a declined purchase that my account has been closed! $3K on a $15K+ card and it’s declined and closed. I called Chase again, this time patched to fricken Philippines. The ass wipe says “I’m sorry sir, since you chose not to take the new rates, we must close your account at 27.99% because of the economy and risk.

    I fell out of my chair hearing 27.99%, that’s not CC APR, that’s loansharking rates.

    I told him why couldn’t they just lower my limit to something that was less risky for them. Again, he says “I’m sorry sir, there’s nothing we can do now.

    There’s nothin you can fricken do!!! Then why close it and jack my rates from 7.99% to 27.99%!!! Unfucken believable!!!

    So I ended up paying the $3K as one payment. I still make deposits with Chase on behalf of my business partner. Tellers would aways ask my why I don’t have a account with them. I wasn’t going to tell, but if you must asked, then…..

    Banking industry for the most part have been money whores in the last 5 years. By that I mean they invested in very very risky types of business. Even banks that initial held out gave in; seeing all the profits for competiting banks. The banks were sitting fat in milking the sub prime mortgage industry. Executives were making money hand over fist.

    Like Silicon Valley, the bubble burst and the banking industry collapsed. Looking at a pathetic balance sheet, the executives decide to do major “risk overhaul”. Reeling in all debts and writing off bad ones to clean house. They tighten up available credits and all types of personal and business loans. You couldn’t get penny out this assholes, yet they were whores just months ago!

    So the Republicans for last 8 years fought for deregulation, promoted big business, and preached “trickle down economics”. Hell it obviously did not work. Worst economy in my lifetime. Deregulation gaves us Bernie Maddoff, collapse of big banks, collapse of big auto makers, and unemployment at a all time high. They proted big business, yet millions of jobs went offshore to China and India.

    I live in CA and the Arnold the Terminator, did just that, he killed our state and pushed it to brink of bankrupcy.

    I’m glad Obama passed some new laws that will prevent future card holders from going through what I went through. With those new laws, banks have already found some loopholes to give customers the shaft.

    Many will say if you don’t like them then don’t do business with them. I agree and I won’t. I so sick of dealing with Chase. For god sake can’t I get a CSR who speaks English!

  370. I had a card through Providian (aka WaMu). Decent credit limit with a decent interest rate. Chase “acquired” WaMu and my account. Not long after they sent me a nice letter stating “based on a review of your credit report from Experian, your credit limit will be decreased”. Thinking something might be wrong, I immediately requested my credit report from Experian and even paid for the credit score. To my surprise, nothing was wrong with my credit report and my credit score was 825!! I called Chase to get answers but got nothing. I searched their website for any “real” phone numbers but they must not want you to talk to someone who can help you. I finally sent an e-mail explaining the situation and asked for one good reason to keep my account open. The only reply I received was the standard “sorry, but there is nothing we can do”. To add insult to injury, they raised my interest rate a couple months later.
    Now for the good news, I was able to pay them off last month. I called today to close my account. The woman noticed they had sent me a new card and asked if there was something that wasn’t working for me. I said “Yes, you lowered my credit limit and raised my interest rate. That’s not working for me!” She acknowledged my displeasure and closed my account without a hint of concern. I am shocked at the fact that this company DOES NOT CARE about their customers!


  371. I had a WAMU card that was great — fair rates, good customer service, no hidden scams — but then Chase took over about this time last year. They automatically jumped my interest rate to 30 percent because I was late on a payment based on their problems with e-pay in the interim. Customer service was a joke; when they weren’t pitching me on some expensive, useless new “service,” they were telling me in broken English how nothing could be done. The last straw was two days ago when they sent me a letter that was intentionally meant to look like mailbox spam; it said they were lowering my available balance “for my convenience” — I had stopped using the card based on the interest rate. Who would use a 29.99 percent card? Seriously, I can get better rates from the mafia. So it was with pleasure that I called Chase and cancelled my account yesterday. I am lucky enough to be in a position to pay them off entirely and cut the cord. To anyone banking with Chase: get out while you can because this bank is extremely unethical and THEY WILL SCREW YOU. It is how they do business. I can only assume Chase’s days are numbered. I am looking forward to their demise.

