Boycott Chase Bank and Learn What Not to Do In Customer Service

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Sounds pretty extreme, right?

I just don’t know what companies are thinking these days.

How Chase Bank Has Forgotten About the Customer

I had a call into Chase about an issue with my credit card the other night and couldn’t believe what I heard. My discussion with a customer service representative was not going where I wanted it to, so I asked to talk to a supervisor. I was told that there was no supervisor to talk to, but if I wanted to, I could just give her my number and she’d have someone call me back. I found this to be quite interesting (no supervisor? come on!) and tried to reason with the rep to have someone with any authority get on the phone, but got the same thing . . . nothing.

From there, I went on to tell her that I was a loyal customer for around 13 years and was just not happy with the service I was getting. Want to hear the response?

“If you’re not happy, then I’ll close your account for you right now”


“I just told you I was a loyal customer for 13 years and you’re telling me to close my account if I’m not happy?”

“Yes, sir. Do you want me to close it?”

(I took notes, because I was so surprised by this response)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think companies are in business to chase away their customers, do you?
Somewhat stunned, I got off the phone and waited for morning to call back and talk to a supervisor. When I got on the phone with a supervisor (after telling the customer service rep I was calling about bad service), it happened again! I explained that I was not happy with the service I recevied and was almost instantly told that if I wasn’t happy then she would close my account . . . she almost begged me to do so.

In a daze, I laughed and asked if this was a big joke. It was not. Not only was it surprising in content, but in tone as well; she was simply nasty to me. I was told that the company now had a policy which requires customer service and their supervisors to close someone’s account if they don’t like the service they are getting.

Apparently, Chase has established a policy where they send away people who aren’t happy with their service. There is no attempt to rectify the situation. They just want you, the problem, to get lost.

Why waste their time keeping someone happy? There are plenty of other customers to rip off on both ends of banking (low savings interest rates and high borrowing interest rates).

With this situation in mind, I’m asking you to boycott Chase. It is the customer that comes first, and if they are too lazy to give good service, then they don’t deserve to have any customers, plain and simple.

What Can We Learn From This Situation?

Customer service is Paramount! If you treat your customers like crap, there will be a backlash against you, especially in the days of the internet. If you treat them well, they will tell their friends and you will only see positive results! With so much choice (except when it comes to cable TV & telephone providers), we, the consumer, have the power to not only choose another, better, option, but also to tell the rest of the world of our experiences.

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  1. Oh man… I’ve been reading most of the opinions posted here, and now I feel less surprised than I felt yesterday in the afternoon, when I went into a chase bank branch located inside an Albertson’s (on 120th Ave. Denver, CO) and the lady there, had two, just two customers before me and I wasted 40 minutes of my life waiting there cause the teller was taking her sweet time, to then ask her why would she need to see my ID for a second time, when she had already seen it once, held it in her hand, looked at it several times, to then return it to me, to ask me again for it cause I was withdrawing none other than TWELVE DOLLARS! before that occured I asked her for a cashier’s cheque and she told me they would charge me none other than EIGHT DOLLARS for it! and if I wanted to do a money order instead, that would actually cost me FIVE dollars… I couldn’t believe it.
    Worst of all is what happened at the end when I told her: well, but you just saw my ID, why do you need to see it again? I’m only withdrawing $12… (?) and she went on to tell me: “why are you upset?, I don’t understand why you’re upset … if you’re going to be upset then I rather not help you” My reaction: flummoxed! I couldn’t belive that Chase’s customer service can just tell you that since you’re upset by their general attitude towards their customers and the fees they charge, they can on top of that refuse to help the people that do business with them. Got to have balls to do that! And that was only my most recent experience with them…
    Just last week I went into another branch and they asked my mom for two forms of ID to add my mom; to give my mom an extension, so she and I could share the same account basically – so my mom gave them her DL and her passport, and on top of that he asks her for her SSN and then asks her if that’s a SSN or a tax ID, I was really angry by his condescending attitude towards my mother who doesn’t speak perfect English, I ended up telling him: “do you also want to see her greencard? What other documents do you need? Birth certificate too?” He sort of ignored me, then he printed whatever he needed us to sign and I noticed that he got my mother’s last name wrong and when I pointed it out he SIGHED loudly in front of us… I told my mom to just get up and we left.
    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER from any bank that I’ve done business with. Period.