  372. PS: I just sent an email to, whom I have spent tens of thousands of dollars with, that I will not be a customer of theirs until they cease working with Chase. credit cards currently go through Chase Bank, so no more Amazon for me. If anyone has a list of other business organization who support Chase, please let me know and I will write to them as well.

  373. CHASE is still in the credit card business only because they have so many card users who are TRAPPED there, unable to pay off their balances. The ‘best customers’ with high credit ratings, see through their tricks and get out.
    I paid off my account last month(or thought I had, until I received a bill for $16 finance charges). I called and let them know that this is the last $16 I will EVER EVER give to Chase, and that it’s a happy day to be rid of them. The person I spoke with audibly yawned as I expressed my dissatisfaction. Like James, I am looking forward to their demise.

  374. Listen to this:

    1) I had a home equity line of credit with CHASE for years. Never late a day on a payment. They suddenly closed the account with no advanced warning. I went to purchase something and my card was declined. Three weeks later something came in the mail. Lucky for me, I was done painting my house. Then I heard about other people they did that to, leaving them high and dry on projects they needed to complete.

    2) I put my payments on auto deduction, first speaking to two reps to get the correct form and address to set it up. My bad was that I was not checking my bank statements and assumed after six weeks (which is the time they gauranteed me it would take effect)it would be auto deducted. Turned out, no one followed through on it. I was sent the wrong form with the wrong mailing address! Consequently, I missed a payment and they tripled my interest rate and would not lower it! I’m not kidding!

    3) Then they took over my bank, Washington Mutual. They have a policy that holds funds on checks for two days, even if the checks are written from federally backed accounts, such as USAA. I made a deposit and not realizing the funds were not available for 48 hours, I made several purchases and was charged a whopping $39 per overdraft fees, six of them. Out of the kindness of their hearts, they dropped one!

    4) I went in and wanted a print out of my account to see what auto deductions I had set up with that account. I have almost all my bills set up on auto deduction. I was told I can no longer get a print out of my account from a teller! The reason is that the same information comes to me in a statement and I can use the statement instead (assuming I can find the statement!) But it is really a “security” issue the teller told me. The printouts have our acct numbers on them, “and anyone could get their hands on it once I leave the bank”. I was actually told this nonsense. I said, “It sounds more like you’re trying to save money on the paper”. He told me ALL the banks are doing that now. So I asked around. I asked U.S. Bank and Key Bank and neither are doing that, and they have only a one day hold on deposits.

    CHASE bank and corp is horrible. I’m in the process of moving my auto deductions and closing my accts with them, and I can’t seem to do it one day too soon.

  375. Chase Financial Services/Chase is holding my Mom’s investment dividends hostage. Their policy does not accept her ‘joint power of attorney’ unless the POA states the agents can act independently thereby cancelling out the sole intent of a joint POA where agents act in concert with each other.
    If you’d like to talk about power run amuck, this is it.
    With POA in hand and notarized signatures of both agents on a sworn affidavit (provided by Chase), I and my brother requested that the dividends from a mutual fund be deposited into my mother’s checking account rather than being automatically reinvested. Monies are needed to pay a monthly nursing home fee of approx. $4000 for my mother who has Alzheimer’s Disease. The bank tells me their policy does not recognize the POA. Unbelievable! The financial advisor has been asked to provide a written statement from the policy makers, but so far no response. His hands seem to be tied as well.
    Any suggestions short of a lawsuit? I hate the idea that I may have to hire an attorney to be able to access these dividends.
    It seems there should be an easy way to resolve this, but apparently no ‘grandfather’ clause can be found that may work either.
    To make matters worse, the same bank, but different branch, will not allow access to mother’s safe deposit box by the joint attorneys- in-fact even though the POA specifically allows the box may be accessed by the agents.
    Again….Ridiculous and shocking beyond belief!

    What can be done? I called to talk with the president of the company and his name is not included on their roster – imagine that!
    I could also not speak or meet with the head honcho at the bank nor have I been told the name of any of the actual policy makers.
    I may need to resort to legal action, as if I have time for that taking care of mother 24-7 because I can’t access her money to pay for a qualified nursing/memory care facility.

  376. Chase bank sucks. I was a customer of Washington Mutual and my credit card was taken over by Chase after they purchased WAMU. I recently paid off my balance only to find that they reduced my limit from $1500 to $300. I have never been late on this account and always paid more than the min bal. I immediately closed the account and let the customer svc rep know that I was disgusted by their treatment and that they need me…I don’t need them. I wrote my Congresswoman and Senators. Chase Bank will not stay in business treating people like dirt. I implore everyone to tell everyone that you know to STAY AWAY FROM CHASE BANK and to CLOSE ALL ACCOUNTS…LETS SHOW THEM THAT THEY NEED US!

  377. James P. A.-
    I have done the same …. I won’t buy from Amazon as long as they are bl*wing Chase on an hourly basis. The same holds true for AARP … another Chase whore.
    And to you Mr Hillbilly Greek President of the Chase black hand—
    –Happy Howard Johnsons
    –God Bless Leona Helmsley
    –See ya MCI
    –Ta Ta Enron
    The bigger they are the more hellacious their fall.
    Have a good day Bernie Madeoff and don’t mistake the Vicks for the Vaseline.
    Chase will fall, to not only my delight, but the delight of everyone they have raped and betrayed in the last year.

  378. I am in the same boat. my story is a bit different, I lived in ohio and had a bank one account which was bought by chase. I kept banking and paying bills online until I moved to florida.. they had no branches here which force me to close my account and choose another bank.. chase bought washington mutual and they have a lot of branches now.. I got an invitation to open a checking account with them which I did. I went online and use their web site to pay their credit card bill..I thought everything is fine ..until I get a letter saying I had a bad check and that they are charging me late fee return check fee and some other ***&(*. I call their customer service wondering what they are talking about… after alot confusion and research they found out that the account that the payment was sent from is the OLD CLOSSED ACCOUNT!!!.. they refuse to remove all the charges and pretty much told me that it was my fault for not checking the account number
    . what kind of bank is this I cut up that credit card and payed off the balance.. a month later I get a bill of $3 that includes a finance charge charge of $1 for a $2 balance… that got me more furious at them and clossing my checking account is next in my list… they don’t just suck they are punishing their good customer.. soon they will end up with no paying customer..

  379. WOW! I just had the exact same experience with a “rep” then a “supervisor”. I was told my options were to close my account – when I explained that I do all my banking (checking, savings, IRA etc) with chase and also have several chase cards – with normal interest rates (I was calling about a WaMu legacy card with a 29.24% interest rate – I kept saying 30% and each time the rep corrected me, no miss it’s 29.24%! I have had the card since 2004, have never missed a payment and have a very very low balance). I was astonished at the lack of customer service – it was like they were enjoying reading their script and saying no no no. Finally the supervisor told me I could write a letter – which I have, but I’m sure it won’t change a thing. The thing is I don’t want to close the account as it will impact my credit rating. I really can not believe how rude and crazy that call was – I actually thought it had to be some kind of joke. If I did not have so much of my financial life linked to Chase I would BOYCOTT for sure. As it is I have put that card away – never to be used again – the balance is paid in full – I’m sure they could not care less, but what else can I do.

  380. My wife and I had a bad customer service experinence with Chase Home Finance. We made a multiple payment.We used their payment coupon and marked the box that said mutiple payment. They applied one months payment but without authority applied the other payment to the principle. The loan is in my wive’s name.
    She is an elementary school teacher so has no time during the day to call. When I called I went through a 2 hour ordeal without any results. They kept saying they needed my wife to authorize the movement of the funds. I kept telling them I do not want information etc…only for them to do what they should have done. They misapplied the funds without her authority….why do you need it to fix your mistake. [We went on and on] When my wife got out of school she had 13 calls from Chase. But although they called her it still took an hour to reach someone who said they could fix the problem. That was 2 weeks ago we have still not received a revised statement. Never make multiple payments! They are not capable of processing them!!!!!

  381. Chase told me that in order to favour a fraud dispute in my direction, I HAVE TO PAY A $12 fee! This is fraud we are talking about, and if I had lost the card, yes I will pay because it’s my fault, but NO, the card was in my possession the whole time, I did not buy anything online with the card and only used it in restaurants. I talked to the supervisor and like 4 different agents, and they were nasty and stubborn. I have been a Chase customer for a long time too and they didn’t budge!!! Go figure!

    Chase rep: “I have to replace your card to prevent further fraud, but in order to do so, we are charging you a replacement fee”

    Me: “what? I have to pay a fee? what about close my account?”

    Chase rep: “I’m sorry Ma’am, you still have to pay the fee.”