  2. I had $800 in suspense (my original payments were 896) this is the account where chase holds your money until a full payment is received. I entered a trial modification for 781.33: sent the 1st payment certified mail, I called and asked if I can use that 800 I already had in suspense to make the second payment-the rep said that some of that went to fees I would have to add twenty dollars to it and I did getting her name and confirmation number. Made the third payment by certified mail. I had not heard from anyone by the time the first rolled around again. I called they (the rep that answered the phone)said continue to make the same payment amounts until I hear from them and I did on Feb. 25-I did not send this through certified mail since this was not a trial payment. Since there was 28 days in Feb and the 25 was on a Friday I called on the 1st to see if they had received the payment-they had not and instructed me to give it a week and call back the following Monday to see if it had posted yet. So I waited and called back- to my surprise they cancelled my modification stating I did not make the three payments. Apparently they were not suppose to take monies out of suspense for a payment and therefore did not count my second payment. They thought my Feb. payment was a very late 3rd one. After several attempts I finally was able to talk to my relationship manager. She said she would speak to her manager to open the modification back up in the meantime I was to send in my updated information because they would need that for the permanent modification. I faxed it all that same evening. The next day I called to make sure they received the fax (they did) and I was told I had a new relationship manager and she won’t be in until the 14th. To make this long story short-I am now in debt further (thousands) then what I was before I first started this journey. I do not have enough money to stop any foreclosure and I am scared I will loose my home if this ball gets dropped again.

  3. The only way to resolve all the abuse from the major banks especially CHASE, is for us citizens to go and close all our checking and savings and CD’s at CHASE and other big banks and put our money in local FDIC protected credit unions. Once they see their deposit money drying up, they will know we mean business and they will have no choice but to help families in foreclosure and reduce their outrageous fees and BONUSES!!!!!


    1. Problem is not hard to fix, Bob, if this country would have less sheepish fear for what little they can salvage. They already lost their salaries, jobs, cars and homes, why do you suppose they do not protest like that, why Americans do not stand up anymore and fight for what is right? Why we are allowing Wall Street govern out land? Why Obama appoints the same people that had put us here in the first place? Why so much talk about the CHANGE and so little done to regulate the Wall Street? We truly left with nothing more then change…What does it mean UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Does it mean watch and turn heads while others lose their homes as long it is not them? The power of unite. Not easy to do in this country where the principle is individualism and revered as a prime symbol of being free. A symbol of I. All about me. Forget others. Well…good. I agree with that, if you fail your business due to your negligence and laziness, you do not have right to enjoy the same privileges as me. So how can you explain all the bail out money from tax payers to negligent, greedy banks that used us as pawns? How is that capitalism? Why are these people still in power? Why we allow them to still lie to us?
      Why such lack of empathy?
      There is a talk about contacting local political agencies, representatives, congressmen, senators…Well, it was tried by me, I contacted Congressman Campbell of Irvine CA, Senator Boxer of CA, Senator Feinstein.

      Congressman Campbell is very busy man, so he made his aid contact me via email, in which he was trying to convey to me that this is “unfortunate global deadlock” and I should have had Fannie Mae bank instead. Well, I tried to explain to him that my loan was purchased by the investors many times over and have change hands, they simply forgot to ask me about that :)

      I was borrowing money from Washington Mutual directly, NOT Chase, not investors and not heavily bought politicians of this country.
      Senator Boxer never answered and aids from Senator Feinstein’s office ( by the way, google her bio on Wikepedia about her own stash of cash) wrote me two letters. In first one, she said unfortunately this was not a state problem and redirected me to the door of her buddy and governor then to THE Terminator himself. Second letter offered pity and condolences about the fact of my house being stolen by Chase and told me to have a stronger faith in God. ?!?!?

      So this is the math. If we pay banks to pay off our politicians to keep their mouths shut to say the truth and open only to lie to us, we should stop paying the banks and turn table around on to them.

      So you lost your home, car, job, why do you still cling on? Why do you want to lose your dignity too? Stand up and fight, stop complaining. Just boycott banks, CHASE the CHASE AWAY. They can kill one of us, two, but not millions of us. Look at the past of this country, look at present of Europe ( not perfect there either) but they are protesting and standing together in their fight. No matter what. Close the accounts, stop paying mortgage that was a predatory in the first place. First by your loan officers who was a million dollar producers, remember those? Where are you Ms. Lake?
      Please educate yourself, it is ENOUGH. Highly recommending you to watch INSIDE JOB. Makes my skin crawl, see if it will yours.
      Start fighting for your community, your local businesses, each and every house, do not be cold and quiet…there will be a day when you can be left alone and they will take you too. FIGHT. DO NOT VENT.
      I declare a BOYCOTT DAY on MAY 1, 2011

      Signed by a true American!
      Gordon Mitchell Love,
      Teacher, lost work due to the fact that students not needing to have Art and Music Classes anymore in Orange, CA.