    Seriously, isn’t gift card the same as credit card, i would think to replace a credit card is just the same cost and labour as replacing a gift card. BUT they can replace a credit card for free and not a gift card?! Especially when I didn’t lose the card!

    Me: “This doesn’t make sense. I didn’t lose the card why do I have to pay a fee?”

    Chase rep: “Ma’am in order to favour the dispute in your direction, you have to close the account. Closing the account, you have to pay a fee! Or we will reverse the credit back and you will lose the dispute!”

    OK, seriously, WTF?!

    Anyways, it was taking way too long on the phone, so eventually I agree for the time being so I can get the remaining refund back. The agent said it is in process I should be getting the refund back in 4 -6 weeks, blah blah blah~ This happened on April 29 and 30.

    Today, May 20, they said they closed the account because I never responded to the action requested?! Once again, WTF?! I was confirmed twice, I even have an email saying they are processing the refund!

    Something is seriously wrong with this bank. With the economy and their horrible service, I’m almost thinking this bank is going to be GONE!!!

    I know for a fact Starbucks just ended their contract with them! WAY TO GO, STARBUCKS!!!

  382. oh to clarify, the letter I received on May 20, said they are closing the dispute (not the account), because i didn’t respond. and they are reversing the credit back! OK, they need to speak within their departments and people! Something fishy is happening in CHASE!!!

  383. I too am being held hostage…4 years ago I was late by ONE day with one payment. Since then they are charging me 32% interest.

    I called and told them that, since that one mistake I have always paid MORE (sometimes MUCH more) than the minimum and for the last 4 years have been the perfect customer.

    6 months ago-I called them and asked that they reconsider and lower the % back down. I was told that my credit isn’t very good, so “according to the contract” they cannot lower it, no matter how long I have been faithfully making my payments ON TIME and always for more than the minimum.

    Then I wrote an e-mail to the FEDERAL BANKING COMMISSION- explaining all that had transpired!!!!!

    Immediately-Chase e-mailed me and said that they would lower my rate for 6 months to 3%…..NOW WE KNOW THAT THEY DO WHATEVER THEY WANT—–REGARDLESS OF THEIR “””””CONTRACT””””””

    That is the proof….and yet if I call again, they will fall back on their BEST excuse…. “WELL, THE CONTRACT SAYS…..”

    Yea right…I am going to pay off my card in 6 months and cancel the card.

  384. I got rid of Chase a while back for the same type of situation. I almost lost my luxury apartment because of the ordeal I went through with them.

  385. I was a Washington Mutual Customer. Chase Bank bought them out here in Ca. WAMU Treated me well, I had a low APR. A Decent Credit Limit.
    When Chase Bank came in, they lowered my credit limit,raised my apr.
    Chase spends millions on advertising here, but
    when it comes to listening to their customers.
    They suck!
    Oh yea. I never been late, I always pay over the minimum payment. I have a 700+ crdit rating.
    I can’t wait till another bank buys this bank out. please boycott.


    Bottom line: I made a credit card payment 1 hour late because i did not realize the cutoff time was Eastern! 1 hour cost me $40, made my rate jump to 29.9o% and cost me an hour of humiliation when I had to ask 15 times to talk to the supervisor to ask them to take care of a long time customer. The response was pretty much “go f$$k yourself. We do not care how long you have been with us this is it, there is nothing you can do and enjoy it. I left home went to the branch and closed both my accounts. Please do the same!

  387. its sad how stupid people can be on something so simple and for something they actually deal with everyday. we are all consumers and credit cards are a big part of that, they loan as the money for our purchases. and it actually comes with a cardmember agreement that we signed and every little thing people are complaining about here the terms and conditions are all stated in there. that is if you even understood what you were getting yourself into. its a shame how you grown ups can be so illiterate and irresponsible.

  388. Chase is an absolute crook. I had to cash a rent check given to me by one of my tenants. I went directly to the Chase Bank in my neighborhood and Chase refused to cash their own check unless a pay a $6 service charge. It is their own check issued by their own customer. They were able to see the funds in the account and give me the money but refused to complete the transaction.

  389. We are very dissatisfied with Chase, We apply for a card from and never sent the statement, We called many time to amazon about the statement, but they do not know any about my orders and my statement. Now Chase sent me a letter to pay them exorbitant interest and payments. Now Chase is bothering to telephone all the time for us to pay. I never applied to Chase credit card. I applied to amazon, this situation is horrible, I want to pay, but I do not need to pay the interest that has been generated by the irresponsibility of chase.


  390. I had my son close his account and he is in the process of transfering his charge account to another company.
    I paid off my mortgage loan on April 12,2010 the amt they told me to before the date they gave me and they tried to tell me I owed for May Interest up until june 23rd. even though I had already pd. They put my Cashiers check in the suspence fund and kept it there until June 18, 2010 ( that is 2 months) And then not to mention I threatening letters from CUSTOMER CARE. They said I owed $800.00 on the day I received the letter on June 9, 2010 and $15.00 a day until I paid them. They also put us in an Escrow account 1 1/2 years ago mead me pay my county taxes twice. I never got the almost $3,000. back. There should b a Class Action suit brought against them. I will sigh it if one is ever started. It takes 6 different phone numbers to get to the “right” dept. Not one dept. knows what the other is doing.
    Diane Frazier

  391. I have a chase credit card. last week it had a credit limit of $13,300 with a balance of $6,700 at a promotional rate of 2.9% for the life of the balance transfer.

    Just last friday, they reduced my credit limit to $4000…BELOW my current balance!!!!

    With their crooked business practices, I completely expect to say that I am over my limit…charge me fees… and change my “promotional” rate to 30%

    As if they have any ground to judge others….$76.4 TRILLION dollars in derivatives about to blow up in their face, and the FDIC is already more than $15 billion in the red.

    And lets not forget about chase’s manipulation of the silver market which is also about to blow up in their face.

    I can’t wait until they go under.

  392. Funny this post is over 3 years old and the comments just keep coming! I don’t see how they can treat customers like this and keep them. They canceled a Visa account I rarely used, always paid on time and usually the full balance. Just canceled it with no reason. My line of credit with them came up for renewal and they declined it too. Like a poster above, one reason was that my FICO was 750. They don’t want “good” customers. They want “trapped” customers. They want people who can’t pay the minimum, who struggle to pay but will never catch up short of bankruptcy.

    Same abysmal level of customer service. Locally, the branch people here are nice. But if you try to do anything over the phone, you get pure nastiness on top of no desire to listen to you. They don’t want my business so I took it to a credit union. No more Citi, no more Capital One (“Capone”), no more Bank of America, no more Chase. I urge everyone to do the same and take your money local! It has nothing to do with political affiliation, it has everything to do with being treated like a human being rather than an account number.

    The gall to treat people this way, especially after receiving billions in TARP funds. We need to bring back anti-trust regulation and bust these mega banks back into little pieces.

  393. I will never do business with Chase again after I get them paid off. If they sell out to another company I will not do business with that company either.

  394. We have great credit. Had a card with Sears MC. One day, received a letter stating that they also were increasing their interest rates to 29%. My call to their “service?” line went pretty similar to previous Chase posts. They told me that it was nothing that we did. Had nothing to do with our great credit. We didn’t make any late payments. Were not at fault. They were doing this to everyone. I hit the roof. I told her I was going to cancel my card. Sorry. Would you like to do that now? Unbelievable. Well, I did end up cancelling, but did get a call back offering that they would keep my rate the same, “just for me”. Everyone else gets raised. Did I want to reopen account? NOOOOOO!

  395. Had a card with Sears MC. One day, received a letter stating that they also were increasing their interest rates to 29%. My call to their “service?” line went pretty similar to previous Chase posts. They told me that it was nothing that we did. Had nothing to do with our credit. We didn’t make any late payments. Were not at fault. They were doing this to everyone. I hit the roof. I told her I was going to cancel my card. Sorry. Would you like to do that now? Unbelievable. Well, I did end up cancelling, but did get a call back offering that they would not raise my rate if I reopened my account. Did I want do that now? NOOOOOO! I think they are all the same.