    2. HAHA. Ok whoever said that people should close their accounts and join a FDIC insured credit union is HILARIOUS. Credit unions are not backed by the FDIC. haha.

    3. I agree with you 100%     I have opened an account with my local credit union. I’m in the process of removing my autopay account’s from Chase to my credit union account.  Also, I’m having a sign made for the back of my truck,it will read: CHASE BANK IS ABOUT: PROFITS OVER PEOPLE.

  4. To the post by Bob, I have done that, and more. I am a former and, should I say, reformed, Chase cutomer and employee. I left the firm out of plain disgust nearly two years ago at the “corporate culture” which internally lionized greed and misbehavior. So I can confirm that employees are treated no better, and probably a little worse, than we customers.

    So back to my point – I pulled all but a little cushion out of Chase. I invested it in local businesses, where I knew the owner. And I moved savings into a local bank in Fort Collins (I highly recommend it for people living nearby – Larimer Bank of Commerce). As soon as I can sell my home, which has a Chase mortgage I will be forever rid of that shameful sinkhole of taxpayer dollars.

  5. I recently completed a VERY difficult process of finding out why Quicken was suddenly unable to use the One Step Update for my Chase credit card. After hours (one day 6 in total with 3 different Quicken support staff and 20 minutes with Chase staff) i learned today that Chase requires first and third party cookies to be completely open on my internet browser. This means that in order to use One Step Update with Chase, i must keep my internet browser open to all cookies from all sites — or change these every time i want Quicken to do an auto update.

    This is not the case with my other credit, bank and brokerage accounts I have– only Chase. This gets to a very important issue of privacy and internet security that I hope Chase can address. In communication Quicken staff I was told that Chase does not even alert Intuit that cookies are required during the One Step Update process. This means that Quicken can not even be programed to prompt users to turn cookies on, or even better, allow my browser to accept cookies just for Chase, but from other sites.

    I’m sure I speak for many Quicken/Chase users when I wonder when Chase will fix this.

  6. I’ve been traveling w/ my wife and baby internationally. Three weeks ago my debit card was lost/stolen. I immediately requested an emergency replacement debit card. Since I was international Chase forced me to provide an address of someone else in the U.S. who then had to rush it to me. My family and the contact waited for a week… no card. I called one week later on Saturday and Chase told me that the representative never entered the order and although I impressed upon the representative that it was an emergency and that my family had no cash and a baby I(rationing milk, diapers). I placed another order. I called back Monday to make sure the order was entered. It was not! Buffoonery. Finally on Thursday the U.S. contact received the card and I received it in the foreign country the following Tuesday. Relief? No, and why? The genius customer service representatives at Chase decided to send me a new card, not a replacement card, so the PIN was changed and sent to the address on file because since I’m traveling internationally of course I will have access to this PIN. Over 5 new debit cards in 10 years I haven’t had a to walk into a Chase branch to change my PIN number since the 1990s. So now it’s week 3, and I STILL don’t have access to cash in my account. I have no idea what we’re going to do for cash and at this point I might have to resort to illegal means to survive. Banks are supposed to simply hold your cash, not hold it hostage.

    This has been a complete nightmare for me, my wife, and son where so much of the world still operates on cash including cabs, buses, food establishments, etc. We’ve suffered horribly at this point physically (I’m not eating, walking everywhere) and mentally because of Chase’s poor customer service.

    I’ve spent hours on the phone w/ Chase and although they have offices here they cannot help a retail client of 10+ years. I’m definitely moving from Chase and switching to a true international bank which Chase is not, it’s a phony. I plan to sue for emotional stress, psychological trauma, and withholding of customer service to a client in an emergency situation. I would recommend that no one patronage Chase due to its poor retail customer service. Big banks are bad for customer service and Chase is a living example of that. Please don’t disregard this story as this can happen to you and your family too especially if you have a passport. Chase is only a U.S. bank.