  396. Chase Bank took over my home mortgage from Wash. Mutual bank. Chase is a heartless, lying, self-serving bank. Tried to do a loan modification, and they basically requested all this frivilous info, all the while looking for any reason to turn us down, and yet telling us “they want to help us save our home.” Bullsh_t!
    If this has happened to you, write or Email your congress persons and tell them it’s time for them to investigate the banks and their lending practices! I hope an attorney reads this and is willing to start a class-action lawsuit against these thieving banks! It’s time for us “customers” to stop kissing their _sses and start kicking their _sses.
    If congress doesn’t act, it’s time to elect folks that will represent us and our concerns, not the lobbies! It’s time to return this country to the greatness it once had, and vote out our so-called representatives who have forgotten the phrase-“Of the people, for the people, by the people” It is “Time for a Change”, but this time, let’s make it a change for the good!

    1. The government won’t do anything…banks are in their hip pocket. Lawyers know that they would end up being the mouse against the eagle…
      A shame that greed is the only word Washington is interested in.
      I ask…how much is enough? aparently limitless.

  397. my name is joanne wallace .on 9/14 /2010 deposit a large sum of money in the at chase atm .it took the moeny but it and didn’t give me no receipt or post to my account. now the chase bank is giving me hard time . they kept checking the data on the atm machine .and the data is say i din’t post nothing to my account. iam ask them to check the camera and do a physical count of the money out of the atm. which is not going to macth there data. they kept giving me the run around. can someone help me were can i go for help .

  398. I agree with all of the previous comments. My rates went up to 27%, and when I called to find out why, I was told it was probably because of a late payment, my credit score or my level of debt. Hmmm, I own my home, have extensive savings in Chase (formerly WAMU) and have never had a late payment in the past two years and have always, always paid above the minimum. After consulting her files, the customer service representative agreed that was the truth and further, she stated that she was embarassed that the interest rate was so high for no reason.
    So guess what? I am paying off my card, taking my savings out, and encouraging my colleagues to switch to Union Bank of California – which has some great rates for personal and business accounts and polite, empowered customer service reps.
    This is the age of instant communication with the world and I promise that what I say and continue to say about the corrupt practices at Chase will repeat endlessly from my mouth.
    Chase, shame, shame on you. You take our tax dollars and laugh all the way to your bank. And then you have the audacity to screw your customers?
    I encourage everyone to start a world-wide rant against these abuses.

  399. I love how some people are claiming that everyone on here is not paying their bills on time when it’s been stated repeatedly that a lot of them were. My parents paid their Chase bills on time every month and without warning the interest was hiked up to 30 freakin’ percent! When my father called about it and explained that there was no way they could make the new payments, Chase refused to work with him, despite his best efforts and drove my parents to bankruptcy.

    Sadly, I had already signed up for a Chase credit card, a mistake I sorely regret. I called them to try to work something out and they refused to.

    I’d like to hear from the two or three Chase employees that said we should go and speak to a teller. I live in Alaska and no longer have that option and when I DID have that option, the tellers were extremely rude and unhelpful and couldn’t even change my accounts to stop charging me monthly fees for not having direct deposit.

    You know, I called Capital One’s customer service line and was able to work an agreement out with them regarding my credit card (I was unemployed for a bit) and I didn’t have to be face to face with her in order to be treated as human being. So, how come Chase just basically told me, “Sorry, we can’t do anything.” And the woman even hinted that maybe bankruptcy would be a good idea for me!! For less than $3,000?! F U!! And, NO, unlike one of the employees said, I did not call up angry or upset; I called willing to work them and Chase was unwilling to work with me.

    And my FAVORITE part was when she refused to accept any payments unless it was one lump sum, because of the way the “system worked” my payments would be eaten up and not counted if the account was sent to an outside agency. Whatever. They don’t want my money, fine. I’m keeping records of my attempts to try to work with them. I’m gonna keep calling them, too. Until something happens. >> And then forget they ever existed.

    Maybe a Chase employee that loves the company so much would be willing to help me out? My friend worked there for a short period of time before quitting saying it had been a horrible experience.






  404. Washington Mutual sold my 3 cards with other companies to Chase and now Chase has raised my rate to 24.99 %! I’m not kidding you one bit I have good credit , have never been late paying and always pay more than whats due.
    I’m a senior and don’t have alot of income, this almost caused me to have to file bankruptcy.

  405. Chase has horrendous customer service. It doesn’t pay to be a good customer and follow their rules. They treat everyone like criminals. I’ve been trying to negotiate a short sale on my home and they gave me nothing but a run around and wrong information to delay the process. They don’t want to get 90% of the loan paid off, they’d rather I walk away and foreclose, then they can cry to the federal government for more bailout money.