  7. I wish it were that easy for me to close my account-I’ve been trying to get out of Chase for at least 3 weeks now. I started an account at a Credit Union and was going to get around to closing the Chase account. The Chase account went into overdraft.
    Going in on Friday, I paid the overdraft in cash but they told me it would take 24 hours to clear (what??). The kid I talked to said he would write himself a note to close it on the Saturday. Come Monday, the account was still wide open and 2 re-accuring transactions posted themselves as pending. When I called the branch and talked to the kid, he said, “Oh..if there is re-accuring transactions, it will re-open the account.” I flipped out. I called the 800 number, only to be told the same thing. I flipped out again. Called back and spoke with 3 different people, all who said, “No maam, once the account is requested to be closed, there is no way to re-open the account. But I don’t see the account was ever requested to be closed.” WHAT??? He straight up lied to me.
    Now, I’ll pay my bills. But I refuse to pay the overdraft fees, which have accrued and they won’t remove. They won’t let me close the account over the phone, forcing me to get confrontational. I promise, I may get arrested.
    WORST customer service ever. I’m so tempted to sue over lies and fraud.

  8. I had the same exact experience, WOW! The customer service sucks, they don’t care. Big and Bad JP Morgan Chase, bye bye

    1. Just got off the phone with Meghan, who told me basically “Our credit card department only looks at numbers.” I called Chase after receiving a notice of late payment on a closed account. After speaking to a rep. was informed that a current “opened” account would also be closed.What! What are you talking about? Again was told that Chase only wanted to “help” me by closing an opened account I am willing to pay to keep open. After speaking to Meghan for it seems forever, I got nowhere. I feel helpless. I would love to pay for everything with cash. However, in this country one needs credit (hotels, tickets, etc.) DON’T CLOSE MY ACCOUNT! I an not just some numbers.

  9. Im suprised by most of these because ive had nothing but pleasant experiances with Chase bank. We have been working with our lender rep. for more than a month now and have put in 3 offers in that time. Over this month she has gone above and beyond to help us, Im not officially apart of the loan and have only met her once and she still mentions me in every conversation with my husband and even remembers my name. And our personal banker shows the same attention. Ive loved the experiance with our bank and will continue to bank with Chase for many years. They do have some fees, but its not too hard to witdraw money and go to places offering free or lost cost money orders. Everyone knows you pay high for convience, You cannot expect to get things for free these days. I have much better experience with this large company rather than our local town bank who rolls their eyes everytime i say ” no i dont have a check to withdraw money from my account, because i , as most people these days dont, dont use them. Even though it takes them a whole 30 seconds to look it up from my id, and still need my id regardless if i have a check or not. You will not always get a perfect experience in customer service with any company, because they are repesented by people, and some people are just nasty.

  10. Just got off the phone with customer service. I wanted to close my IRA account and move it to another bank. They said it would take 3-4 weeks. When I asked them why they said “it will take three or four weeks.” Customer service offers no help at all and they are not worried about what people think about their poor service. Chase will not get my business again. JP

  11. i am actively seeking an attorney to sue chase bank. they stole my money — no joke! i had automatic transfers set up, canceled them two weeks ago, closed the accounts, and they took money today anyway! now, my credit union accounts are in the hole, and all chase said was that i need to “calm down.” really?!?! i have to make my car payment and you took my money and it’s floating in nowhereville, and i need to calm down??

  12. I have been trying for some time now to get my name off of Chase Bank’s mailing list. Each mailing has my name on the form. I do not want an account with Chase Bank. I get a form from them every week, today I got two. They must have a great deal of money to be able to send out so many requests for my business – not to mention the rest of the country and probably the world. To guard my privacy and prevent possible ID Theft, it is necessary for me to Shread these applications. Chase Bank, if you read any of this blog, please drop our name off of your application mailing list!!!!!

  13. i’ve had an issue with the mobile banking application over the past six months. it gives me the wrong balance. everytime i call i am told they will fix it for me and the mobile banking balance should be correct. today was the last straw. after calling multiple times, i called today and freaked out. it’s not fair that every week i overdraw my account because mobile banking tells me i have more money in my account than i do. today i was told that it’s not their fault and maybe i should check my balance from my computer or an ATM instead. well here’s the reality of it- i’m either driving, or at work, and neither times can i sit on a computer and check my balance– that’s why i got mobile banking! i’ve also been out of a computer for the past two months so how could i look it up from a computer? i was in jamaica and the same thing happened– guess who had to walk from the hotel to the airport? that’s right- me- because mobile banking gave me the wrong amount, and when i went to the ATM i had no money. this is disgusting, their poor customer service skills are even more disgusting. i WILL be switching banks- but after reading everyone’s complaints it doesn’t seem as easy as you would think.