  406. I requested that they lower my 32% interest, as for the last 5 years, I have paid on time…always more than the minimum, and additionally, paid off the $$ completely a couple of times.
    When I asked them…seing how I been such a GREAT customer, would they lower my rate back to the original 12%. I was sent an e-mail that because my credit is not the best…regardless of how diligent I have paid them…they would not change it. AND they are within their rights to do so according to the agreement.
    SOOOOOOOOOOO, I wrote to the BANKING COMMISSION of the United States….guess what, YEP they changed it back to 12% for 6 months. Well, if they could do it for that amount of time, why not permanently?

    There’s where our eletist govenrment should have stepped in long ago, because…let’s face it, banks are venerated pirates. And in the pockets of the bureaucracy.

  407. Made an ATM deposit at my local Chase branch on Nov. 15, 2010 of my largest monthly commission check from Aetna and 2 smaller checks. ATM ate my deposit, citing a technical failure. The branch insisted I leave and file a claim to their claim dept. 7 days later when I called to see why the claim’s still open, the rep disconnected my call saying they would no longer accept future calls from me. Very scary. Be forewarned.

  408. Chase intends to add a 12.95 per month service charge to my checking account. I am not rich and dont have a minimum of 500 in a direct deposit. Forget it. I am closing my account with those rude folks.


  409. Chase Bank is the worst bank on the planet. The worst customer service, they dont care about their customers. They will not answer the phone and will keep you on hold then disconnect you. They are rude and will not help you. They should be shut down. and all accounts given to a trusted company.

  410. Chase is a very cold hearted, user unfriendly, customer adversarial bank, if I ever saw one. As of Dec. 10, 2010 they closed the popular, heavily used drive up window facility at the Canton, Ohio, Canton Center Mall. Customers of Chase now have to go inside the “y0uth” plagued Mall to conduct transactions.
    For the handicapped and disabled customers, like myself, this is a major problem, to say the least. “Customer convenience” at Chase? Not on your life! I am changing banks as a result of this outrage.

  411. I work for a software company that sells to banks. Our management team has decided to focus strictly on selling to smaller community and regional banks because of similar issues like the one described in the blog posting above. Any other vendors to banks out there with a similar strategy?

  412. We have homes listed by all banks, Chase is the worst of all. This bank will not work with any of the owners/sellers of their mortgaged homes. Short sales are very important to the recovery of our markets. Chase has its head where the sun does not shine. They have inexperience so called specialist handling the short sale files. There is no way to make them accountable for mishandling customer files. I hope someone at Chase has the guts to read some of these comments. People need help!!!!!!!!!!!

  413. I have had the absolute worst service from Chase. A rental property I own had a fire. Luckily it was fully covered by insurance. The damages were just under $200k. The ins. co. sent a check for 60k. The check was signed and sent to chase. Chase then sent a check back to me for 20k. Now, the demo and clean up alone was listed by the ins. co. as costing 10k. I called Chase, spoke to a rep, and faxed over the 86 page report from the ins. co. which detailed to the nail what was being replaced, the cost, and the total amount which was being paid out. Chase then told me “In order to send more money we will have to order an inspection.”. Confused, I asked “What for?”. Chase said “If we send more $$ we will have paid out 50% of the money we have. We need to be sure 50% of the work is complete.”. I said “But there is almost 200k in damage and the demo and clean-up cost 10k. You only sent 20K. The work is nowhere near 50% complete.” The Chase rep then asked where I got that figure from and I explained it was the ins. co. report. I was told he had to get the file and look into it and he would call me back.

    Two days later I call chase back….of course I get a different rep. I basically repeat the entire previous conversation almost word for word. Then I’m told by the rep “I have to get the file and look into it and call you back.”. I said that is what I was told before and he says “It would take up to 72 hrs.” Conversations like this go on for MONTHS as I keep asking to talk to higher supervisors. Finally I call my ins co and explain the situation. The ins rep cannot believe it. He gets another check for 60k released and says he’s gonna call Chase. This circle jerk with chase continues for almost A YEAR. After the second disbursement Chase releases more money but is still holding 60k.

    I cannot remember the title of the woman I finally spoke to but it was several levels up the food chain. She tells me to have the inc co send all the money and I laugh at her. I ask her “Why would the ins co. send all the money? They are the one that wants to make sure all the work is being done. They are not going to send another dime and let you hold on to the money. Why should they?” Then I explain that once a year is up the coverage I have for the loss of rents will end and there will no longer be payment of the mortgage and I will sue when chase tries to foreclose because i have all the phone records, my ins reps communication, and in 5 years a payment has never been a day late. Guess what, suddenly all the money for the job was released……

    Needless to say I HATE CHASE BANK. I am refinancing my mortgage even if it costs me money to do so. And as I have been calling lenders I ask if Chase is a company they would possible sell my mortgage to because if it is I will not do business with them.

  414. Lets get tea shirts and bumper stickers that say boycott chase perhaps with a phone number. Start a non profit and gets some donations to organize people who have had it with crooks like Chase Bank. The little guy has a chance (and we still may save America yet. Who owns Chase? probably some Iraqian or enemy of the US

  415. Oh man… I’ve been reading most of the opinions posted here, and now I feel less surprised than I felt yesterday in the afternoon, when I went into a chase bank branch located inside an Albertson’s (on 120th Ave. Denver, CO) and the lady there, had two, just two customers before me and I wasted 40 minutes of my life waiting there cause the teller was taking her sweet time, to then ask her why would she need to see my ID for a second time, when she had already seen it once, held it in her hand, looked at it several times, to then return it to me, to ask me again for it cause I was withdrawing none other than TWELVE DOLLARS! before that occured I asked her for a cashier’s cheque and she told me they would charge me none other than EIGHT DOLLARS for it! and if I wanted to do a money order instead, that would actually cost me FIVE dollars… I couldn’t believe it.
    Worst of all is what happened at the end when I told her: well, but you just saw my ID, why do you need to see it again? I’m only withdrawing $12… (?) and she went on to tell me: “why are you upset?, I don’t understand why you’re upset … if you’re going to be upset then I rather not help you” My reaction: flummoxed! I couldn’t belive that Chase’s customer service can just tell you that since you’re upset by their general attitude towards their customers and the fees they charge, they can on top of that refuse to help the people that do business with them. Got to have balls to do that! And that was only my most recent experience with them…
    Just last week I went into another branch and they asked my mom for two forms of ID to add my mom; to give my mom an extension, so she and I could share the same account basically – so my mom gave them her DL and her passport, and on top of that he asks her for her SSN and then asks her if that’s a SSN or a tax ID, I was really angry by his condescending attitude towards my mother who doesn’t speak perfect English, I ended up telling him: “do you also want to see her greencard? What other documents do you need? Birth certificate too?” He sort of ignored me, then he printed whatever he needed us to sign and I noticed that he got my mother’s last name wrong and when I pointed it out he SIGHED loudly in front of us… I told my mom to just get up and we left.
    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER from any bank that I’ve done business with. Period.

  416. I had $800 in suspense (my original payments were 896) this is the account where chase holds your money until a full payment is received. I entered a trial modification for 781.33: sent the 1st payment certified mail, I called and asked if I can use that 800 I already had in suspense to make the second payment-the rep said that some of that went to fees I would have to add twenty dollars to it and I did getting her name and confirmation number. Made the third payment by certified mail. I had not heard from anyone by the time the first rolled around again. I called they (the rep that answered the phone)said continue to make the same payment amounts until I hear from them and I did on Feb. 25-I did not send this through certified mail since this was not a trial payment. Since there was 28 days in Feb and the 25 was on a Friday I called on the 1st to see if they had received the payment-they had not and instructed me to give it a week and call back the following Monday to see if it had posted yet. So I waited and called back- to my surprise they cancelled my modification stating I did not make the three payments. Apparently they were not suppose to take monies out of suspense for a payment and therefore did not count my second payment. They thought my Feb. payment was a very late 3rd one. After several attempts I finally was able to talk to my relationship manager. She said she would speak to her manager to open the modification back up in the meantime I was to send in my updated information because they would need that for the permanent modification. I faxed it all that same evening. The next day I called to make sure they received the fax (they did) and I was told I had a new relationship manager and she won’t be in until the 14th. To make this long story short-I am now in debt further (thousands) then what I was before I first started this journey. I do not have enough money to stop any foreclosure and I am scared I will loose my home if this ball gets dropped again.