  14. CHASE BANK sucks…I do not want anymore trash mail sent to me. Every day I get junk mail from them. Sick of it! I will NEVER consider opening an account or applying for a credit card.

    I know this won’t do me any good…but I feel better.

  15. I also was a long time customer with Chase (not anymore)
    If enough people leave we will solve the problem Try The Huntington Bank ( if you are in ohio ) . They are a “Good” bank

  16. I need help! Morgan Stanley Chase Bank, in Mesa, Arizona on Main Street, (cross streets Power & Sosseleman), are attempting to steal my money. I too need an attorney!

  17. I wanted to pass this along — JPMChase doesn’t care about individual account holders. They care about insitutional customers. You’ll find this interesting. People who’ve been mistreated are getting their local municipalities to pass ordinances forbidding the local govt to do business with Chase, in some cases pulling millions of $s from accounts. This includes regular bank accounts, investment accounts, pension accounts… Now THAT is a language the Chase understands. Here’s a link to the NYTimes article about the trend.

  18. chase is building 12 new branches in my area alone. they own most of our mortages and credit cards. everyone needs to organize a anti monopoly boycott of the whole institution.

  19. I think that the tide is turning and Americans are fed up with these credit card companies and banks. Start pulling money out these banks, they think they can push you away, they depend on us, and if we leave in numbers large enough they are done. Find a savings and loan or credit union.

  20. You are right about the above mentioned bank. I am administrator for my mother’s estate. She had a safe box with her son-in law at this bank. She has been dead since 2009 and they are still taking out $65.00 per year for the box. The bank has both keys, and there is nothing in the box, but the bills keep coming. Why I ask? They stopped the use of her ATM card and access to online banking so no monies can be used to pay her bills. I’m sure their purpose is to make sure she can pay the box fee until her funds are completely gone. I wonder how many other dead persons are paying for items under these circumstances. Not to worry, I will never recommend bank and this lack of service!

  21. I learned today that even if you pay your bill in full, you will be charged interest for the time that your check is in the mail- ridiculous. Plus, there really is not supervisor or person to speak to if you do not agree with these charges. I closed my account. Chase is awful; no wonder why America is in debt!

  22. I am closing my chase bank account tomorrow they are the most rotten unforgiving bunch of greedy sinners in the world!
    A Comcast bill turned into 590 so far all because my government pension did not get posted to their crooked elite money pit bank!
    They will get a pit and every other rotten scum lover of money in the end!

  23. I called and set up an appointment for an auto refi. I gave all my info on the vehicle and told them I had a home loan allready thru them. I went to the appointment and gave all my info again. The loan officer said everything looked good (knowing I had a 2004 F350) he pulled my credit. Then he sent in my application and it was denied due to the age of the vehicle. He even told me at that point that they don’t finance that old of a vehicle. He said go down the road to the Credit Union. Thats where he is sending people. Hmmmm, why did he pull my credit? Now I have a Hard Inquiry on my credit report that did’nt need to be there. How deceitful! He had to of know that Chase won’t finance older vehicles.Why go through the process unless he needed to submit the application as part of a quota or something. It was wrong to pull my credit!Why not just send me down to the Credit Union in the first place.

  24. Chase customer service is unprofessional. After well over five years of banking with Chase, checking, credit and mortgage, they decided to randomly place a hold on a known quick pay account user who is also a co-mortgage customer with Chase. The hold was placed because he used money from an external account. Chase sent me an email stating that the funds were available for use at 3:30pm this afternoon. They were not. I was told they would not be available until after midnight. The transaction cleared his external account three days ago; however, they indiscriminately decided to hold the money due to fraud. The person is known to Chase and a hold has never (in well over 5 years been placed on any money he deposits into my account). I was told this was done to protect me from him if he decided to stop payment on the EFT. I asked him to write a check from the same account and the funds while I was on the phone with customer service (45 minutes) and I deposited it using the Chase mobile app. The funds from the check were immediately available. Fraud prevention is a serious concern; however, protecting me from a co-mortgage holder is ludicrous. It is a feeble attempt to solicit him to change his checking account to Chase. If he were to do so the funds would be available within minutes. It is tantamount to extortion and I will be changing banks and immediately reporting this behavior to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve Board, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, within the Federal Reserve Board. Chase used to be a reputable bank. Due to this experience, I will be removing all accounts from Chase immediately. When I visit my personal Chase banker in the morning, I am sure he will be appalled by the behavior of the national “customer service” call center. Chase should be ashamed, but alas, they are proud to to stand behind their motto, “We are here to help”!

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